In My Kitchen- June 2013

I don’t really have much to share.

I have made bread and cookies, cakes and casseroles,

sauces and many happy meals – but I didn’t take pictures.

Mainly because everything was eaten rather quickly- but also

because I am engulfed in a wave of depression that insists that

it isn’t that interesting and I don’t have the energy to fight it

right now.  Depression comes in so many guises that it seems

I am always fighting on a different front. 

But I am functional- can keep up with necessary activities- and

I want to honor the friendship that has been granted me by some

extraordinary people.  So, Celia, my dear, this is for you!

In my kitchen…


is this lovely cookbook- a Mother’s Day gift from my son, Luke!

I have been devouring the pictures and recipes, dreaming about

making the recipes, and  trying to get some of the necessary ingredients

stocked up so that I can make what I want when I have someone who

will help me eat it.  My husband will not happily eat any of the meals

that I am thinking about!

In my kitchen…


is this bowl, depicting the wind blowing into the sails of a ship.



This bowl (or one like it) – has been in my family since my earliest memory.

The truth – this bowl has only been in my possession for the last 20 years, because I found it

in an antique shop after I had broken the original.   I was so devastated when it broke that I

broke into tears and then hid it.  I didn’t tell anyone until I found this one and then I confessed

to my mother and sisters of my clumsiness and shame.  They were so wonderful and forgiving-

the bowl hadn’t meant nearly as much to them as it had to me- but everytime I look at this bowl

I not only remember the history of the original bowl- of family times cooking together- of it filled

with chicken soup with small dumplings (zsomervenka, in Slovak) of the wonder it inspired in a

little girl reading the story of a journey on its surface- BUT I also feel the love of my mother and sisters

and am reminded of the heritage of compassion and love that we share.

So that is what is in my kitchen this month- Love and hopefulness, and history and compassion.

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In My Kitchen- May 2013


Happy May day!

In my family, flowers play a large part of

every season and holiday.

I grew up in the greenhouse business-

and my mother was a florist ( a floral arranger)

so most of my memories are interlaced with


My sister Robin and I added to the tradition

by including may baskets or bouquets- and

Allyson and her son Aiden carry on the tradition for me

every May 1st.

So… In my kitchen…


are flowers!  Bleeding heart, epimidium , flowering quince, tulips, daffodils,

mint, brunera and grape hyacinth.



violets that Jordan picked for me!

In my kitchen…


are kid sized snacks.

In my kitchen…


are cow embroidered hot pads-  I love cows.

In my kitchen…


is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and pecans.

In my kitchen…


is a fig and almond loaf.


and more bread.


In my kitchen…


is this homemade Dilly Ranch Dressing – a gift from a blog

friend for Christmas.  I made a dip for the vegetable plate at

the top of this post with this mixture and it is so yummy!

One of the secret ingredients- or should I say, unexpected ingredients,

in the mix is saltine crackers!  They add thickening to the dip or dressing

and an extra base flavor.  I will find out the proportions and share the

recipe if you are interested.

That is my kitchen this month- join the other IMK posters at Celia’s blog ,

Fig Jam and Lime Cordial!

In My Kitchen- March 2013

In my kitchen…


Is  a reconstituted sourdough that traveled all the way from Australia!


Meet Thing Two,Priscilla’s American progeny!

Celia sent me some dried starter with two requests- that I named it and let you know

that Priscilla is the mother – and that I share some if anyone would like some.  So if you

would like some of Thing two, let me know.  In fact, if you want some of Thing one– which

is an all American starter and very sour- you are welcome to have some .

In My Kitchen…


is a beautiful loaf of bread made from Thing Two!

My husband, Frank,  really enjoyed this loaf.  It is so different from Thing One- the sour

taste is very mild, and it isn’t quite as chewy as my first starter.


I know this because I made a loaf out of Thing One– and it has the sour x8 and is very chewy!

They both are delicious – THANK YOU, CELIA!!!  I love the different flavor and texture.

In my kitchen…


are many different flavors of sugar!

I’ve had lot of salts from bacon to truffle, Hawaiian red to French grey, Lava Black to

Himalayan Pink- vanilla salt, hickory salt, all kinds of salt.

But I just noticed all the sugars I have.  Ginger, Lemon, Orange, Lime, Tangerine, Demerra, Vanilla,

coconut, Espresso, Dark Cocoa- I’m going to have to start using these- soon!

