In My Kitchen…May 2012


Aiden on May Day-2012

Waiting on the front porch- flowers in hand.

In my kitchen is a bouquet of May day flowers!

Aiden didn’t want me to take a picture of him- just the flowers.

So I gave him cookies and milk, sat him down at the table and we worked out a

compromise.  Smile  May flower bouquet and boy drinking milk.


In my kitchen…



is a digital kitchen scale with grams- so I can make bread and follow

recipes more accurately!

In my kitchen…


are measuring scoops- from 1/2 cup to 1/8 cup- Very Handy!

In my kitchen…


is a treasure trove of Australian honey-  thank you, Meredith!

In my kitchen…


is a batch of freshly made granola- I put butter rum flavoring in and it is so delish!

In my kitchen…


is this silicon mat for hot pans to sit upon!  I love it- it holds the pans quite

securely so I can dish out soups without worrying about anything spilling!

And – In my kitchen…


are even more silicon lily pad covers.  AND …



A give away!  These silicon lids fit perfectly over a mug and keep your coffee or tea warm

for a long time.  Leave a comment saying you would like one and I’ll pick two (2) of your

names out of a hat and I’ll send you one!

I’ll send these wherever- so don’t worry if you aren’t in the USA!

(I bought another lid- in a sunflower pattern as a give away for my niece’s facebook page.

016– it is a medium size lid and will fit on small and medium

size bowls and pots.  I bought a whole set for her rental house and if you comment here and go

to facebook  and like Sailors Rest Rental Resort– you will be in the running for this.  I’ll let this

give away run until the end of May and announce the winner(s) on the next In My Kitchen-June! )

If you are interested in seeing what is in other bloggers kitchens,  go to Celia’s blog, and have a look-

and if you are a blogger and would like to join in- then we could see what is going on in YOUR kitchen!

Thanks for visiting!

31 thoughts on “In My Kitchen…May 2012

  1. Peek-a-boo! I still see you, Aiden, but mostly I see the lovely May flowers! 🙂

    Your granola looks delicious! I never thought of putting in any other extracts.

    I would love to enter your contest! It looks like the sunflower one would keep some of my dishes warm while I round up boys who think it’s more fun to play than to wash hands for supper! Thank you for the chance to win!!

    • Hi Martha!
      I love these silicon lids- they can go in the oven up to 375 F- cling in the freezer and fridge and are just nice all around! When I bought the set for the Sailors Rest I decided to buy one more! In order for your page to be fully optimized on Facebook you need at least 30 likes- so this is a way to promote some more.
      And the extracts add flavour but most of all the fragrance in mouth watering!

  2. Heidi, look at that sweet little man! 🙂 That’s the best thing ever in your kitchen, I’m sure. I’m so pleased you have digital scales – you won’t believe how useful they are! And the silicon covers look very cute – I bought some a while ago, but they were very stiff and didn’t seem to fit on top of anything. I never thought to use them as a mug cover! Lovely flowers, darling.. xx

    • You are completely right- the boy behind the flowers makes my kitchen into a very happy place! He told me he was “hungretty and thirsteddy” when he came in- hence the cookies and milk!
      This brand of silicon lids are pretty flexible and I find them quite useful.
      .I was wishing for some flowers this morning- and then the doorbell rang!

  3. Hi Heidi

    You will be so glad for those digital scales. Your life will never be the same. I love your lily pad covers, so I would like to enter your give away.

    Please say ‘hello’ to Aiden from me.

    • Hi Glenda- I am already enjoying the scales- I put 45 grams of pine nuts into my meatballs this morning. (about 2/3 of a cup) – I think I’m going to be playing with it for a .while.
      I’m going to keep the give away open for a good couple of weeks- so I’ll put your name into the hat and let you know later on if you are the winner of one of the lids. 🙂

  4. What a lovely bouquet of flowers, columbines and bleeding hearts don’t grow well in my garden. I couldn’t live–well bake–without my scales. It’s especially good when working with recipes in weights and changing the size of the batch. I’ve never seen the lily pad covers before, so cute.

    • Hi Liz-
      I had scales before- but they weren’t very accurate (and I admit – I wasn’t very good at reading them because they weren’t digital). These however, are very easy to use and I’m looking forward to making recipes that I just didn’t bother with before because I was too lazy to convert from grams to ounces.
      Columbines and bleeding hearts don’t grow well in my garden either, my niece has green fingers and wonderful
      soil in her garden.

