In My Kitchen- December cookie edition

In my kitchen–

are trays and trays of cookies.





But it is not about Christmas!  My nephew is getting

married tomorrow and he’s asked me to make cookies.

In my kitchen-


Is my pizzelle iron- I made pizzelles for the wedding, too!


and I sewed up a little pouch to hold them on their tray.

In my kitchen-


is a pomegranate waiting for the right moment to peel and eat!

In my kitchen- 041042


is a beautiful pewter tea humidor that is holding the most fragrant fruit tea.

I really love the scent, but something in this tea makes me cough- so mostly

I just smell it.

In my kitchen-


are these plates for parties!

I love parties!

Tomorrow is the wedding – so I will have NO more cookies in my kitchen.

Until I make some for Christmas!

What’s in your kitchen?

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18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen- December cookie edition

  1. I think this is very special- my nephew isn’t really into family- so when he called about making cookies I felt very pleased.
    And when I talked to the mother of the bride- she said he told her I made the best cookies. It’s nice to be remembered for something “best”. I will take some pictures and post them. Thanks, πŸ˜€

  2. Heidi, so much fun in your kitchen this month!! Thanks for playing! I’ve never seen a pizzelles before – I shall have to google them. They look delicious, a bit like a Chinese waffle I used to eat growing up, could you please share your batter recipe? The pom is beautiful, the cookies are too wonderful for words and the humidor is very elegant indeed.. xxx

  3. Hi Celia-
    I love pizzelles- they are traditionally made with anise or anise extract as flavoring- I use vanilla extract as well You can roll them and fill them with cream- or just dust them with powdered sugar and crunch, crunch, crunch!
    I’ll put up the recipe tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  4. The cookies were a hit ! The trays looked well on the way to being empty when we left last night. Jonathan was pleased with the cookies. Great job!!!

  5. I have a deep desire to get my hands on a pizzelle iron, your pouch idea is very creative. And your pewter tea caddy is beautiful. Long life to the newlyweds, I hope they are very happy.

    • Thank you,Cindy- that is my hope and prayer as well.
      My niece bought me the pewter humidor in Sri Lanka, and I love lifting the inner lid and allowing the fragrance of the tea to waft up toward me! I had originally stored some Darjeeling golden tips black tea in it- the fragrance was also quite enticing, but I emptied it out rather quickly.
      And the pizzelle iron makes two cookies at a time- you can’t start anything else until the cookies are all made- two by two. They are definitely a labor of love.

  6. Hello there Heidiannie… how lovely these cookies are. And you enjoy pomegranate too, I see. Love the fruit tea. Am about to go out and grab some apple tea which I will chill with a fragrant Indian tea. Great for a cool day. Drop in to my kitchen and have a cuppa soon! And thank you for sharing yours.

    • Thanks, Tandy-
      I had it on a high shelf in the family room and was dusting it a while ago. It occurred to me that I wasn’t enjoying it to its full potential- so I relocated it into the kitchen and now I enjoy it much much more!

  7. Heidi I hope the wedding was beautiful and made all the better by a whole lot of cookies. They look lovely.
    I haven’t heard of pizzelles either. They look kind of like the dutch sweet ones you can buy (although the name of them as escaped me at the moment.)

    • The wedding was simple and beautiful.
      I had never been at a wedding that had a cookie bar- we must have made close to 1500 cookies- many different varieties.
      The pizzelles are wonderfully crisp, kind of eggy and not too sweet. I love them with a cuppa.

  8. Cookies, pizzelles, no wonder you want to have a little sit down and a cup of tea. Wow such a busy time for you all. I have now mentally sampled all the cookies and am going to have to sit down again myself xx Joanna

    • I’m off to the Gingerbread Boss competition in Chincoteague this weekend.
      I’ve decided to wait and put the house together when we get there on Thursday, so it won’t fall apart in transit.
      I’m drinking lemon and ginger tea with extra ginger syrup in my cup- hoping to ward off a cold.

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