In my kitchen…


is a dwindling stash of TimTams.

In my kitchen…


Is a pile of crocheted cotton dishcloths made by my sister.

Thank you, Cynthia!

In my kitchen…


are dried herb wreaths and swags- Lemongrass, sage, bay leaf, and assorted soup herbs.

I’m making a big pot of soup this weekend and using up the herb wreath I made for


In my kitchen…


is a molasses cake with whipped cream.


Notice the little metal tab on the side of the pan?  You swing that all around the cake

once it is baked and it loosens the cake from the pan.  I found this at a thrift shop and

LOVE IT!  (The molasses cake was very good,as well!  Smile    )

In my kitchen…



are dragons,and leprechauns,and cats,and turtles and rabbits!

In my kitchen…


are red tulips- from the florist- everything outside is frozen. Sad smile

In my kitchen…


is a Steak salad with edamame and red onions.  YUM!

Well- that’s all I’m sharing right now- What’s in YOUR kitchen?

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In My Kitchen-Feb 2013


In my kitchen… I have some cardamom sourdough rolls.


They are quite good- I love cardamom !

In my kitchen…


Are some coffee mugs I’ve been painting.


And some glass stones.

010I am working on some ornaments and making the

mugs for a rental property on the east coast- and my work place is – well- in my kitchen!

In my kitchen…


are cakes…


and cookies for my husband’s insatiable sweet tooth.

top left- Preacher’s cake (pineapple and walnut with cream cheese frosting)

top right-Chocolate Crazy cake( made without eggs- but plenty of cocoa!)

bottom- Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and white choc pieces, as well as choc chips.

In my kitchen…


is a primrose – to remind me that Spring is coming. 

In my kitchen…


is a crocheted shopping bag a friend made me for Christmas.  I love it- I can knit,

but crocheting is hard for me- and this bag is so sturdy and strong- I’m looking

forward to using it at my next shopping trip!

I don’t have much more to show you- we ate most of the bread before I could take

a picture of it-I haven’t done anything else too exciting that I haven’t already blogged

about- and I’m still trying to banish the winter doldrums.

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In My Kitchen- January 2013

Welcome back to my kitchen!

Another year of living to do- one day at a time-

one meal at a time- one recipe at a time.

In my kitchen…


is my new laundry detergent.

I am so sick of EXPENSIVE and gaggingly perfumed

laundry detergent.  And I’m tired of hearing all the

claims for clean and bright clothes that are no more clean

than they should be for much more cost.  Plus they are

so sudsy that it never seems to rinse out properly.

So, when my niece gave me this recipe-


I started making my own.

This is so much more economical.  And it rinses out beautifully- PLUS- my clothes smell

clean – not perfumed- and they look brighter.

I just made a second batch- using Fels Naptha laundry soap bar instead of Zote.

018instead of pink-it’s yellow-047

But it works just as well- and hardly cost more than  25 cents a load!

In my kitchen…


Is this lovely sea glass candle holder-


So pretty when lit up from the inside!

In my kitchen…


is a delicious selection of teas- Lemon and Ginger, Rooibus- Painted Lady,

a wonderful masala chai, and Keemun- one of my favorite afternoon black teas.

In my kitchen…


is a jar of preserved lemons that my darling Willow made me for Christmas-

I have a book of recipes in my Ohio kitchen that I am dying to try with these!

In my kitchen…


Is pizza- enough to feed my family and then a little left over for lunch later this week.

In my kitchen…


is this sauce- from one of the parishioners at my son’s church.  I don’t know Ethel- but

she makes a killer butterscotch sauce!

In my kitchen…


is this truffle trio!  I’ve used the salt, and tasted the honey- it is so deep and flavorful-

can’t wait to play with them!

In my kitchen…


Craison –nut oatmeal cookies.  Just perfect after the holiday onslaught of sweets!

In my kitchen…



are some really good bottled glazes and chocolate toppings.  This one is great on top of

pork tenderloin!

Well- that’s my kitchen down here in Chincoteague!

What’s in your kitchen?

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In My Kitchen- December 2012


Actually- I’m starting out with – Outside my kitchen window!

The sky last night was a riot of colors- this is pale by comparison-

but I can’t seem to get the whole scheme of color to show up when

I’m posed behind the camera.  It was so lovely!

