In My Kitchen…August 2012

In my kitchen…


is this marvelous jar of roasted nuts in honey.

(It is down by half right now-  so very good!)

In my kitchen…


is a loaf of sourdough rye with caraway seeds.

In my kitchen…


are cabbage rolls from fresh cabbage and wonderful minced meats.

In my kitchen…



are tea cozies and my new Hall tea pot- filled with hot Darjeeling tea!

In my kitchen…



is maple syrup- Canadian- from my husband’s sister-

(have I mentioned that my husband is Canadian?)

In my kitchen…


are two bottle of homemade vanilla-  I like Grey Goose vodka

for this purpose!

In my kitchen…


are blue Mason jars ready to be filled.

041 042

With spicy grapes.

Wash and fill jar with rinsed seedless red grapes.

Heat up 2 cups white vinegar- add spices- I used

cinnamon sticks, allspice, star anise , pink pepper,

dried orange peels,and a small vanilla bean.

Stir over heat until sugar dissolves and allow to

simmer for about 10 minutes.  Cool- then pour over

grapes in jar and refrigerate for at least 24 hours.

In my kitchen…


are Pampered Chef spices with sugar additives- great for on top

of cookies, rolls or toast.

That’s what is in my kitchen right now- What’s in your kitchen?

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In My Kitchen- July 2012

In my kitchen…


there is pork fried rice.  The chops we bought were very thick- so after we

grilled them I cut off the reddish meat from around the bone and marinated

it in sesame oil and soy sauce and cooked it up with vegetables, eggs and rice.


So very good!

In my kitchen…


is a pair of hungry eaters- Grandma camp is fun!


Big Monkey Loves plastic Mac and cheese!

In my kitchen…


Gourmet goodies from my latest package from Australia!


I opened this for my birthday meal- spooned the Brandy syrup over cornbread

and ate the fig for dessert.  YUM!

057And I love the sweet/sour flavor of passionfruit!

059I’m looking for just the right recipe to try this Orange blossom

                                                                                           fairy floss (sugar).  Any suggestions?

060These are a new favorite at my house (Thanks to Brydie for

introducing me to them and Meredith for supplying my habit!)

In my kitchen…


are the remains of my chocolate cake with pink icing birthday cake from last week!

Thank you, Willow and Aidan!

In my kitchen…


is one final bloom from the Serbian bellflowers that I have

in the front bed at my house.  They are so pretty that I love to

gather them up into bouquets!

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In My Kitchen-June 2012


In my kitchen… I have one of these.


Which when filled with cupcakes becomes a

tower of delight!


In my kitchen…


I have fresh baked sourdough French bread and rolls.


A sunshine pierced texture shot.  for Joanna.

In my kitchen…


there is candied orange peel and currant Irish soda bread.

In my kitchen…



there is Pineapple citrus juice with just a hint of honey.

In my kitchen…


is a lovely bouquet of coral bells, bearded Iris and mint.

In my kitchen…


is this wonderful teapot lamp I got as a gift from my son and

daughter in law- I love it because my kitchen is VERY well lit-

and first thing in the morning all the lights stab me in the eyes.

This lamp adds a wonderful ambience around 6 AM!

In my kitchen…



is this spice box that my sister Robin and her husband, John

made me many years ago.  It is lovely- has hung on my wall

for quite a long time- and may be haunted.   It hangs sturdily on

the wall, and mysteriously swings open from time to time.

007 The latch doesn’t open easily, but

the door slowly opens sometimes when I am sitting with a cup of tea.

And finally – in my kitchen…


are these woven pieces.  The tea towel is made of flax/linen and is over a hundred

years old.  I had one very similar – or my mother did- that my grandmother made-

this one is from a dear friend whose mother wove it in Yugoslavia.

