In My Kitchen- November

I know- I’m late with this post.

I had intended being in Chincoteague (Pronounced

“Sheen- Ko- teeg” in case you were wondering!)

a lot earlier and do a post from here.  So- I waited-

but it is a good week late-sorry.

In my kitchen…


is this mini recipe box from my niece, Elizabeth.


The recipes are for appetizers and the pictures are Victorian and so cute.

The recipes all look great, too- I’m planning on making them up for a Christmas Tea!

In my kitchen…


This delicious tapenade- mmm- smeared on top of a crusty piece of fresh baked bread!

In my kitchen…


…are these wonderful flavor boost packets!  I love them- you don’t need a whole can of broth-

just one of these packets and it infuses your dish with just the right amount of flavor.  They are

a little bit salty- but I like salty!

In my kitchen…

016 this beautiful hammered aluminum tray.  I collect aluminum ware- and I really like the

chrysanthemum decoration on this one.


And look at the detail on the handles.  This tray just makes me smile.


We are getting the house ready for the holidays- and look at these adorable little mice hot pad holders!

I wish I could use a sewing machine- I would make up a whole bunch of these little guys!

In my kitchen…


is a new rice cooker- bought at a great price at Aldi’s.  I seem to go through rice cookers- I’ve had two

in the last  12 years.  All I generally use them for is rice- and that shouldn’t be too hard on them.

In my kitchen…


Is this duck decoy with a Christmas bow for the holidays.


It’s a real decoy that we found at a garage sale this summer.  I love the rough finish on it- and it looks

great up on top of the cupboard!

In my kitchen…


Or rather outside the window, is a small graveyard- a family graveyard right beyond the back fence.

I like the history of graveyards- and the family reference they afford.

And they make very quiet neighbors!

And right outside my kitchen door..


is this brass bell, covered with verdigris.  I love the detail!

Well that’s it for this month- enjoy a whole plethora of kitchens around the world

by going to Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial  and check them out!

14 thoughts on “In My Kitchen- November

  1. Heidi, why can’t you use a sewing machine? Those little mice are very cute indeed. Lots of treasure this month, but I’m a bit confused (sorry, reading this at 6am! :)), are you in Chincoteague now, or at home?

    Wherever you are, it is all very beautiful and homely, and I especially liked seeing the photos of your back fence and the bell and the architecture of the timber houses on your street – so different to what we have here! The aluminium tray and duck are especially lovely too!

  2. Hi Celia!
    I am intimidated by electric sewing machines. They go so fast when you push the pedal and I can’t seem to sew a straight seam to save my soul. I either do hand stitching or have some one else do the sewing for my projects.
    I am in Chincoteague right now. We came down to deal with any problems the storm may have left behind- there were some issues with the outdoor furnace and we were concerned about the electricity in the shed and the freezer and refrigerator – this house is in town and higher up than most of the homes around- so no major damage.
    I love this little island town. It is like a secluded time bubble here- the pace is slower- the people small town friendly and people seem to care more about their neighbors and their welfare than other places I’ve been.

    • My sewing machine has a button that reduces the speed (it’s an Elena) you can sew very slowly if you so wish. My one is 25 years old so I am sure the new ones will have even better control.

      I love your bell and your duck, wonder why your rice cookers die on you…..maybe they want to be buried next door! 🙂

      • Hi Sue!
        I have so given up on machines- now my Kitchen Aid mixer is refusing to work- I think I need to have the flour and gunk cleaned out of the motor- but no one else seems to have these problems with them. This is the second machine that has had this problem- so I think I am moving away from Kitchen Aid- rice cookers are much cheaper to replace- and as for the sewing machine- I gave up on that years ago. I really do mainly crafts that call for handsewing, repair my clothing by hand sewing on patches, etc. and just make close friends with people who are willing to trade sewing for loaves of bread.

  3. Hi Heidi. I love everything but especially your duck. It is real cute. I also love your tray. It is so different. Glad to hear all is well with your house.

  4. Hi Glenda-
    I love the decoy, too! This is decoy central- they hold shows and craft fairs with the carvers in this area- so finding this one at such a great price was a real surprise.
    And I love hammered aluminum pieces. I have trays and dishes and tiered trays and
    covered dish holders- they are beautiful pieces of folk art that are still available at affordable prices here in the USA. This tray only cost 5 dollars- a real buy!

  5. I love the duck too! He’s really cute ! (Psst, I am a paid up member of the no electric sewing machine skills whatsoever club as well, Brian has a sewing machine and mends things on it sometimes, I can sew a little by hand, but I would rather not, oh and I can darn socks).

    I like the hammered aluminium, I have a couple of old Frys Chocolate (Bristol factory) Turkish delight boxes which must be made of aluminium, though I never really thought about what they are made of. I will take a photo and send you for your expert opinion.

    • Joanna,
      I love the British pronunciation and spelling of aluminum. Whenever I say aluminium, my son tells me I am not British and shouldn’t try to copy other people’s accents and pronunciation. I would love to see your pieces. 🙂
      The duck is a little plain without his Christmas bow- but so cute with a little dressing up!

  6. How cute is that mini recipe box? Your niece is very sweet. The Victorian pictures are lovely and I’m sure your Christmas tea will be as well 🙂 I tried the Swanson flavor boost packets too and I have to agree, they are a bit salty. But a little bit goes a long way! And I love that tray too- such charm! Beautiful kitchen and thanks for sharing!

    Were you affected by the hurricane at all Heidi? We were slammed. 10 days (and counting) without power! We had to move in with my aunt! Hope you and your family are well.

  7. Hi Emilie-
    The Island was flooded and people were supposed to evacuate, they closed down the causeway and set up a curfew to keep people out of the way of the coast guard and police. The electricity did go down for a while- but most people stayed in their homes, no one was hurt- there are a lot of trees down and some rental homes and trailers were severely damaged. Although the barrier island, Assateague took the biggest hit- an inlet was opened into the estuary, a whole lot of sand displaced and the access road out to the beach was destroyed.
    Our home was not damaged, the power wasn’t off long enough for the freezer to defrost . All in all- it didn’t cause much problems- but they will be cleaning up and repairing for a long time to come.
    My son is on Long Island (Oyster Bay) and it skipped over them, as well. Looking at the devastation on Staten Island and New Jersey is hard . So sorry you are still without power. In Ohio we got caught in the middle of two storms- high winds and heavy snow. My friends in Cleveland are just now getting power back.
    Thanks for visiting- I’m praying that your power is soon fixed.
    And I DO love the recipes in that little box- I’ll share them when I make them up!

  8. Heidi, I love both kitchens. They are so different and interesting. The aromas and foods coming from your kitchen is mouth watering.

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