In my Kitchen- September


Corn- glorious –corn.


I cleaned the silk and outer husks and put it into these special vegetable

bags to keep them fresh before I get to roasting the ears.


In my kitchen-

Whole wheat bread bears in large and small sizes!  I made them up to

use as hostess gifts for the wonderful people who shared their homes

with us during my son’s ordination. ( I also made the little ones for the



In my kitchen-

I recently found this at a yard sale- I’m going to use it to cut homemade noodles!


In my kitchen-

A whole pile of yummies from Australia!  Macadamia nuts by the bagful and jarful!


– honey with strong names and flavors and colors!


AND Tim Tams!!! lovely Tim Tams!


In my kitchen-

is a batch of nutty granola ready to bake.


In my kitchen – are teas flowers ready to bloom in my new glass pot.


In my kitchen- are black, pink and red salts.  I’m not sure about the

correct recipe for the black yet, but the Himalaya pink is rather delicate

and I generally use it in rice for a quiet little salt.  The Hawaiian red I

use in making pulled pork.  A little smoke flavor and this salt gives

a pretty authentic flavor!


In my kitchen- are scoops of all sizes and types!

I never met a scoop I didn’t like!

Wellthat is what is in my kitchen this September.  What is in yours?

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In my Kitchen

In my kitchen..


is this tomato that reminds me of a painting of a woman

combing her hair by Edgar Degas.  I was staking up the

plants and this one tomato fell into my

hand.  As I carried

it into the house- I saw this painting in my mind’s eye.

In my kitchen…



are these knitted fish filled with lavender – so fragrant-

I’m going to use them as sleep sachets.

In my kitchen…


are my new potholders that I knitted and then quilted.

I really don’t want to use them yet.  I’m just admiring them.

In my kitchen…


is a bag of  deeply aromatic coffee beans – ready to be ground!

In my kitchen…


is this wonderful stew my husband made!

He accidently defrosted stew meat and so

he found a recipe in an old Betty Crocker book

and made stew in a crock pot!  It was waiting

for me when I got back from my road trip-

what an absolute surprise!

In my kitchen…


is my new favorite snack-

dried vegetable chips.  The green beans are the best!

In my kitchen…


are many molds and crocks and grinders and corks.


After the yard sale, I have an eye on these things.

I am going to have to start downsizing my kitchen gadgets-

but it is SO hard!

Which would be the first to go?

I will think of that tomorrow.

What is in your kitchen?

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In my kitchen…


… is this happy little onion!


I saw this big smile when I cut into the onion and it made me smile right back!

In my kitchen…


are these salty almond bars- packaged and ready for lunches!

In my kitchen…


is this loaf of peasant bread – raised in the banneton Celia sent me

(Thanks again, Celia!) and fresh out of the oven.

In my kitchen…


is this wonderful tea infuser pot!  Jordan bought it for my birthday- he doesn’t know yet

that he bought it- but he did all the same!

In my kitchen…


is this can of Tasmanian honey!  I love the tin- and the honey is delish-

Thanks to Meredith for this beauty of a treat!

In my kitchen…


are my favorite rolling pins.  Most of them were gifts and I love them

and use them all throughout the year.

In my kitchen…


is dinner!

Grilled Ahi (yellow fin tuna) with a swirl of basalmic vinegar on a bed of

vegetable couscous, baked sweet potato, and a garden salad!


In my kitchen…


Focaccia bread with sundried tomatoes and rosemary and herbs de Provence.

I love this bread- great for dipping, eating plain, or splitting for a sandwich!

My new banneton from Celia,

who is, by the way, the originator of the “In my kitchen” posts.

I love my banneton!  But even more, I love Celia- go check out her


In my Kitchen …


I have cream of balsamic vinegar- Meredith bought these

in Chincoteague!  It is like syrup- great on top of strawberries

and ice cream.  Just plain GREAT!


