A quick preview (In my kitchen- Part 1)

I’m looking longingly out my window.

My orris root iris is blooming and I’d love to capture

it in first bloom- but don’t have the time.

I know there are many other garden beauties

out there- but my yard is so wet walking

about feels like an adventure in spongeland.

And I really don’t have the time.

Today, I’m  making the mini-trifles-

strawberry pie trifle- Boston cream pie- and

Key lime.  And the finger sandwiches- chicken salad

and hot pepper jelly on wheat- cucumber and boursin

cheese on French- and smoked salmon and hot mango

curry on sourdough peasant- ( these descriptions are

making my mouth water!)

I finished making the quiches yesterday, have the sausage

rolls made and frozen- ready to bake for tomorrow.

Here are some pictures-


Lemon coconut dainties- awaiting a flower garnish.


Cinnamon-almond honey bees!


Lavender sugar cookies.


Carmelized onion, sundried tomato and asparagus quiche.

And I forgot to mention, I’m assembling the lemon curd and

crystalized violet tarts today.

I’ve got to go- I’ll post better pictures and let you know

how the sale went later.

Let me know if you want any recipes!

8 thoughts on “A quick preview (In my kitchen- Part 1)

  1. WOW!!! These all sound soooooo right up my alley. I’m wishin’ I didn’t have to travel so far to sample your faire! Will have Allison clue me in on your foodie venture…..very impressive!!

  2. That’s a lot to do in just a few days. Everything looks and tastes delicious. Hope to have a great sale and beautiful day.

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