In My Kitchen- March 2012

Just putting up the title made me think of myself

as a child.  By 2012 I would have imagined a fully

automated kitchen- like something out of Star Trek-

with replicators and requesting a gourmet meal from

the computerized oven.

But – right now- I have nothing like that in my kitchen!

Here’s what I do have…


In my kitchen there is honey- lately I’ve been liking the thick and very

flavorful honey that Meredith sends from Australia.  Not sure if their bees

are just better at making a dense and thick honey or if it’s in the way they

process it- but it makes our American honey seem more like a weak syrup!

I not only have honey in my kitchen- but all kinds of honey kitsch.

013Like Pooh nesting dolls…

018A hive of measuring cups…

017a couple of honey pots, and this little

honey bear bee doll that is made of a chenille bed cover.

In my kitchen…


is a pan of brownies.

Not Dan Lepard’s sweet potato brownies- in fact- not anyone’s famous

brownies.  Just an old favorite recipe that I’ve used most of my life.

Honestly, brownies are made up of sugar, eggs, butter, chocolate and flour.

And they almost all taste really yummy.

Here’s my tried and true recipe that you are free to use and share-


2 cups sugar- I use  cup brown and 1 cup white granulated

1 cup flour- I use AP/plain flour- but feel free to use Whole wheat or graham flour

4 large eggs

pinch of salt

1 tsp vanilla- I use my homemade vanilla- use whatever you have and like

4 squares unsweetened chocolate- or 8 oz. choc chips- or a bar of good dark 85% chocolate

1 cup butter- or margarine, melted


Grease and flour 9×13 pan.

Melt chocolate and butter together in microwave or in sauce pan- be careful not to burn it.

Beat eggs and sugar together until thick and light-colored, making sure that sugar is dissolved.

Add chocolate mixture to egg mixture- beat until well mixed.

Mix in flour salt and vanilla (I add 1 cup of chopped walnuts at this time, as well.)

Bake until tester comes out clean.  Cut while warm, then remove from pan when cool.

Baking temperature :350     Baking time :  35 minutes.


In my kitchen….


is a stash of coffee from all over the globe, Sumatra, Hawaii, Ethiopia, and where ever

Gevalia gathers it Smile – and a wonderful cast iron coffee grinder.


I have used the grinder many times- but not always for coffee.

The last time I used it was to grind up the rhizomes for orris root to use in potpourri.

I don’t think orris root is dangerous, but I’d like to clean out the grinder before I use

it for anything meant for human consumption again.


In my kitchen are these little candies I made up with white chocolate disks, yellow

m +m’s and bits of pretzel sticks.  I made them as a joke, because my husband

ALWAYS wants bacon and eggs in the morning.  But they are really tasty and easy to

make up quickly.  I am going to get some more m +m’s to make up a whole batch!

And in my kitchen…


is this potato salad that I made to trick myself into thinking that winter is over.

It’s not over.  But potato salad is such a favorite summer time treat that I was

longing for something different.

This is part of a series started by Celia at fig jam and lime cordial-go there to see

other kitchen posts.   And join us , if you’d like to share what is in your kitchen!

22 thoughts on “In My Kitchen- March 2012

  1. I love all your honey kitsch; especially the Pooh nesting dolls and the hive of measuring cups. Thanks for the brownie recipe too. I will have to try it soon. The bacon and egg candies are adorable. You are so very creative! I am constantly amazed by you. Have a great weekend. Hope you have been feeling better.

    • Lilly-
      I saw the candy idea on Pinterest- and couldn’t wait to try it! I love the ideas you can find on the internet!
      I am feeling a little better, although I am having some difficulty controlling my blood sugar because of a glitch with my diabetes drugs. Frustrating, to say the least!
      Hoping your weekend is full of blessings as well.
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Heidi, you have so much whimsy in your kitchen! I love the Pooh Bear pieces (is the littlest piece Piglet or Rabbit?) and I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying our honey. At the moment, Australia is the last place (I think) that is still free of varroa mite, so we can still produce organic honey. We also have the last colonies of Ligurian honey bee, I believe. Either way, I think our honey is a national treasure, and I’m so happy you get to enjoy it. Your brownie recipe looks delicious, and it’s very kind of you to give it away.. 🙂 And how cute are those bacon and egg candies! Clever you.. 🙂 Celia xx

    • Celia- my home and life is packed with whimsy!
      The littlest piece is Owl, actually. Meredith bought this little set for me in Russia- I really love Pooh!
      I remember reading about your bees on a post not too long ago- I should have figured the quality of the honey would be so much better, as well!
      Thanks for your comments, Celia!