The green table runner-013 I wove

when I was visiting my brother.  He had his loom set up for me to try.  It took

me several days to get it to any considerable length.  And I discovered that he was

fixing my crooked (scalloped?) edges when I went to my hotel each night.  I finally

convinced him that I wanted it to be done by me- warts, ripples, crooked edges and all-

so he left me to it!


I’m a weaver!

The two winners of last month’s give away are Glenda@ Passion Fruit Garden and

Liz, who made the following comment-

Liz says:

Wednesday, 2nd May 2012 at 1:56 am

What a lovely bouquet of flowers, columbines and bleeding hearts don’t grow well in my garden. I couldn’t live–well bake–without my scales. It’s especially good when working with recipes in weights and changing the size of the batch. I’ve never seen the lily pad covers before, so cute.

If you will leave your address on my email #  – – I will send you the lily pad cover! .

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In My Kitchen…May 2012


Aiden on May Day-2012

Waiting on the front porch- flowers in hand.

In my kitchen is a bouquet of May day flowers!

Aiden didn’t want me to take a picture of him- just the flowers.

So I gave him cookies and milk, sat him down at the table and we worked out a

compromise.  Smile  May flower bouquet and boy drinking milk.


In my kitchen…



is a digital kitchen scale with grams- so I can make bread and follow

recipes more accurately!

In my kitchen…


are measuring scoops- from 1/2 cup to 1/8 cup- Very Handy!

In my kitchen…


is a treasure trove of Australian honey-  thank you, Meredith!

In my kitchen…


is a batch of freshly made granola- I put butter rum flavoring in and it is so delish!

In my kitchen…


is this silicon mat for hot pans to sit upon!  I love it- it holds the pans quite

securely so I can dish out soups without worrying about anything spilling!

And – In my kitchen…


are even more silicon lily pad covers.  AND …



A give away!  These silicon lids fit perfectly over a mug and keep your coffee or tea warm

for a long time.  Leave a comment saying you would like one and I’ll pick two (2) of your

names out of a hat and I’ll send you one!

I’ll send these wherever- so don’t worry if you aren’t in the USA!

(I bought another lid- in a sunflower pattern as a give away for my niece’s facebook page.

016– it is a medium size lid and will fit on small and medium

size bowls and pots.  I bought a whole set for her rental house and if you comment here and go

to facebook  and like Sailors Rest Rental Resort– you will be in the running for this.  I’ll let this

give away run until the end of May and announce the winner(s) on the next In My Kitchen-June! )

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April- In my kitchen…

April in my kitchen is actually tomorrow.

But I’m putting this up today because I’m tired from baking

all morning and want to sit down and yet feel productive.


In my kitchen is a marvelous branch of orchids that my

sister brought me from her house (she accidently broke it off!)

In my kitchen…


are these delicious brownie bars I made last week from my mother’s old recipe.

In my kitchen…


is this versatile bowl/pan cover (silicon lid) that sticks fast to smooth surfaces-

003forming a tight bond to keep out oxygen AND

can go in the oven, fridge and freezer.  Plus it is really pretty!

In my kitchen…


is a pot of broth cooking up a couple of beef soup bones and all the veggie

parings and peels that  I generally toss when I am in a hurry.  I’m planning on making

some French onion soup with this broth!

In my kitchen…



are these coconut lime skewers. I love to thread chicken

breast onto these and grill them- the taste is like a marinade

from the inside out!

In my kitchen…


is my lap top- I was Skyping with my grandsons last night and

Aidan said,”Take my picture, Grandma!  I’ll make a real good face!”

I used it there to remind me of a recipe earlier,too, so it is rather floury right now!

In my kitchen…


is fresh bread for toasting next week and


fresh made bread wraps for lunches for Jordan.

Also in my kitchen is a sinkful of  bowls and pots that I need to go and wash.

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In My Kitchen- March 2012

Just putting up the title made me think of myself

as a child.  By 2012 I would have imagined a fully

automated kitchen- like something out of Star Trek-

with replicators and requesting a gourmet meal from

the computerized oven.

