April- In my kitchen…

April in my kitchen is actually tomorrow.

But I’m putting this up today because I’m tired from baking

all morning and want to sit down and yet feel productive.


In my kitchen is a marvelous branch of orchids that my

sister brought me from her house (she accidently broke it off!)

In my kitchen…


are these delicious brownie bars I made last week from my mother’s old recipe.

In my kitchen…


is this versatile bowl/pan cover (silicon lid) that sticks fast to smooth surfaces-

003forming a tight bond to keep out oxygen AND

can go in the oven, fridge and freezer.  Plus it is really pretty!

In my kitchen…


is a pot of broth cooking up a couple of beef soup bones and all the veggie

parings and peels that  I generally toss when I am in a hurry.  I’m planning on making

some French onion soup with this broth!

In my kitchen…



are these coconut lime skewers. I love to thread chicken

breast onto these and grill them- the taste is like a marinade

from the inside out!

In my kitchen…


is my lap top- I was Skyping with my grandsons last night and

Aidan said,”Take my picture, Grandma!  I’ll make a real good face!”

I used it there to remind me of a recipe earlier,too, so it is rather floury right now!

In my kitchen…


is fresh bread for toasting next week and


fresh made bread wraps for lunches for Jordan.

Also in my kitchen is a sinkful of  bowls and pots that I need to go and wash.

If you are interested in seeing what is in kitchens all around the world- go to

Celia’s blog Fig jam and Lime cordial and check out all the other blogs, as well

as hers!   What’s in your kitchen today?

21 thoughts on “April- In my kitchen…

  1. Now why didn’t you post a picture of that sink full of dishes? I love the silicone lilypad; looks amazing. Did you get it locally? I love the orchids too.

    • The sink is now clean- the pots and pans and bowls nestled in the dish drainer and I’m planning on making yet another mess and get dinner started!
      The Lilypad was purchased at the Oak Cupboard in Smithville. They have 3 different sizes- I wish I had gotten all 3- and the price wasn’t prohibitive- between $ 10-25 dollars.
      Thanks for dropping by, Lilly- I love hearing from you!

  2. Heidiannie… you have an amazing assortment of goodies in your kitchen! That silicon lid is interesting… may I know the brand please? I wonder if they are available in Australia? Those skewers sound interesting too! and the orchids are so pretty. Thank you for sharing!

    • Lizzy, Thanks so much for stopping by!
      I’m not sure about the brand- the packaging says Charles Viancin, Paris.
      The skewers I picked up a couple of years ago at a close out store. I did buy a rather large supply so these are my last package.
      I really love doing these posts, and I love seeing the treasures in so many other kitchens!

    • Hi Jane-
      I love these In my Kitchen posts!
      I’d so love to sit down in each kitchen together and have a cup of tea and a brownie bar or whatever our latest creation is- in my opinion, Celia is a genius!

  3. Heidi, I’m always so happy to see what’s in your kitchen, it makes me smile and smile and smile. My mother is a big orchid fan, and she has ones just like the one in your photo. They’re hard to grow – Cynthia is very clever (did I ever mention that my sister’s name is also Cynthia?). The stock looks very tasty, but the coconut and lime skewers really caught my eye – flavour from the inside out is a brilliant idea!

    Isn’t skype just the most wonderful thing? I’m so glad you get to chat to your wee boys all the time!

  4. Celia,
    I love sisters Cynthia- mine is not only clever- but totally sweet and caring- and very good with orchids- she had 9 different orchids and at this moment 4 are blooming. I grow herbs and vegetables.
    I think we could make our own flavored skewers by soaking skewers in the marinade of choice for a couple of days prior to using them- soon I will be out of the store bought ones and that is my plan.
    And I do LOVE skype. The youngest of my grandchildren has been entertained by Grandma on the computer all of his life- he looks forward to singing songs with me and showing me his new accomplishments – plus I keep the kids busy with reading books and doing finger plays so often my son can catch up on small chores about the house whilst they are engaged with me. 🙂

  5. Sorry I missed your blog yesterday. I always love whats in your kitchen. It is better when I’m there! Your pictures of what is going on are great. Of all the pictures my favorite is Aidan. Love you!

    • Hi Sue-
      I love the differences in our countries! We have so many ideas and ingredients we can share in this “show and tell ” in our kitchens!
      Thanks for visiting!

  6. Thanks for sharing Heidi – I agree with everyone, that silicone lid is fantastic…might have to get me one myself! So incredibly versatile too!
    And your brownies have me drooling and craving something sweet like I haven’t craved for a long time! I may or may not have indulged in some birthday cake over the weekend and it’s woken up my sweet tooth! I do love the plate they’re on too.
    Thanks for the peek into your kitchen (says she who is steadfastly ignoring the pile of dishes in her sink LOL)

    • Hi Shelley-
      I love the lilypad- I haven’t been brave enough to try it in the oven, yet, but I plan to in the near future.
      It totally bonds with the smooth surface and the packaging said it allows you to cook without extra fats.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting (LOVE the comments!)- btw- my kitchen sink is usually full of ignored piles of dishes! 🙂

    • Thanks Mandy- those skewers add so much flavor and the aroma as the meat is cooking is amazing.
      I really enjoy these posts- going back and forth and sharing what is in ALL of our kitchens!

  7. Isn’t skype wonderful? I’ll bet Aiden loves that time with his Grandma Heidi.
    I’ve actually got things happening in my kitchen at the moment, so consequently the rest of the household is a MESS!

    • Hey Brydie- isn’t that the way it always goes- one clean room and the rest in an uproar?
      My son and his family are coming for a visit next week! It will be good to see the boys without Aidan chanting, “Read me a book!” That is his favorite Skype activity!
      Looking forward to seeing what you have going on in your kitchen!

  8. I read this when you first posted it and meant to come back and leave a comment, so scatty brained these days. I love the idea of those skewers and I always want to sneak a piece of one of your cakes off the plate when I see them. Though as I often read your blog at breakfast time it is a bit early for cake for me!

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