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My friend Celia, over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial often shows some of

the riches of her kitchen in a series called “In my kitchen”.  It is a lot of

fun looking at all her exotic and fun items.  I thought, since right now I

have much of the bounty that Meredith brought back, I, too, would put up

some of the items in MY kitchen!

Above I have oils and vinegars-  Australian Pukara Estate oils –truffle,grove gourmet and

a triple pepper- plus two pomegranate balsamic vinegars and a dark sweet cherry



I have Japanese noodles, smoked salmon from Washington,and a very savory mix of

of curry and mushrooms- written only in Japanese- so I’m only pretty sure that the

vegetable is a mushroom.


Take a closer look at the smoked King Salmon from Seattle Pike Place Market!

I’m looking forward to some good sandwiches with these babies!


A collection of pesto and sauces- all in Italian- mushroom, pepper, olive,etc.- I

intend to make my own pasta for these or maybe some fresh Italian bread for



These lovely bottles contain olive oil.

Mostly in Italian with pithy English translations- (Of course- for the

pasta-, Using mainly in Neapolitan cookery, and, my favorite-

for make witty

a candid pasta)

That last one has olives on a skewer and oregano, basil, and assorted

peppers and spices nestled in the bottom!  For make witty!


I also have many assorted Japanese sauces to go with those

noodles.  The yellow labeled one is called aji-pan and has a

wonderful citrusy light flavor!  It goes very well with a splash

of rice oil as a salad dressing !


Last night I made Kalua pig and pulled it to go on these yummy Semolina BBQ

rolls with Dixie Grill Sauce from Oahu!


I also made these delicious Swedish ginger cookies!

I can’t remember whose blog I got the recipe from- if you recognize them,

let me know.  They are fantastic- and no cinnamon!


Allyson got me this wonderful thigamatropic straw broom!

I love brooms- I love twisted handles-this makes me smile!

(and I’m sweeping the floor more than once a day!)


In my kitchen, I have this nifty new frame for digital pictures!  I love

it! ( thank you, Jordan!)  He programmed it to do a slide show- so I just sit

and watch my loved ones while I’m drinking my coffee!

What’s in your kitchen?



snack pack from Japan

A happy little pair! Packaged together- it looks like a watermellon and fish crackers-no?



NO! It is dried tiny fish and peanuts and rice crackers! This is what they have in Japan for snacks at the baseball games. Meredith sent me this in a package- without an explanation and I've been wondering why- WHY?


And that is also in my kitchen!  WHY?

13 thoughts on “A Kitchen post

  1. Well, my mouth just watered…

    Yummy things in my kitchen: conversation hearts in spanish, Reese’s peanut butter cups, fresh homemade guacamole, Ghiradelli double chocolate hot cocoa, and ingredients for chicken finger/mashed potato pizza that we will try later this week.

  2. I didn’t get to taste the guacamole at Christmas!
    And it made me so sad! It must have been the first thing to empty! We need to plan some together time when there isn’t quite so much going on!
    Let me know how that pizza turns out!
    (It has to be Taylor-inspired!)
    We had chili and cheese and onion enchiladas for supper- at Jordan’s request!

  3. Now I’m hungry! Your kitchen sounds so delicious and interesting.Heidi and Elizabeth, both of your families have delicious dinning in their future. Yum!

  4. I have a fresh container of strawberries that won’t last through the night. Glad I could share my condiments from around the world.

  5. Heidi! I have some of the same things in my kitchen as you do in yours! I have a bottle of pomegranate molasses and a bottle of the Pukara truffle oil – how cool is that! And I can’t believe olive oil from our state has ended up halfway across the world – did Meredith bring it back for you, or did you find it on sale locally?

    Oh, and I would happily snack on dried fish at a baseball game – try it, you might enjoy it! 🙂

    You have so much treasure in your kitchen, thank you for sharing it with us.. xxx

  6. Celia-
    Meredith brought me the oil- she is such a great finder and shopper! I have decided to try the fish when I’m watching a really good movie that has most of my attention. That way I won’t be looking too carefully at what I stick in my mouth.
    My mother used to tell her children that dark meat of chicken was too greasy and that dried fish was salty and not good for you. She said that because SHE LIKED dark meat and dried fish – and since there were 7 children she safeguarded her treats from us. Now, of course, we still eat white meat and fresh fish only (those of us who actually eat fish!)
    I do have a kitchen full of yummy goodness!
    And I have Meredith to thank for most of it!

  7. What fun! I love seeing other people’s groceries and I particularly love the mysterious packets of Japanese goodies. I would love to have a go with that very superior looking broom too.

    Today I have been very very thinly slicing seville orange skins for marmalade. Took hours. Now I know why when Brian makes marmalade he always makes chunky cut!

  8. Joanna-
    I’ve never made marmalade! I’m afraid I’d want to eat it everyday on toast. I WOULD eat it everyday on toast! I made lemon curd and it turned up on every surface that would support it!
    The broom makes me feel very industrious, indeed!
    It is great to have such bounty- although sometimes the flavors overwhelm my husband and he goes out for a quarterpounder at McDonald’s!

  9. The first photo made me do a double take to make sure I was reading your blog and not an Australian one 🙂 Ive got some of the Pukara goodies in my kitchen too.
    Your kitchen is brimming with good stuff in it!

  10. LOL! Well, Brydie, I’m not on Oprah’s Ultimate Tour- but I have my resources. Or should I say resource? Meredith is so great- wherever she travels- I get a taste!
    And I LOVE the truffle oil!

  11. Well, I must say that I would LOVE to shuffle through your cupboards and find delights that are already opened so that I can try them before I buy a whole bottle and then be disappointed. You should really open a cozy little eatery with all these fun things! I was so excited looking through your pictures and was terribly fascinated … until I saw that fish. Blech. I never knew that about Gramma and the fish. That’s funny! I must confess, though, that one of our exchange students got me hooked on dried cuttlefish a few years back. 🙂

    Thanks for inviting us into the kitchen!

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