But – right now- I have nothing like that in my kitchen!

Here’s what I do have…


In my kitchen there is honey- lately I’ve been liking the thick and very

flavorful honey that Meredith sends from Australia.  Not sure if their bees

are just better at making a dense and thick honey or if it’s in the way they

process it- but it makes our American honey seem more like a weak syrup!

I not only have honey in my kitchen- but all kinds of honey kitsch.

013Like Pooh nesting dolls…

018A hive of measuring cups…

017a couple of honey pots, and this little

honey bear bee doll that is made of a chenille bed cover.

In my kitchen…


is a pan of brownies.

Not Dan Lepard’s sweet potato brownies- in fact- not anyone’s famous

brownies.  Just an old favorite recipe that I’ve used most of my life.

Honestly, brownies are made up of sugar, eggs, butter, chocolate and flour.

And they almost all taste really yummy.

Here’s my tried and true recipe that you are free to use and share-


2 cups sugar- I use  cup brown and 1 cup white granulated

1 cup flour- I use AP/plain flour- but feel free to use Whole wheat or graham flour

4 large eggs

pinch of salt

1 tsp vanilla- I use my homemade vanilla- use whatever you have and like

4 squares unsweetened chocolate- or 8 oz. choc chips- or a bar of good dark 85% chocolate

1 cup butter- or margarine, melted


Grease and flour 9×13 pan.

Melt chocolate and butter together in microwave or in sauce pan- be careful not to burn it.

Beat eggs and sugar together until thick and light-colored, making sure that sugar is dissolved.

Add chocolate mixture to egg mixture- beat until well mixed.

Mix in flour salt and vanilla (I add 1 cup of chopped walnuts at this time, as well.)

Bake until tester comes out clean.  Cut while warm, then remove from pan when cool.

Baking temperature :350     Baking time :  35 minutes.


In my kitchen….


is a stash of coffee from all over the globe, Sumatra, Hawaii, Ethiopia, and where ever

Gevalia gathers it Smile – and a wonderful cast iron coffee grinder.


I have used the grinder many times- but not always for coffee.

The last time I used it was to grind up the rhizomes for orris root to use in potpourri.

I don’t think orris root is dangerous, but I’d like to clean out the grinder before I use

it for anything meant for human consumption again.


In my kitchen are these little candies I made up with white chocolate disks, yellow

m +m’s and bits of pretzel sticks.  I made them as a joke, because my husband

ALWAYS wants bacon and eggs in the morning.  But they are really tasty and easy to

make up quickly.  I am going to get some more m +m’s to make up a whole batch!

And in my kitchen…


is this potato salad that I made to trick myself into thinking that winter is over.

It’s not over.  But potato salad is such a favorite summer time treat that I was

longing for something different.

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In My Kitchen- February 2012

I really love doing these posts.

Love reading and seeing what others all around are

doing in their kitchens (see other’s postings here!).

I am interrupting my own interruption to post this,

but I so wanted to share a couple of things

in my kitchen…


In my kitchen there is bread.  Always.  Even if I am sick.




And more bread.


And pizza- because it starts with bread.


Bread with tomato sauce and cheese.


And sourdough rye marble bread.


I would call it a swirled bread.


And my new bake pot.  My son brought this to me in his carry on luggage from New York.

I love it.  So far I’ve made a marvelous stew and of course- bread- in it.

My philosophy of bread is simple.

I love to eat it and I love to make it.


I love to make it and I love to eat it.

So- that’s what’s in my kitchen this February. Bread.


And some cookies.

What’s in your kitchen?

In My Kitchen…

The January edition of IMK is going to be abbreviated because

I am tired and not feeling well.  The toll of Christmas and preparations

has been very large this year- I didn’t really plan to make so many cookies-

but my nephew’s wedding necessitated the nearly 100 dozen of cookies in

December, the gingerbread competition added on more baking,  and if you

throw in the 10 or so loaves of bread and apple cakes I’ve been making-

I did a lot of baking last month!