In my kitchen…


I’m geared up for Christmas- here are a couple of the “Santa Bags”

I’ve been knitting to hold the goodies I’m making!

In my kitchen…


a boxful of goodies ready to send to my secret Santa exchange-

lavender wands and sachets, felted handmade soap and crocheted

dish cloths.

In my kitchen…


Dinner!  Italian sausage and sauce over bow  tie pasta with avocado and garlic bread.

In my kitchen…


TWO birthday cakes for my husband’s birthday!


Red velvet layer cake with salted caramel chocolate garnish and a chocolate crazy

cake with dark chocolate and peppermint crushed on top.

In my kitchen…


herbs for a kitchen holiday wreath.


Wire them together- parsley,rosemary, thyme,fennel,sage, and bay leaf-


Shape into a circle- add a bow.(I just noticed the old bandage on my thumb- sorry.)


and hang up in your kitchen.  When it dries out- you can sprinkle the herbs into your recipes-


or take off the bow and toss the entire wreath into a soup pot!

In my kitchen…


are fruitcakes, getting their last basting of brandy!


In my  kitchen…


are roasted nuts packed in honey!


I got the idea for this from the Bush Gourmet jar that my niece, Meredith,

sent me.  Delicious- but I’m an American and needed a little extra salt to finish up

the flavor- so I asked her to send me the honey and I added salted roasted nuts


to this honey!  These are so good- I made up a lot so I could bear to give

some away as Christmas gifts.

In my kitchen…


taking up valuable space on my kitchen table is this paper pile.  I started

making my own Christmas cards years ago- and try as I might- I just can’t send

out boxed cards anymore.  Although I have drastically cut down on my Christmas

card list- I’ve got to get these finished and send them off.


In my kitchen…


is this book my sister-in-law gave me.  I’d dearly love a masonry oven

outside my kitchen door.  I’ve been reading and trying to figure out

how to make this happen- but, well- it doesn’t look like it will happen

anytime soon.

So I took a picture of it next to my wooden tree to share with you!


Merry Christmas from my kitchen to you and yours!

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In My Kitchen- November

I know- I’m late with this post.

I had intended being in Chincoteague (Pronounced

“Sheen- Ko- teeg” in case you were wondering!)

a lot earlier and do a post from here.  So- I waited-

but it is a good week late-sorry.

In my kitchen…


is this mini recipe box from my niece, Elizabeth.


The recipes are for appetizers and the pictures are Victorian and so cute.

The recipes all look great, too- I’m planning on making them up for a Christmas Tea!

In my kitchen…


This delicious tapenade- mmm- smeared on top of a crusty piece of fresh baked bread!

In my kitchen…


…are these wonderful flavor boost packets!  I love them- you don’t need a whole can of broth-

just one of these packets and it infuses your dish with just the right amount of flavor.  They are

a little bit salty- but I like salty!

In my kitchen…

016 this beautiful hammered aluminum tray.  I collect aluminum ware- and I really like the

chrysanthemum decoration on this one.


And look at the detail on the handles.  This tray just makes me smile.


We are getting the house ready for the holidays- and look at these adorable little mice hot pad holders!

I wish I could use a sewing machine- I would make up a whole bunch of these little guys!

In my kitchen…


is a new rice cooker- bought at a great price at Aldi’s.  I seem to go through rice cookers- I’ve had two

in the last  12 years.  All I generally use them for is rice- and that shouldn’t be too hard on them.

In my kitchen…


Is this duck decoy with a Christmas bow for the holidays.


It’s a real decoy that we found at a garage sale this summer.  I love the rough finish on it- and it looks

great up on top of the cupboard!

In my kitchen…


Or rather outside the window, is a small graveyard- a family graveyard right beyond the back fence.

I like the history of graveyards- and the family reference they afford.

And they make very quiet neighbors!

And right outside my kitchen door..


is this brass bell, covered with verdigris.  I love the detail!

Well that’s it for this month- enjoy a whole plethora of kitchens around the world

by going to Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial  and check them out!

Ginger bread and Pumpkin pie

sourdough gingerbread

Sourdough gingerbread- really good- now if I can just figure out where the recipe came from!

Pumpkin pie

My first pumpkin pie this season!
Frank was VERY pleased!