  5. Heidi, I love in your kitchen and agree Aiden is the best thing in your kitchen. You have many interesting things in your kitchen. The silicon lids are interesting. Love the flowers.

    • It was a wonderful surprise to have a small boy at my door, yesterday morning, holding a handful of spring flowers! There was a giant stem of parsley in the bouquet that I took out and used for the meatballs for his birthday dinner. So everyone there tonight can also enjoy the bouquet! 🙂

  6. Love the flower, Aiden, your kitchen and you! And I don’t really get the silicone covers… but if I win I’ll figure them out, I’m sure! 😀

    • And I love you, too!
      The silicone covers form a seal- so they keep in the heat and will go into the microwave or oven up to 375 degreesF- so the idea is that they keep your beverage fresher and hot- and that you can heat it up in the microwave with the cover on – PLUS- they look like a lilypad and are very lovely.

  7. Hi Heidi, I love your site!! I often think “I need me Some Heidi Fodor!” I sure miss working with you on retreats, teas, just church stuff!! Hope I’m not too late for the drawing! Tell Cynthia I say Hi! I copied the Cocoa Brownie recipe. It looks outstanding. Was there a potato Salad recipe? Have your rented this house or are your the owner? I know you have been going down for some time. My daughter prefers the Chinc. over OC any day! She and her friend go every time she goes to Baltimore. Thanks again for the wonderful site! Blessings!

    • Hi Sherrill- it’s great to hear from you! And I miss you, too- are you singing anywhere anytime soon?
      Cynthia and I would love to hear and see you again!
      I do have a potato salad recipe, but I think I put it up on facebook- not the blog.
      Cynthia’s daughter, Meredith owns the house- I’m the caretaker (Frank and I) so we do go down to clean and renovate and sometimes even enjoy the beach.
      I put your name into the hat for the give away- I’m keeping it open for an extended time period because the In My Kitchen series is posted monthly- so I’m going to announce the winners in June. Good luck!

  8. Heidi you always have the most wonderful things in your kitchen every month! I was excited to see that you are hosting a giveaway with the silicon covers – I would love one as I have not seen anything quite like it here in South Africa.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thanks Mandy- I feel the same way about everyone who posts- such interesting and wonderful spaces and place we have to cook in!!!
      You are entered into the give away- good luck.

  9. Great monthly post as usual! I’d love to enter your silicone cover drawing; they are so pretty. My bleeding heart are especially lovely this year, but my columbine are not yet open. You have a great niece to drop in with such a lovely bouquet. Wish my grandson or some other child would grace my kitchen!

  10. Thanks, Lilly!
    I had such a bad headache that I was resting on the couch when the doorbell rang.
    It was such a pleasure to have that sweet boy with a bouquet and my sweet Allyson drop by- that I ignored the headache and just enjoyed the moment. I wish EVERYONE had a little boy to deliver flowers to their front door- it is a total joy!
    I have entered your name into the drawing for the silicone lid.

  11. Coffee takes a while to go cold in here Africa! 🙂 Seeing your little grandson reminds me I haven’t seen my dudes for a few weeks, hoping to see them this weekend. I am very pleased I bought a digital scale, my baking definitely improved.

    • Welcome- I hadn’t thought about the time it takes for coffee to cool in different climes- I just like my coffee very, very HOT!
      The digital scale opens up a whole cadre of recipes that I had previously walked away from- so I’m quite excited.
      And – really- I think our children should stay closer to home once they procreate. My son’s 4 year old son just told me recently-” I want to see you, Grandma- why do you live so far away?”

  12. Thanks for stopping by, Lizzy- I just popped over to your place and love all your beautiful fruits!
    The honey is a treat- Australian honey is richer and thicker than ours here. I had no idea how bland our honey was until my niece sent me a jar of yours!

  13. Heidiannie, I bought a little set of digital scales almost identical to yours a few months back and, now we’re camping for a few months, I also bought a set for my camp kitchen. Once you start measuring, you never go back! Your granola looks yummy too!

    • Thanks, Pam- I love granola on my yogurt- but I like lots of nuts in the granola- so I HAVE to make my own.
      I am such a cups and teaspoons kind of cook that I only use the scales when I bake Australian or UK recipes- but they sure are handy when it comes to baking bread!

  14. love those flower pictures and the scoops sound like a great idea (I can never fit my cup measures in my flour containers) and I have a new silicone mat like yours so your words have encouraged me to use it

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