In My Kitchen- November 2011

I just got back into my kitchen after two weeks on the eastern coast of

Virginia.  It is like culture shock.  Down there I keep the ingredients to

a minimum- less to use up or carry back home- or

~shudder~ – have to throw away!

My kitchen is overstocked.

I have goodies from all over the world, thanks to Meredith, my niece

serving in the US Navy.  I have bulk items from the Amish stores in the

next county- and I have a bunch of interesting specialty items from Aldi’s

and Trader Joe’s markets. 

I also have a problem with collecting.

Or should I say, collecting is a problem I have.

In my kitchen-


I have cookie molds all over- these are wooden and wax.  I also have about 10 ceramic molds.

In my kitchen-


I have a large jar of cinnamon imperials or hearts- I use them to decorate cookies.

In my kitchen-


I have the fixings to make gingerbread houses.


silicon molds ….. and ribbon candy and sprinkles,Icing bags and tips,and marzipan and almonds,

and color pastes and large cake boards and meringue powder!

In my kitchen-


I have a new insulated glass with a sand castle imbedded in it!

In my kitchen-


I have fresh pineapple sitting on top of a pineapple vase.

I love fresh pineapple and love to decorate with it during the holidays.

In my kitchen-

(or more precisely, in the stairway down to the basement, off of the kitchen)


my husband built me some pantry shelves.  I love this pantry-

I can see everything at a glance and don’t have to worry about

a heavy can falling out of the cupboard onto my toes!

Well- that is just a peek into my kitchen this month.  I have lots

more that I will share along with recipes as the holidays progress.

What’s in your kitchen?

( This is a continuing series in conjunction with Celia’s at Fig jam and Lime cordial

go and take a look at all the posts she has listed in her side bar, if you are interested

in a peek into kitchens all around the world!)

19 thoughts on “In My Kitchen- November 2011

  1. Heidi, I think I like this IMK post best of all the ones you’ve done so far! Just look at all those amazing cookie moulds! And the red hearts, and the sandcastle in a glass (how did they do that?), and the gingerbread kit – I love it when you have a big collection of equipment ready for a project! 🙂

    Thanks for playing this month and showing us what’s in your wonderful kitchen! Enjoy the pineapple!

    • Thanks, Celia !
      As I said in a comment over at your blog- I’m so relieved I don’t have to do a huge project with the Gingerbread house- so I’m taking inventory on what I have and what I need.
      And I’m totally looking forward to that pineapple! 🙂

  2. I love pineapple too. I never seem to remember to buy them, and The Monkeys love them.
    Also love those cookie moulds Heidi, I never thought there could be so many different types, and intricate ones at that!

    • Pineapples are so beautiful. When Meredith was stationed in Hawaii she would bring home Maui Gold pineapples when she came home. They are so sweet and flavorful- but I even like the Del Monte regular pineapples. I core them and then use the core to flavor water- and then nibble on the edges of the cores and
      eat the sweetness from the core on out!
      I have many cookie cutters as well- but the molds and presses are very special. And most of them I’ve picked up at second hand at garage or estate sales. 🙂

  3. I love your pantry wall. Oh what I would give to not have to dig to find things!

    I’ve never seen such intricate cookie molds. Actually I’d never even heard of cookie molds until Celia’s most recent In My Kitchen post. Can’t wait to see how they’re used.

    • Hi Claire!
      Some of my molds are only used decoratively- I don’t mess with the wax ones- too easy to damage-too hard to clean.
      The others are floured and dough pressed into them and then knocked out and baked on a baking sheet.
      I usually use a highly spiced dough- rather stiff- to hold the impression.
      And the pantry wall is so practical- it uses up space that would serve no other purpose! I love it too!

  4. Heidi, what an awesome collection you have in your kitchen! I love the gingerbread house – I would love to build that and your glass with the sandcastle is exquisite – if I had one, it would be on my desk every day and how special to have the pantry shelves!
    By the way, I do I subscribe to you blog, I don’t seem to see a button, thanks.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thank you Mandy!
      I have made Gingerbread houses for many years- and then I took a hiatus. However, people have long memories and I often am requested to make a house, so I decided to make one of my niece’s home this year. The glass came from a shop in a beachside shop- I love it because it doesn’t have condensation on the outside when my ice melts and is safe to place on wooden surfaces!
      I’m not sure about the button to subscribe- I’ll ask my IT guy about it!

  5. Heidi, You have an interesting kitchen of which many interesting and delicious foods are made. I enjoy being a part of it sometimes, there are times when I just enjoying what you made and other times just hearing about it. You are talented in the kitchen.

  6. Hello Heidiannie – it’s nice to meet you and it’s nice to have a little peek in your kitchen. I must admit, those beautifully, organised, single filed products in your pantry leave me feeling a little ashamed. That would most certainly make life easier! A gingerbread house sounds really daunting to me; have you made any before?
    The only fascination I have with a pineapple is trying to grow one; it’s been in the ground for 1 1/2 years and still growing – they are painstakingly slow – but I love them. Cheers Mariana.

    • Hi Mariana!
      I really do love my pantry. I used to have a cupboard that I couldn’t find anything in and then for an anniversary present, my husband built the shelves and painted them- it was so quick and easy that I couldn’t believe he hadn’t done it before!
      I’ve made a lot of gingerbread creations over the last 25 years, I started making them with my sons as school projects and then continued to make them for the bakery I work for-
      . I haven’t made any in the last couple of years, but I’m in yet another competition this year- so I’ll find out if I still have the knack!

      • I’m looking forward to the gingerbread house 🙂 I loved the one you showed us before so much. I love the shelves running down the stairs and I would love to be a proper cake maker, I try but I get too worked up and anxious to enjoy it really. I’m loving all your wonderful things Heidi, the glass with the castle and the moulds and the pineapple, just great fun xx

        • You make such lovely cakes, Joanna- I’ve been drooling over the apple and now lemon cakes you’ve made in the last month or so.- My cakes are usually lopsided and prone to explode and fall down like a horrible avalanche when I’m not looking!
          I’m looking forward to the gingerbread house myself, I just need a block of time and space to put it all together without too much interruption.
          These kitchen posts are a lot of fun- they help me look at my kitchen in a different way.

  7. I love the sound of those gingerbread house moulds. I don’t think we can get them here in Australia. I always make a gingerbread house at Christmas for my children. I have to cut out the gingerbread myself. I’d love some of those moulds. Are you able to provide the link from where you get them from so I can contact them to see if they do internet shopping and post OS?

    • Thank you so much. And thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. Wonderful to hear about your family. Also…I love those heart shaped cinnamon thing-a-mees. I think that’s another thing we don’t get here in Australia.

  8. You pantry looks pretty neat and well stocked! I have never seen those heart shaped cinnamon imperials. I have seen some of Celia’s series about this kitchen and it’s interesting to take a peek and be nosey about what other people have in their kitchen. I’m tempted to do this too lol!

    • I wish you would, Chopinand! I am still rather gobsmacked by your jelly mould recipes and would love to see what is in your kitchen!
      The heart shaped cinnamon imperials are one of my very favorite candies to decorate cookies and gingerbread houses with- they are perfect for a gingerbread man’s chest! <3

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