Family and celebrations

My brother Ralph, sister, Cynthia and me

My brother Ralph, sister, Cynthia and me

Last week, my oldest brother, Ralph and his wife, Carole, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

A milestone in anyone’s life, their daughters had a party for them.  There were lots of guests to share in the celebration and their marriage has been a beautiful example of love and endurance.  I didn’t even take a picture- this one of the three of us was taken by my(our ) niece, Allyson- so I can’t show you the happy couple.

But this picture of me with my brother and sister really makes me think of the passing of years and of familial relationships.  I am a lot  younger than most of my siblings- my parents really had two groups of children – the older 4 and then some years later, the little girls (as we were called).  Three little girls on the tag end – each of us 2 years apart, with me in the middle.  They have both died now- and I am the last of this smaller group – but thankfully the older sibs are mostly still here- three of them still living .

In the crowd of party goers that night were a small contingent of my brothers family- his children and grandchildren of course, and then my sister,my niece and nephew , a cousin and I.  My sister-in-law, Carole has a VERY large family and as I looked around the  room I was made aware of the depth of family relationships.  I share a bond with these people that is so strong it almost hurts.  I look at my brother and see him still as my hero- the man who always had time for me when I was a little girl.  I see my sister and remember when I thought she was the epitome of grace and beauty.  They still hold these places in my heart and memory- the passing of time has just seasoned and strengthened the love that we share.  So I just wanted to take a moment and celebrate family and share a picture of two of the people who have helped to shape the woman I have become.

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  1. This is a beautiful post! Thank you! I have often thought that I am very privileged to be a part of our family, and it is only recently that I am understanding that my idea of family is so shaped by, well, my family, that it seems a double gift: who we are, and the fact that we ‘family’ so well.

    • It was a very nice tribute to your parents, Elizabeth.
      I so appreciated all the love in the room- and the compassion and prayers and hope and sorrow at your father-in-law’s passing made for a deep spiritual time together.

    • And it can be so comforting to recognize yourself in your loved ones eyes and lives. And sometimes a little frightening.

  2. Wow, this got me all wet under the eyelids! And what I love about our family is that I can be separated physically from you for such a long time, yet when I come back into the inner ripples of the family, I’m still welcomed with hugs and smiles and laughter…and sauerkraut balls and Russian tea cakes and pumpkin snickerdoodles and the most amazing chocolate cookies ever! LOL Saturday night’s celebration was a blessing for our WHOLE family, I do believe!

    • The truth is that each time we encounter family we bring so much more than the physical offerings of gifts and food- we bring a solidarity of love and memories that eclipses the moment.
      We share a history and a legacy of serving God and loving His people- we share a future of hope and fulfillment.
      Although those chocolate cookies are really a spectacular offering and worthy of much mention and tasting!!!

  3. Heidi, That was beautiful and so very true. Thank you for sharing. I was happy to be there to share this special occasion with Ralph and Carole and the rest of the family.

  4. Beautiful Heidi. I feel incredibly lucky to have the family that I have. Even though they can drive me completely bonkers that tie that we have? So important.
    I’ve always loved how you’ve demonstrated through your blog just how important your family is to you. I hope there is another big family get together for you all in the not so distant future.
    Muah! xx

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