In my Kitchen

In my kitchen..


is this tomato that reminds me of a painting of a woman

combing her hair by Edgar Degas.  I was staking up the

plants and this one tomato fell into my

hand.  As I carried

it into the house- I saw this painting in my mind’s eye.

In my kitchen…



are these knitted fish filled with lavender – so fragrant-

I’m going to use them as sleep sachets.

In my kitchen…


are my new potholders that I knitted and then quilted.

I really don’t want to use them yet.  I’m just admiring them.

In my kitchen…


is a bag of  deeply aromatic coffee beans – ready to be ground!

In my kitchen…


is this wonderful stew my husband made!

He accidently defrosted stew meat and so

he found a recipe in an old Betty Crocker book

and made stew in a crock pot!  It was waiting

for me when I got back from my road trip-

what an absolute surprise!

In my kitchen…


is my new favorite snack-

dried vegetable chips.  The green beans are the best!

In my kitchen…


are many molds and crocks and grinders and corks.


After the yard sale, I have an eye on these things.

I am going to have to start downsizing my kitchen gadgets-

but it is SO hard!

Which would be the first to go?

I will think of that tomorrow.

What is in your kitchen?

(This is part of a series of “In my kitchen” blog posts initiated by

Celia on Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  Go there to see a list of the other

bloggers sharing a peek into their kitchens!)

11 thoughts on “In my Kitchen

  1. Heidi, thanks for playing, I love seeing what’s in your kitchen! The painting of the woman made me laugh – that is certainly a very curvy tomato that fell into your hand.. 🙂

    I hope those sons of yours will bring their special grinders over to grind your coffee, and I’m so impressed Frank made stew! And you can’t possibly give up any of those beautiful moulded clay treasures, you’d never see their like again!

    • LOL- the funny thing about the stew is that the recipe called for allspice and he substituted clove powder.
      I smelled it before I tasted it, so I was prepared- but it was very strong and rather exotic. I ate it like it was gold- tell me why HE didn’t have a problem with it though- was it just because he made it?

      And I DO love my mold and presses and cutters, but they do take up a lot of space. I am not doing anything in haste- I don’t want to regret, but I don’t want to hoard either.
      My photography didn’t do much for the voluptuousness of that tomato. It’s curves were very pronounced

  2. I love the tomato Degas connection – I was racking my brains thinking what ? what ? and then I clicked at the link and then back again and it is absolutely Degas in a tomato, light, lines, curves 🙂 I always love your kitchen posts they are such fun 😀

  3. Oh Joanna- I’m so glad you saw it as well! My son shook his head very slowly and smiled slightly at his mother’s mad fancies. Once I saw it, I couldn’t see it as a tomato anymore!
    So It was composted rather than eaten. Strange, maybe- but I too saw the light and lines in those curves.

  4. Hi Brydie!
    Just had a cup of the coffee mmm!
    These posts are fun to put together, although I’m never sure if I added a touch too much whimsy or not enough hard core KITCHEN stuff.
    As always, love your perspective- thanks for commenting! 😀

    • Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Karen!
      I thought the tomato was one of a kind- but the plant is putting out a whole bunch of Degas nudes!
      This is really a good series to be involved in, Celia is a genius!

  5. What fun these In My Kitchen posts are – I really enjoy Celia’s and now I’m getting a peak into so many more kitchens too. Your degas tomato is great, I thought it was a quince to begin with.

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