Tim Tam Slam

I am just between here and there-

getting ready to leave,

hoping to get lots done when I arrive-

going back to the east coast to get the house

ready for the season.

So I don’t have a lot of time to write-


I found this series of pictures that my son

took on my camera over the holidays

and thought I would share my own

version of this Australian method of eating

Tim Tams.


First you bite off the corners on two sides.


Get your coffee ready and hold the Tim Tam carefully so you don’t drop it into the cup!


Warn your son that he should not take any more pictures because this could get messy!


Apparently they missed the whole suck the liquid gently up into the biscuit –

and jumped to the have your mouth wide open so you can stick it into your

mouth without delay!


I’m not quite sure what this one is supposed to show- except that I took

two bites to eat it and didn’t end up with a dripping chocolate mess!

She’s still my little girl…

I have two sons.

My sisters each had a daughter and a son-

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boys- but I needed a

little girl in my life- so I became Super Aunt and

took some of that little girl love from my nieces.

I played with my sister Robin’s daughter, Allyson,

babysat with much joy and just had an all around great time.

One of the games we played had music to go with it.

“Go in and out the window, go in and out the window,

Go in and out the window- as we have done before.”

Simple tune, sweet little game- almost a dance step and

easy to get tangled up and generate a lot of giggles.

So, when Aiden and Allyson came over on May day to

deliver a bouquet of flowers, Frank was changing the window

in the front door to a more seasonable screen. 

And I had grabbed my camera to get a picture of Aiden carrying

the flowers, so I still had it in my hand when she started playing

“In and Out the window”.





Or maybe just- “I’m going out your window- or should I say

your door!”

Love this girl/woman!

In My Kitchen- May 2013


Happy May day!

In my family, flowers play a large part of

every season and holiday.

I grew up in the greenhouse business-

and my mother was a florist ( a floral arranger)

so most of my memories are interlaced with


My sister Robin and I added to the tradition

by including may baskets or bouquets- and

Allyson and her son Aiden carry on the tradition for me

every May 1st.

So… In my kitchen…


are flowers!  Bleeding heart, epimidium , flowering quince, tulips, daffodils,

mint, brunera and grape hyacinth.



violets that Jordan picked for me!

In my kitchen…


are kid sized snacks.

In my kitchen…


are cow embroidered hot pads-  I love cows.

In my kitchen…


is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and pecans.

In my kitchen…


is a fig and almond loaf.


and more bread.


In my kitchen…


is this homemade Dilly Ranch Dressing – a gift from a blog

friend for Christmas.  I made a dip for the vegetable plate at

the top of this post with this mixture and it is so yummy!

One of the secret ingredients- or should I say, unexpected ingredients,

in the mix is saltine crackers!  They add thickening to the dip or dressing

and an extra base flavor.  I will find out the proportions and share the

recipe if you are interested.

That is my kitchen this month- join the other IMK posters at Celia’s blog ,

Fig Jam and Lime Cordial!