But- here goes!

In my kitchen…


are the new apron and gingerbread boss chef jacket that came from the

competition in December!

(Which – did I mention?  We won!)


In my kitchen…


is this ornament I found in our yard upon returning home

on New Year’s Day.  A flower made of eating utensils!

Not sure exactly where this came from…?

So I’m adding this boxed set of silver grapefruit spoons that

I got at a second-hand shop.


I’m a total sucker for eating utensils that come in silk covered boxes!

In my kitchen…


are these bars of goat’s milk soap that I felted.  They turned out rather nice,

but I think I need to make more to get the right look.

In my kitchen…


is this scarf I just finished knitting.  It is in the kitchen because I just took it

off and threw it on the table when I came home from lunch with some friends.

The colors blended so well with the table I took a picture.

In my kitchen…



is a new stash of vanilla beans-


and a newly started bottle of vanilla- along with an almost empty

bottle from last year!

After all those cookies, my vanilla is at an all time low!

And lastly-

In my kitchen…



is my husband – happily eating dinner- ham and basmati rice, wilted spinach,

homemade applesauce and summer squash grilled with onions.

Every once in a while I need a reality check.  The last couple of photos are what

my kitchen is really all about.  A happy family-good meals- a table surrounded and

filled with love.

AND- just a small smile at the end of this post-

I just saw this movie, Stranger than Fiction, with Will Ferrel and Emma Thompson-

and the best love scene in a movie for bakers was in it.

See it here on Youtube-


In My Kitchen- December cookie edition

In my kitchen–

are trays and trays of cookies.





But it is not about Christmas!  My nephew is getting

married tomorrow and he’s asked me to make cookies.

In my kitchen-


Is my pizzelle iron- I made pizzelles for the wedding, too!


and I sewed up a little pouch to hold them on their tray.

In my kitchen-


is a pomegranate waiting for the right moment to peel and eat!

In my kitchen- 041042


is a beautiful pewter tea humidor that is holding the most fragrant fruit tea.

I really love the scent, but something in this tea makes me cough- so mostly

I just smell it.

In my kitchen-


are these plates for parties!

I love parties!

Tomorrow is the wedding – so I will have NO more cookies in my kitchen.

Until I make some for Christmas!

What’s in your kitchen?

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In My Kitchen- November 2011

I just got back into my kitchen after two weeks on the eastern coast of

Virginia.  It is like culture shock.  Down there I keep the ingredients to

a minimum- less to use up or carry back home- or

~shudder~ – have to throw away!

My kitchen is overstocked.

I have goodies from all over the world, thanks to Meredith, my niece

serving in the US Navy.  I have bulk items from the Amish stores in the

next county- and I have a bunch of interesting specialty items from Aldi’s

and Trader Joe’s markets. 

I also have a problem with collecting.

Or should I say, collecting is a problem I have.

In my kitchen-


I have cookie molds all over- these are wooden and wax.  I also have about 10 ceramic molds.

In my kitchen-


I have a large jar of cinnamon imperials or hearts- I use them to decorate cookies.

In my kitchen-


I have the fixings to make gingerbread houses.


silicon molds ….. and ribbon candy and sprinkles,Icing bags and tips,and marzipan and almonds,

and color pastes and large cake boards and meringue powder!

In my kitchen-


I have a new insulated glass with a sand castle imbedded in it!

In my kitchen-


I have fresh pineapple sitting on top of a pineapple vase.

I love fresh pineapple and love to decorate with it during the holidays.

In my kitchen-

(or more precisely, in the stairway down to the basement, off of the kitchen)


my husband built me some pantry shelves.  I love this pantry-

I can see everything at a glance and don’t have to worry about

a heavy can falling out of the cupboard onto my toes!

Well- that is just a peek into my kitchen this month.  I have lots

more that I will share along with recipes as the holidays progress.

What’s in your kitchen?

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