I also have this wonderful ginger syrup that Meredith

bought on her journeys around the world!  Add hot water

and you have ginger tea- can be used as a flavoring in

baked goods and just happens to be one of my favorite



And Australian licorice!  This is the BEST licorice I’ve

ever eaten.  It is totally addicting.  Good thing it is also

available at Giant Eagle stores here in Ohio!


I don’t want to forget this sauce we picked up at the Wine

and More shop in Chincoteague- I don’t want to forget because

it is absolute YUM!


Speaking of ice cream- I also have remnants of a feast

that Luke and Willow brought whilst they were moving

from Columbus to Long Island.  Jeni’s ice cream is made in

Columbus, Ohio- and located right down the street from

their apartment.  We became very good friends over the

years, and I was mourning their moving because I wouldn’t

have a good excuse to go to Jeni’s anymore.  So they brought

me a selection.  Notice the Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet.

If I was on death row and could only choose one thing for my

last meal?

It would be the Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet.

I just realized I left the ice cream on the table after taking the

picture.  Maybe I should go and make sure it isn’t melting.

Maybe I should just go and eat some!

So –what’s in your kitchen?

A quick preview (In my kitchen- Part 1)

I’m looking longingly out my window.

My orris root iris is blooming and I’d love to capture

it in first bloom- but don’t have the time.

I know there are many other garden beauties

out there- but my yard is so wet walking

about feels like an adventure in spongeland.

And I really don’t have the time.

Today, I’m  making the mini-trifles-

strawberry pie trifle- Boston cream pie- and

Key lime.  And the finger sandwiches- chicken salad

and hot pepper jelly on wheat- cucumber and boursin

cheese on French- and smoked salmon and hot mango

curry on sourdough peasant- ( these descriptions are

making my mouth water!)

I finished making the quiches yesterday, have the sausage

rolls made and frozen- ready to bake for tomorrow.

Here are some pictures-


Lemon coconut dainties- awaiting a flower garnish.


Cinnamon-almond honey bees!


Lavender sugar cookies.


Carmelized onion, sundried tomato and asparagus quiche.

And I forgot to mention, I’m assembling the lemon curd and

crystalized violet tarts today.

I’ve got to go- I’ll post better pictures and let you know

how the sale went later.

Let me know if you want any recipes!

in my kitchen- LOOKING UP!

I love these posts-

they are an opportunity to share:

-little stories about the origin of items

-the generosity of others

-cautionary tales about the use of some gadgets

-instructions on the use of odd or seldom used stuff.

Today I’d like to highlight the tops of my cupboards.





I am short.

The tops of cupboards is a place I very rarely venture.

I need a ladder to get there- and yet when I look up there I want

to see something other than a bare wall (with cobwebs).

And so, over the years, I have filled this space with bits of pieces

that mean something to me.


Some of these things I’ve picked up in antique stores, but more

have been gifts- some of them created especially for me.

And so, precious.


Here I have glass decanters and  vases that came from my mother’s

cache of stuff.  Nothing of great value- except that I grew up with

it and couldn’t bring myself to throw it out after her death.

The wooden platter is a part of my collection of treen- or handcrafted

wooden pieces.  The basket is a ceramic piece my mother made and

gave me.  And the cast iron rooster?  I liked his cocky look at a local

antique store.  Smile


The brass cup and bowl are from an antique store as well, but the

brass candlesticks that started my collection were from my mother-

to my sister- and on to me.  The wooden vase was made by my brother,

the vase came from my niece- a gift from her travels in Europe- and the

pitcher a gift from an old friend.  I love the look of lambs ears in grey and



These clay crocks are used most frequently from  the collection.

They hold coney sauce and baked beans- honey and herbed butters-

sometimes soups and dips.  I like crocks- they retain heat and are

homey and useful.


This cookie jar is a collectable that was given to me by an old friend.

I LIKE cows, and cookies, and collectibles, especially the McCoy ceramic

pieces.  The candlestick was a gift from my brother – the brass piece came

with a lovely arrangement of flowers, the pitcher was from a set that

included a syrup pitcher and a bag of pancake batter, and the last pitcher

was stained and glazed by my mom.

