In My Kitchen- February 2012

I really love doing these posts.

Love reading and seeing what others all around are

doing in their kitchens (see other’s postings here!).

I am interrupting my own interruption to post this,

but I so wanted to share a couple of things

in my kitchen…


In my kitchen there is bread.  Always.  Even if I am sick.




And more bread.


And pizza- because it starts with bread.


Bread with tomato sauce and cheese.


And sourdough rye marble bread.


I would call it a swirled bread.


And my new bake pot.  My son brought this to me in his carry on luggage from New York.

I love it.  So far I’ve made a marvelous stew and of course- bread- in it.

My philosophy of bread is simple.

I love to eat it and I love to make it.


I love to make it and I love to eat it.

So- that’s what’s in my kitchen this February. Bread.


And some cookies.

What’s in your kitchen?

25 thoughts on “In My Kitchen- February 2012

  1. Your bread pictures ALWAYS inspire me to try something new! The only problem is that I love to eat it too much and it’s always best fresh, so I feel quite obligated to eat it all at once. This leads to the next problem: once that bread is done, I need to make some more so that I can have some fresh bread, but if I have fresh bread, then I feel obligated to eat it all at once and the cycle continues on and on! Still, your bread pictures inspire me! 🙂

    PS. I LOVE your new pot!

    • Martha, I understand your problem. Try freezing half of the loaf. I try to give away some bread, freeze some bread and of course, EAT some bread each time I make it. That way I don’t have to “feel obligated to eat it all at once” AND I make others happy as well!
      I love my pot, as well! And I appreciate Luke lugging it here- it is really heavy!

  2. Heidi, you are the best, thank you for playing even though you’re supposed to be having a break! And Luke carried that pot in his hand luggage for you? That is true devotion, it looks like it weighs a ton! 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean about the bread – sick or not, there has to be homemade bread here too!

    Get well soon, dearheart! xxx

    • No- there is no comparison- and honestly, I just don’t even want to try. I can make bread even when I’m feeling poorly. And I freeze some just in case I can’t.
      My other philosophy of bread?
      Wherever I am there will be bread!

    • Thanks, Misk.
      I love my pot. I’ve been looking for one and then my d-i-l got this pot from a friend after they had just purchased one for themselves. She asked if I could use it and would like it. YES!!!
      So – I now have a wonderful baking pot!
      Red is a good color for it- I like the blue, too. My son and d-i-l bought an orange one.
      A rainbow of pots!

  3. Oh how lovely Heidi – I too LOVE bread and have only dabbled a little bit in making it myself. I still have it high on my “To-Do-List” on learning how to get better at it but it seems there are so many other things that take up my time. Your loaves are outstanding as is your beautiful blue bake pot!.
    🙂 Mandy
    PS> How to I subscribe to receive your updates via email? 🙂

    • Thanks, Mandy- Bread is a basic menu ingredient in my house.
      Salad and crusty rolls.
      Soup and bread.
      Pasta and breadsticks.
      I make the bread and then plan what to eat with it.
      I’m not sure how to sign up for email. I am really inept with computer and internet usage. I do blog through WordPress, so maybe they have a hook up there?
      I’ll ask my nephew- he does the computer stuff for me.

    • Thanks, Tandy. I do too! The sourdough rye is so good and tangy and the olive oil white bread is a little salty and stretchy- the whole thing together is quite toothsome. 😀

  4. What lovely breads, so reassuring to get a few loaves out there, full of their warm scent and goodness. I love your loaves this week,, still haven’t made a swirly bread,I hope I can make one that looks as good as yours one day. We had our first snow today and I thought of you, and then the weather turned to rain here in the West and it is plinking away outside now. Hope you’re having a nice weekend. Joanna

    • Joanna- you make the most beautiful breads- I feel the same way about yours!
      I tried making a flat bread w/quinoa and spelt flour after seeing Misks bread today. It wasn’t Dan Lepard’s recipe because I don’t have his book. So I patched together a couple of recipes and turned up a decent wrap to make coconut and hot pepper chicken wraps with hummus and feta cheese.

      AND we have had snow, rain, sunshine, more snow, melting mess, rain, mild and heavy snow- just this week!
      The snow has been at least 2 inches each time- it is so inconsistent. My daffodils are totally flummoxed as to come up or keep their leaves covered- and if this continues- we will have some very confused fruit trees and most likely a bad fruit harvest.
      Winter is very weird, this year.

  5. Dear Heidi,

    I am tempted to do one of these In My Kitchen posts seeing so many beautiful ingredients and items in other people’s kitchen. Your bread always look so fresh and as much as I love bread, I think I’m too nervous to make it myself for fear of getting it all wrong.

    • I would love to see you do an IMK post!
      You could so make bread! You can make so many wonderful foods- bread is all about the leavening- start off with yeast and then you can graduate to sourdough,

  6. Sorry to read that you have been unwell, hope you are feeling better now. I love that pot, such a nice colour. I’m trying to lose some weight and you are not helping things by showing me all that lovely bread! 🙂

  7. 🙂 Bread eaten in moderation is not bad for your diet- especially a complex whole wheat bread.
    Although I can never seem to be very moderate when it comes to bread.
    Thanks for visiting!

  8. yum! I can almost smell and taste those delicious loaves from here! I love home-baked bread – I could never go back to store-bought. I find it makes the perfect gift to take when we get invited over for dinner and is always accepted with gusto by our hosts. That might explain our regular dinner invitations from everyone we know! 🙂

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