In My Kitchen- November

I haven’t done one of these in months and I’m not really sure I’m really prepared to do one now- but I do have an interest in sharing a little of my kitchen activities…. so here goes!

In my kitchen…



I have a fresh supply of

organically grown wonderful

garlic from my cousin’s farm.

I went to the farm with my daughter in law and

grandsons, had a great visit

bought some garlic and my cousin, Marge,

gave me a bottle of dried garlic powder

to try in my mock boursin cheese mix.

In my kitchen…

Boursin cheese herbs

Boursin cheese herbs

I mix together marjoram,basil,dill,

white pepper, oregano,chives,parsley, and lots of garlic to make up an herb mixture to add to soft butter, cream cheese and a little Parmesan or goat cheese to make a cheese similar to Boursin cheese but is more to my personal taste.



Gourmet garlic- what a treat!

Gourmet garlic- what a treat!




So I’ve kind of got garlic on my mind!

What’s in your kitchen>

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In My Kitchen, November 2014

25 thoughts on “In My Kitchen- November

    • My niece has a shirt that proclaims. “NEEDS MORE GARLIC!”.
      I don’t usually use a lot of garlic- but when I want it, I want it and I want it to be the best I can get!
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Brydie- I have finally discovered how to make spaghetti squash in a way that is totally fantastic. The recipe includes garlic good olive oil and gruyere cheese and pine nuts. The garlic is paramount to the final deliciousness and I love it.

    • Hi Joanne!
      Great to hear from you! Garlic is one of those things you either love or hate- most of my family hates it – so I reserve cooking with it for those with more refined tastes! LOL.

  1. Garlic on your mind, is all good Heidi. Remember, if you have too much it freezes perfectly. I am still using last year’s garlic and this year’s has just been picked.

    • I’ve been planning on freezing it diced into olive oil and then breaking off what I need when I need it.
      That is if I don’t use it all up before then!
      Thanks for stopping by- I always love hearing from you!

  2. I am very fond of garlic and I used to eat boursin a lot though not so much lately, it would be very exciting to try and make it one day! I like the idea of customizing the cheese mix to get something just as you like it ! Do you do that thing where you roast whole heads gently in the oven in a little oil and then squeeze the roasted garlic out, a bit like toothpaste? and eat on bread or with other roasted vegetables? I think that is my secret favourite, if extravagant, way of eating garlic. x Joanna

    • I do do that thing with roasted garlic. I also roast extra garlic with chicken and squeeze it out just before I dip the chicken into it!
      I don’t like real boursin cheese nearly as much as my own adaptation of it. And I do love my own – very , very much!
      Thanks for dropping by, Joanna!

    • Hi Laila!
      I made the best spaghetti squash with this fresh garlic! Loved it- and I haven’t been a big spaghetti squash fan in the past.
      This is a marvelous recipe- and the fresher and better your garlic- the better your dish!


      1 large or two medium spaghetti squash

      Olive oil

      fresh parsley, chopped

      1/4 cup pine nuts, roasted

      3/4 cup shredded Gruyere cheese

      2-3 cloves fresh garlic. minced

      !/4 cup chopped basil or sage

      salt and pepper -to taste


      Cut squash in half discard seeds and wipe the center and sides with olive oil and roast in 350

      degree F oven for 45 minutes to an hour. Using fork separate strands into a large bowl. Heat 3

      TBS. of olive oil and sautee garlic until golden and very aromatic. Pour oil over squash and gently

      lift up the squash to incorporate the oil-( add 2 TBS of white wine vinegar- optional- I forgot to do

      this and really liked it without the vinegar.)

      Add cheese, herbs and pine nuts – and enjoy!

  3. Heidi darling, look at the wonderful garlic in your kitchen! I’m surprised you have it in season now though, as Aussie garlic is just starting to appear in the shops here! The herb mix for your cheese sounds delish! 🙂

    • Hi Celia!
      I am feeling quite wealthy with such a cache of garlic!
      It is a little past season- but my d-i-l wanted to get some planted so we went to a good source and got a goodly amount!
      I really like making up my own mock Boursin cheese. I t reflects my own tastes and I love using it in all kinds of dishes and ways!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. hubby and i both adore garlic. i buy a big box every xmas which lasts us the whole year. i use some and the rest gets frozen. i can then just take a few cloves out as i need them. i am not a big fan of Boursin. maybe they don’t use herbs i like.

    • Hi Sherry- try making up your own cheese- I use !/4 lb of butter, and the same amount of cream cheese and a mild goat cheese and then add the herbs I like. If you aren’t fond of any herb then simply add what you do like- I always add dried chives because I like the subtle onion flavor.
      Thanks for visiting in my kitchen!

    • Smoked garlic sounds divine. Do you make your own or am I missing something in the marketplace? I should go shopping more often.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. I enjoyed my visit & attempted to subscribe, however your link to subscribe without commenting to me to page that said there was an error in the link. Could you please subscribe me? Thank you and have a blessed day! 😉

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