Yesterday was a breezy, coolish, dark clouds interspersed with sunshine, gingerbready and

pumpkin pie sort of day. I had a recipe sort of copied down ( ingredients and oven temperature

only) – NO IDEA where I got it- and no notes on how to put it together- but the first ingredient

was sourdough and I’ve been working with my starter lately and needed to use up some. So

I made it. It is very good- although I couldn’t find my molasses so I used half Pomegranate molasses

and half ginger syrup, added 2 tablespoons of brown sugar- and took a tablespoon of hot water out

of the half cup so it wouldn’t be too runny.

It has a lot of flavor, a nice springy texture, a good mouth feel, and a very pleasant fruity/tangy


Here’s the recipe-

(Please let me know if you recognize it or it is yours!)

1 cup sourdough

1/2 cup hot water

1/2 cup molasses

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 large egg

1 1/2 cups AP flour

1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger

3 tablespoons chopped crystallized ginger

1 tsp pumpkin pie spices

1/2 cup shortening ( I used butter,melted and added at the end to batter)

Bake for 30-40 minutes at 375 degrees F.

This is the first post on my rebuilt site. Please leave a comment if you can and let

me know how it is working. Thanks so much!

October- In My Kitchen -2012

In my kitchen…


are these delicious candies that Jordan and I made-

Homemade butterfingers.


They use only 3 ingredients: 1 lb. candy corn, 1 lb. peanut butter, and chocolate.

They are really good- but perhaps not everyone has access to candy corn?

In My Kitchen…


Supper last night- a tomato, red onion,goat cheese and bread salad with a balsamic

vinegar dressing  and a wonderful chicken stew with dumplings.   I love it when

my kitchen produces such simple but delicious food!

In My Kitchen…



Bread – glorious Bread!

In My Kitchen…

Australia’s Women’s Weekly!

my new soup book- Meredith got it for me and it is full of wonderful recipes- I love making

soups and stews all Autumn and Winter long!

In My Kitchen…


Splayds!  Here we would call these sporks.  But since they are Australian I will use their

proper name.  004


I’ve yet to use them for a meal- although I used them several time when I was eating lunch

at home alone- they fit my eating habits quite well- and will go splendidly with the stews

I am planning for the future!

Well- that is what is in my kitchen-

Except –006

for the bush basil that I intend to make into my last batch of pesto for the season!

What is in your kitchen?

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to know what is in YOUR kitchen!

In My Kitchen- 2012 September

I’ve been kind of between kitchens this month- 2 weeks here

in Ohio and 2 weeks in Eastern Virginia- but lots of wonderful

things in both places! 

( A friend recently told us,” I thought my husband and I were foodies

until I met you guys!”  And I DON’T consider myself a foodie- just a VERY

sincere lover of good foods!)

In my kitchen…


Blackberry cardamom Pavlova!  So very good.

In my kitchen…


Pork ribs, jalapeno poppers and bruschetta!


I rubbed the ribs with Alderwood smoked salt, espresso , cinnabar and hickory

smoked rubs- allowed them to marinate for several hours and then baked them

low heat in a dutch oven and then grilled them.

In my kitchen…


I have some wonderful rubs, salts and spice mixes that we picked up in Anapolis,

Maryland.  They are all so marvelous and full of flavor and aroma- I’ll be sharing more

of these later.

In my kitchen…


I have some new books- I am so looking forward to reading and trying out the recipes!

Especially the olive oil book- we also picked up some great olive oils and balsamic vinegars

that I am anxious to try!

In my kitchen…


I have the most delicious cinnamon swirl bread to use for toast!


I used a Ceylon cinnamon (instead of the cassis we often get in the USA masquerading

as cinnamon)- and the flavor and fragrance is magnificent- really magnificent.

In my kitchen…



is a loaf of seeded Italian bread- crusty on the outside and yet with a yeasty pull on the

inside- perfect for tasting oils and vinegars.

In my kitchen…


are some perfect oils and vinegars to delight the taste buds!

And- In my kitchen(aka- Meredith’s kitchen in Virginia)…


is a new sink to replace the old rusting country sink circa 1928 that we were using.  Great and

wonderful improvement!

Well- that is what is and has been in my kitchen(s)- what’s in your kitchen?

Come and join us at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial- where Celia has a listing of many IMK posts!