  3. Aw those honey pots are so sweet, I love Pooh bear. We have a producer here in Canberra who produces Active honey. It not only tastes wonderful, but I find it knocks a sore throat on the head very quickly. That coffee grinder you have is interesting. I remember we had one for sale in the cookware store I used to co-own. Love that big round wheel and handle! And thanks so much for the brownie recipe, I will be printing that one!

    • I am so amazed at the quality of the honey I’ve been tasting from OZ.
      It is so good that our American honey is only used for baking in my kitchen- I use the OZ honey on top of bread and butter and in my yogurt.
      You’re quite welcome for the brownie recipe. I think recipes are meant to be shared- although I have never written a cookbook. Still- the recipes are all pretty much the same unless you use exotic ingredients, of course! 🙂

  4. I love the pictures of your kitchen. The brownies look delicious. I made some potato salad the other day, after I had some at your home. Great post.

  5. I love your candies !!! but I don’t think you have enough honey in your kitchen this month and what you need is some fine English honey or some Greek honey (my favourite) to try 🙂 I even saw a honey bee yesterday as he rushed across the back yard heading for some plum blossom he had spotted next door… I wish I had a proper coffee grinder like you and I would like nothing better than one of your brownies! Having said that I made some brownies yesterday with no butter and no eggs (living dangerously!!! they have chocolate soya milk in them and olive oil and sugar that was granulated but then whizzed so it was sort of like crunchy icing sugar) they are very fudgy and a little crumbly from a recipe that I found on a friend’s blog. Now I’m left with a big almost full carton of chocolate soya milk and have no idea what to do with it.

    Potato salad is always welcome for its summery reminders here too. Pouring with rain today – first proper rain for ages x Joanna

    • I do like English honey! 🙂
      Have to go looking for some, soon.
      Your brownies sound very healthy- and good- but my guys want the ones they are used to having. It is hard to experiment with new recipes when your people are so fond of the old ones!
      I’d love to make Ottolhengi’s potato salad with soft boiled eggs, but no one but me would eat it.
      I have to try out new recipes on my friends- most of my family want tried and true.

      • I didn’t do it to be healthy, but just out of pure curiosity as it sounded so different. I have tried all sorts of brownies, there was a big fashion here for ones with beetroot in, but I thought they were really strange and then there were those ones with the chocolate mints in them. The ones I remember and long for are ones made by a Canadian family friend when I was a child… I reckon yours might be the ones and I am going to make them next 🙂

        • I used beetroots in a red velvet cake and thought they were ok- kind of “meh” and heavy. I’m not a big fan of of new fashions unless they are an improvement on the old fashioned recipe.
          I don’t mind zuchinni added to chocolate cakes or carrots in spice cakes- I am not wasting a lot of really good ingredients unless ait has been recommended by someone whose taste buds I trust!
          Now those waffles you made this morning looked fabulous.

    • Thanks, Glenda!
      I like them, too! I found them at a garage sale some years ago! The half cup measure was/is missing- but I still use them-1/4 +1/4=1/2, right? 🙂

    • Yes- the honey is my favorite right now,too!
      On toast, on yogurt or just off the tip of my finger- this honey is a treat.
      Thanks for stopping by- I love this series.

    • Ah, Mariana, I know how you feel.
      Sometimes I look at the stuff other people show and I just WANT what they are highlighting.
      This was a gift from my sister- and maybe someday when we downsize I might want to get rid of it. But right now, it is handy and fun and fits into my kitchen decor.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Oh my. What a fantastic coffee grinder! I have a very, uninteresting electric one that no one would ever gush over. But yours! Wow! 🙂

  7. Thanks, Sous and Martha-
    I actually have 4 or 5 coffee grinders- 3 are Braun that Frank uses,( I use one exclusively for herbs and spices)- and Jordan has a burr grinder that only he uses for his coffee. This antique red one does a good job grinding but is a little messsier to clean up and a little wasteful with the grounds. But I still love it and love that Cynthia gave it to me!

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