In My Kitchen-June 2012


In my kitchen… I have one of these.


Which when filled with cupcakes becomes a

tower of delight!


In my kitchen…


I have fresh baked sourdough French bread and rolls.


A sunshine pierced texture shot.  for Joanna.

In my kitchen…


there is candied orange peel and currant Irish soda bread.

In my kitchen…



there is Pineapple citrus juice with just a hint of honey.

In my kitchen…


is a lovely bouquet of coral bells, bearded Iris and mint.

In my kitchen…


is this wonderful teapot lamp I got as a gift from my son and

daughter in law- I love it because my kitchen is VERY well lit-

and first thing in the morning all the lights stab me in the eyes.

This lamp adds a wonderful ambience around 6 AM!

In my kitchen…



is this spice box that my sister Robin and her husband, John

made me many years ago.  It is lovely- has hung on my wall

for quite a long time- and may be haunted.   It hangs sturdily on

the wall, and mysteriously swings open from time to time.

007 The latch doesn’t open easily, but

the door slowly opens sometimes when I am sitting with a cup of tea.

And finally – in my kitchen…


are these woven pieces.  The tea towel is made of flax/linen and is over a hundred

years old.  I had one very similar – or my mother did- that my grandmother made-

this one is from a dear friend whose mother wove it in Yugoslavia.

The green table runner-013 I wove

when I was visiting my brother.  He had his loom set up for me to try.  It took

me several days to get it to any considerable length.  And I discovered that he was

fixing my crooked (scalloped?) edges when I went to my hotel each night.  I finally

convinced him that I wanted it to be done by me- warts, ripples, crooked edges and all-

so he left me to it!


I’m a weaver!

The two winners of last month’s give away are Glenda@ Passion Fruit Garden and

Liz, who made the following comment-

Liz says:

Wednesday, 2nd May 2012 at 1:56 am

What a lovely bouquet of flowers, columbines and bleeding hearts don’t grow well in my garden. I couldn’t live–well bake–without my scales. It’s especially good when working with recipes in weights and changing the size of the batch. I’ve never seen the lily pad covers before, so cute.

If you will leave your address on my email #  – – I will send you the lily pad cover! .

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25 thoughts on “In My Kitchen-June 2012

  1. Oh that spice box! I love it. And that is a lovely tea towel you have there, AND I like your runner, goofy edges and all.

    • Really- the spice box in quite a puzzle. I close the latch VERY carefully and still it opens- sometimes only once a year- sometimes much more often.
      Thank you- I love my runner- goofy edges especially! 🙂

    • I am quite contented with it, Elizabeth. I consider it rather companionable-but Frank doesn’t like it.
      He has taken to putting a piece of tape over the latch- I think he will need to use packaging tape next.

  2. Love everything about this post, Heidi, thank you for sharing your kitchen with us. A haunted spice box – what a story! Your bread looks wonderful as always – I’m not a fan of soda bread, but each time I see one of your loaves, I think that I should revisit it. My favourite of all is the lovely story about your brother fixing your weaving each night when you went back to your hotel. I know you didn’t want him to do it, but that really is so sweet – even though you’re a grandmother, your big brother is still trying to look after you.. 🙂

    • Celia,
      It WAS very sweet of him to fix up my work- and really I had no idea it would be as difficult as it was to make a straight edge. I just wanted a piece I had done all by myself. I’ve always had big brothers who watched out for me- I love all my siblings!
      Soda bread is Jordan’s favorite- I really made it for him. Although toasted and buttered- it is a treat. 🙂

  3. What an interesting kitchen you have! Delicious food, beautiful flowers, haunted spice box, woven pieces of linen, and a tea pot lamp to slowly brighten your day. I love all of it.

    • Thanks, Barbara!
      That towel is still in wonderful condition. My friend brought it over with a basket full of fruit and said to keep the towel on top of the basket and use it to cover the bread bowl when the dough is raising.
      The spice cabinet is very special- I don’t believe in ghosts- but my sister Robin died almost 15 years ago- so the open door just brings back warm memories and remembrances for me.

  4. Before I had read the comments I was thinking your brother MUST be older Heidi 🙂 That gave me the biggest smile. So sweet.
    The kitchen lamp is also sweet. And you are right. The first light of the day should be coaxed out, not delivered in a tahdah action.
    Lovely kitchen as always.

    • Brydie! Thanks for visiting today! I’m especially thankful that you agree about my lamp- the men I live with think it is distracting and kind of silly- but I really love that friendly little morning light!
      I had three big brothers- but Bruce was always the one who was closest as a friend. He’s 8 years older though and still terribly bossy even when he is being very sweet. 😉

  5. Hi Heidianne

    Thanks for the silcon mat, you are very kind. I just popped over to see your IMK post and it is as interesting as always. Good on you for weaving that runner, it looks great.

    • Thanks, Mandy, I really love this venue of kitchens and traditions and foods and gadgets from around the world. We should give Celia some sort of tribute for starting it!

  6. Thanks Sous- it is one of those memory treasures that also happens to be a real treasure. I have a lot of stuff- treasures that my children gave me when they were young that I love- but I don’t think anyone else would get excited about- you know what I mean? This box is beautiful, well made- and came from someone I loved a great deal. 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by- I always enjoy your comments!

  7. Thank you for the photo Heidi! Loved wandering through your post today. Your weaving is pretty good, reminds me of when I used to do tapestry cushions and they always came out sort of slanting because my tension wasn’t very good (even when I used a frame). I love the spice box and the teapot lamp and the vision of you sitting in its soft light drinking your tea and thinking about the day to come. 🙂

    • Hi Joanna-
      Funny how our standards are on a slide scale. What my brother saw as unacceptable was rather charming in my eyes. I just wanted to weave and so anything that held together and came out whole was exciting for me!
      I always have to start out with soft light and tea- then I can handle the strong lights of reality and the demands of a cup of coffee. My husband thought I was crazy for a long while- but I notice he has been joining me for the early tea, lately- I’m willing to deal with the hard stuff, but I like a mellow introduction. 🙂

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