In My Kitchen…

I borrowed this idea from Celia, at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

She has the most interestingly delectable things in her kitchen.

Today, I’m still in my test kitchen in Chincoteague, so I decided

to show some of the things I have here.


…I have basalmic vinegars that have been the base to marinades, dressings,

sauces, soups, and dips.  A can of chai tea that I’ve enjoyed hot and iced and

plundered for a source of cardamom.  And a small tin of Mediterranean spices

that I’ve used for pizza and focaccia toppings.  Plus a bottle of Virginian white

wine that we served with grilled shrimp and flounder over the weekend.



…there is a nice mix of cookies and flowers at the breakfast nook.

Jeanette Jha painted the butterflies on the pot and brought the primrose

when they visited! 


(the cookies are great for nibbling with tea!)


…there are shiny pots and pans hung over the 6 burner stovetop.


…two new ovens- convection and regular-

brand spanking new!!!


…A LARGE container of cashews- we’re eating them by the handful- and I

chopped some up for Chicken Salad with cashews and grapes.


…Four tea pots of graduated sizes- and a tea cozy Willow made me for



…sugared orange peel I made to use in Irish soda bread tomorrow.


…and a cupboard full of dishes and bowls and cups-


…where I have these cups displayed!  It makes me so happy to see them-

happier still to use them.


What’s in your kitchen, today?

13 thoughts on “In My Kitchen…

  1. Heidi, two brand new ovens to play with! And I can remember when you painted the mugs.. 🙂

    Candied orange peel was surprisingly wonderful in the fruit bread I baked, and I’m happy to see that, wherever you are, there’s a small collection of teapots to keep you company.. 🙂 xxx

  2. Celia- I love tea. I love having a pot of tea that speaks to my eye pleasure as well as the palate.
    And I’m sure going to miss these ovens when I go home.
    Brydie- I have a batch of sourdough raising right now. I would love to teach bread workshops here!

  3. All of us bakers are having the same thought: “TWO ovens?! wow!” I often fantasise about two ovens and my husband says “sure, just figure out which of your drawers or cupboards you want to sacrifice for oven space” and there ends that fantasy! too much “stuff” to think about losing a cupboard.

  4. One of my happy memories as a kid was a book given to me early on about the ponies of Chincoteague – I loved that book, and it made the island seem a magic place – I’ve always wanted to make a special trip there although I suspect that might ruin the magic of it all. So it’s enough that you just tell me that the magic still exists and that you’re enjoying it every day.

  5. Spiceandmore-This house can accommodate 13 people+, so it often rented to multiple family groups on big holidays (Christmas Thanksgiving, Labor Day) and it needs to have plenty of kitchen! We have added enough gadgets and tools to make it into a “gourmet” kitchen
    drfugawe- The magic still exists! I love going into the refuge and seeing the ponies- but even more- this is still a small town! The people are so friendly. And I am a sucker for a Southern drawl- plus the language idioms are so fun- the other day, the man at the bike shop said, ” Now I don’t want to dis-encourage you…”
    and this is the only place I’ve ever heard the remark (upon leaving a door open),”…must have been born under a bridge.” In the Midwest we say, born in a barn- only on an island would you be born under a bridge.

  6. Hi Velva-
    Nice to hear from you!
    I visited your blog today- love the pot roast potato skins from your guest blogger- and the recipe for Arroz con Pollo. And all the gorgeous colors and vegetables.
    My mouth is watering for really fresh local veggies!

  7. Oh Meredith!
    So nice to hear from you!
    I love your kitchen here~ did you notice I’m calling it MY test kitchen? 🙂 Sorry- taking squatter’s rights!
    We just fitted out the cabinet for wine storage and hung the wine glasses. I’ll post a picture on facebook!

  8. Happy you have a new and beautiful kitchen to enjoy. You are using 6 burners and 2 ovens. Have you used all of them at the same time? Everything looks so nice. I can hardly wait to see all of the changes. Love ya.

  9. I must have missed ths one when you wrote it! What a lovely kitchen you have been inhabiting! Is this out on the coast where you were earlier in the year? My memory is getting worse –

    I don’t dare buy cashews, I love them too much!

  10. Thanks Cynthia- we’ll have to go together next time.
    Joanna- yes same place- I love it there- but it is a rental so I can only spend a lot of time off-season.
    I am the same way with cashews. These were a gift and are almost all gone!

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