In My Kitchen…

The January edition of IMK is going to be abbreviated because

I am tired and not feeling well.  The toll of Christmas and preparations

has been very large this year- I didn’t really plan to make so many cookies-

but my nephew’s wedding necessitated the nearly 100 dozen of cookies in

December, the gingerbread competition added on more baking,  and if you

throw in the 10 or so loaves of bread and apple cakes I’ve been making-

I did a lot of baking last month!

But- here goes!

In my kitchen…


are the new apron and gingerbread boss chef jacket that came from the

competition in December!

(Which – did I mention?  We won!)


In my kitchen…


is this ornament I found in our yard upon returning home

on New Year’s Day.  A flower made of eating utensils!

Not sure exactly where this came from…?

So I’m adding this boxed set of silver grapefruit spoons that

I got at a second-hand shop.


I’m a total sucker for eating utensils that come in silk covered boxes!

In my kitchen…


are these bars of goat’s milk soap that I felted.  They turned out rather nice,

but I think I need to make more to get the right look.

In my kitchen…


is this scarf I just finished knitting.  It is in the kitchen because I just took it

off and threw it on the table when I came home from lunch with some friends.

The colors blended so well with the table I took a picture.

In my kitchen…



is a new stash of vanilla beans-


and a newly started bottle of vanilla- along with an almost empty

bottle from last year!

After all those cookies, my vanilla is at an all time low!

And lastly-

In my kitchen…



is my husband – happily eating dinner- ham and basmati rice, wilted spinach,

homemade applesauce and summer squash grilled with onions.

Every once in a while I need a reality check.  The last couple of photos are what

my kitchen is really all about.  A happy family-good meals- a table surrounded and

filled with love.

AND- just a small smile at the end of this post-

I just saw this movie, Stranger than Fiction, with Will Ferrel and Emma Thompson-

and the best love scene in a movie for bakers was in it.

See it here on Youtube-


18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen…

  1. Darling, thank you for playing, even though you are tired and unwell, I really appreciate it! Your vanilla beans look exciting, but my favourite photo, even before I read your text, was the one of Frank eating dinner. You are so 100% right, that truly encapsulates what it’s all about, and the simplicity and warmth in that pic is a reminder of how blessed we all are. It made me long to visit and sit in your dining room, and make lavender wands or paint mugs or bake pizzelle with you. 🙂 xxx

    • I was putting together my pictures yesterday, and paused for dinner. As we sat there I thought that this was the photo I should be posting- this is what I love happening in my kitchen. And I would so love to have you visit- Meredith is now in Australia- trying very hard to get me to come. I’d love to- but… such a long plane ride. 🙁

    • I love doing these posts- even in the midst of all these infections- sinus and UTI- I wanted to play!
      I can’t stand Will Ferrel movies- but this one is different-really sweet- and I would really love somione to bring me flours

    • I’m taking the time right now, Brydie.
      And,since I’ve been away so much lately, Frank is very pleased to have me home.
      The meals are a lot better when I’m here, for one thing. 🙂

  2. Still dark outside and I’m nursing a cup of tea in my kitchen and catching up with your glorious photos and stories Heidi. Your Christmas looked joyous, confess to a little sword envy, it’s not every Christmas you see someone being gven one of those! And I could just snaffle a piece of one of your apple cakes – it would go very well with my mug of tea right now. I wish too that I had some baker’s whites like you and I love the scarf on the table, the fibres echocing the grain of the wood. It’s a wonderfully eclectic collection of stuff you have snapped to share with us.

    Finally though, it is is good to see Frank eating away at the good food you make for him. I like the sound of that meal a lot, real food for real people. You work so hard, maybe now is the time for a little recuperation xxx Joanna

    • Lol- Joanna-
      You aren’t the only one with sword envy! Both of my sons’ eyes lit up at the sight of that gleaming sword. It is a ceremonial sword- dull on the edges – but still very pointy and shiny.
      The upside down apple cake was very “moreish”, as Celia would say, it had the right mix of spicy and sweet.
      And I did enjoy sitting at my own table, watching my family eat a simple meal with such happiness.
      I spent the last week taking it a little easy- trying to get rested up and let the antibiotics do their job. 🙂

  3. My goodness that gingerbread house was awesome, no wonder you won! I made one once and it collapsed when I put the roof on…but let’s forget that episode! 🙂 I enjoy seeing what everyone has in their kitchen, hope you are feeling better?

    • Hi- gingerbread houses and I have a long history- I’ve never had a roof cave in but then I build them from very thick pieces of gingerbread. 🙂
      I’m resting up- not feeling great- but then antibiotics always make me feel sicker than the actual infection!
      Thanks for dropping by- IMK is such a friendly post- Celia is a genius!

  4. One day I will take the time to photograph what’s in my kitchen, too. My problem is that I’m very challenged technically and I have no clue how to download my pictures so that hinders me from posting many photos. Besides, the boys have discovered the joys of making their own video clips so I often have to hunt around for the camera! Every time you post these, though, I look around my kitchen and think about what I would post, if I knew how. 🙂 Thanks for the visit into your kitchen today!

    • I love this series- it is fun to share!
      It is even more fun to see kitchens all around the world. I enjoy seeing the local fruit and veg and flowers and gadgets and special ingredients that are highlighted.
      I’d love to see you do one of these- the other bloggers are so friendly and fun!

    • I really DON”T like Will Ferrell, but that movie is so good. Sweet, without being sappy and funny without being crude. A rarity- but totally enjoyable! Glad you enjoyed it, Celia!

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