In my Kitchen- September


Corn- glorious –corn.


I cleaned the silk and outer husks and put it into these special vegetable

bags to keep them fresh before I get to roasting the ears.


In my kitchen-

Whole wheat bread bears in large and small sizes!  I made them up to

use as hostess gifts for the wonderful people who shared their homes

with us during my son’s ordination. ( I also made the little ones for the



In my kitchen-

I recently found this at a yard sale- I’m going to use it to cut homemade noodles!


In my kitchen-

A whole pile of yummies from Australia!  Macadamia nuts by the bagful and jarful!


– honey with strong names and flavors and colors!


AND Tim Tams!!! lovely Tim Tams!


In my kitchen-

is a batch of nutty granola ready to bake.


In my kitchen – are teas flowers ready to bloom in my new glass pot.


In my kitchen- are black, pink and red salts.  I’m not sure about the

correct recipe for the black yet, but the Himalaya pink is rather delicate

and I generally use it in rice for a quiet little salt.  The Hawaiian red I

use in making pulled pork.  A little smoke flavor and this salt gives

a pretty authentic flavor!


In my kitchen- are scoops of all sizes and types!

I never met a scoop I didn’t like!

Wellthat is what is in my kitchen this September.  What is in yours?

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14 thoughts on “In my Kitchen- September

    • I have some of them hanging from a board with hooks that runs from the refrigerator to the pantry. But others are working scoops that are also cup measures- in the flour bin, sugar and ice bin.
      Thanks for dropping by again, Christine.

  1. The all-time best way to eat a Tim Tam is to nibble off opposing corners, dip one corner into a hot cup of tea or coffee, such on the other corner like a straw and then gobble up the soaked Tim Tam before it crumbles! 🙂

    Thanks for playing, Heidi! There’s always so much treasure in your kitchen! I saw a little noodle cutting gadget in a kitchenware store recently – it cost a fortune!

    • I paid a dollar for this gadget- although I’m not entirely sure it is for noodles. But it CAN be used for noodles and that is where I’m going with it.
      Tim Tams are always such a treat- I’ll try your method next time I decide to indulge!

  2. Heidi, I like the interesting things in your kitchen. I have some of those same things in mine. Do you use all of your scoops? Have you tried the new honey with lemon and tea? It might help your throat. Glad you’re home.

  3. Thanks again for stopping by my little spot in the blogosphere Heidi. 🙂
    What a magnificent bounty you have in your kitchen. Tim Tams were all the rage when we were living in Mauritius – evidentially there are quite expensive here at home and for some strange reason are really cheap on the island.
    Have a super day.
    🙂 Mandy

    • I don’t know if you can buy them locally (TimTams) here is the US- but there is always the internet if you don’t mind sharing a case with a group of friends! 🙂 I really like these IMK posts- it opens up a venue into viewing not only someone else’s kitchen, but into their styles and culture as well.

  4. What splendid goodies in your kitchen this month Heidi! I love those flower teas too, like magic when they unfurl ! I can’t wait to have some fresh corn too, I will go and look in tahe greengrocers later on, they must have some by now.Have a lovely weekend x

    • Joanna-
      This is the last of the corn for us. 🙁 We’ve been enjoying it for the last month and a half. The farmer’s markets have been selling it at @ $4 a dozen and it has been worth every cent!
      Now I’m looking for the new crop of apples and cider.
      I love Autumn.

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