So – when I look up in my kitchen- I am greeted by the memories and

love of friends and family.  I am home.

In My Kitchen…

I borrowed this idea from Celia, at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

She has the most interestingly delectable things in her kitchen.

Today, I’m still in my test kitchen in Chincoteague, so I decided

to show some of the things I have here.


…I have basalmic vinegars that have been the base to marinades, dressings,

sauces, soups, and dips.  A can of chai tea that I’ve enjoyed hot and iced and

plundered for a source of cardamom.  And a small tin of Mediterranean spices

that I’ve used for pizza and focaccia toppings.  Plus a bottle of Virginian white

wine that we served with grilled shrimp and flounder over the weekend.



…there is a nice mix of cookies and flowers at the breakfast nook.

Jeanette Jha painted the butterflies on the pot and brought the primrose

when they visited! 


(the cookies are great for nibbling with tea!)


…there are shiny pots and pans hung over the 6 burner stovetop.


…two new ovens- convection and regular-

brand spanking new!!!


…A LARGE container of cashews- we’re eating them by the handful- and I

chopped some up for Chicken Salad with cashews and grapes.


…Four tea pots of graduated sizes- and a tea cozy Willow made me for



…sugared orange peel I made to use in Irish soda bread tomorrow.


…and a cupboard full of dishes and bowls and cups-


…where I have these cups displayed!  It makes me so happy to see them-

happier still to use them.


What’s in your kitchen, today?

A Kitchen post


My friend Celia, over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial often shows some of

the riches of her kitchen in a series called “In my kitchen”.  It is a lot of

fun looking at all her exotic and fun items.  I thought, since right now I

have much of the bounty that Meredith brought back, I, too, would put up

some of the items in MY kitchen!

Above I have oils and vinegars-  Australian Pukara Estate oils –truffle,grove gourmet and

a triple pepper- plus two pomegranate balsamic vinegars and a dark sweet cherry



I have Japanese noodles, smoked salmon from Washington,and a very savory mix of

of curry and mushrooms- written only in Japanese- so I’m only pretty sure that the

vegetable is a mushroom.


Take a closer look at the smoked King Salmon from Seattle Pike Place Market!

I’m looking forward to some good sandwiches with these babies!


A collection of pesto and sauces- all in Italian- mushroom, pepper, olive,etc.- I

intend to make my own pasta for these or maybe some fresh Italian bread for



These lovely bottles contain olive oil.

Mostly in Italian with pithy English translations- (Of course- for the

pasta-, Using mainly in Neapolitan cookery, and, my favorite-

for make witty

a candid pasta)

That last one has olives on a skewer and oregano, basil, and assorted

peppers and spices nestled in the bottom!  For make witty!


I also have many assorted Japanese sauces to go with those

noodles.  The yellow labeled one is called aji-pan and has a

wonderful citrusy light flavor!  It goes very well with a splash

of rice oil as a salad dressing !


Last night I made Kalua pig and pulled it to go on these yummy Semolina BBQ

rolls with Dixie Grill Sauce from Oahu!


I also made these delicious Swedish ginger cookies!

I can’t remember whose blog I got the recipe from- if you recognize them,

let me know.  They are fantastic- and no cinnamon!


Allyson got me this wonderful thigamatropic straw broom!

I love brooms- I love twisted handles-this makes me smile!

(and I’m sweeping the floor more than once a day!)


In my kitchen, I have this nifty new frame for digital pictures!  I love

it! ( thank you, Jordan!)  He programmed it to do a slide show- so I just sit

and watch my loved ones while I’m drinking my coffee!

What’s in your kitchen?



snack pack from Japan

A happy little pair! Packaged together- it looks like a watermellon and fish crackers-no?



NO! It is dried tiny fish and peanuts and rice crackers! This is what they have in Japan for snacks at the baseball games. Meredith sent me this in a package- without an explanation and I've been wondering why- WHY?


And that is also in my kitchen!  WHY?