In my kitchen…


Focaccia bread with sundried tomatoes and rosemary and herbs de Provence.

I love this bread- great for dipping, eating plain, or splitting for a sandwich!

My new banneton from Celia,

who is, by the way, the originator of the “In my kitchen” posts.

I love my banneton!  But even more, I love Celia- go check out her


In my Kitchen …


I have cream of balsamic vinegar- Meredith bought these

in Chincoteague!  It is like syrup- great on top of strawberries

and ice cream.  Just plain GREAT!


I also have this wonderful ginger syrup that Meredith

bought on her journeys around the world!  Add hot water

and you have ginger tea- can be used as a flavoring in

baked goods and just happens to be one of my favorite



And Australian licorice!  This is the BEST licorice I’ve

ever eaten.  It is totally addicting.  Good thing it is also

available at Giant Eagle stores here in Ohio!


I don’t want to forget this sauce we picked up at the Wine

and More shop in Chincoteague- I don’t want to forget because

it is absolute YUM!


Speaking of ice cream- I also have remnants of a feast

that Luke and Willow brought whilst they were moving

from Columbus to Long Island.  Jeni’s ice cream is made in

Columbus, Ohio- and located right down the street from

their apartment.  We became very good friends over the

years, and I was mourning their moving because I wouldn’t

have a good excuse to go to Jeni’s anymore.  So they brought

me a selection.  Notice the Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet.

If I was on death row and could only choose one thing for my

last meal?

It would be the Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet.

I just realized I left the ice cream on the table after taking the

picture.  Maybe I should go and make sure it isn’t melting.

Maybe I should just go and eat some!

So –what’s in your kitchen?

6 thoughts on “In my kitchen…

  1. What a splendiferous collection of goodies you have there! I love the idea of ginger syrup and your breads look as gorgeous as ever. I hope you didn’t eat all the icecream in one go, but if you did I can’t blame you, it sounds wonderful and a banetton too !

  2. No- I saved a good amount of the poached pear and only shared the other two ice creams with the family.
    I love playing with the goodies- adding a little on the side here and trying a different combination with each new dish!

  3. Cream of balsamic!! Salty caramel icecream! I’ve never heard of such treasures! The ginger syrup looks yum too, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the banneton. I’ve found the best thing to brush the leftover flour with is a hard paint brush (Frank should be able to spot you one.. ;-)). Much love to

  4. Love the new look Heidi, very nice 🙂
    Reisling poached pear intrigues me, if that doesn’t have summer written all over it, I don’t know what does!
    Lovely happenings in your kitchen.

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