October- In My Kitchen -2012

In my kitchen…


are these delicious candies that Jordan and I made-

Homemade butterfingers.


They use only 3 ingredients: 1 lb. candy corn, 1 lb. peanut butter, and chocolate.

They are really good- but perhaps not everyone has access to candy corn?

In My Kitchen…


Supper last night- a tomato, red onion,goat cheese and bread salad with a balsamic

vinegar dressing  and a wonderful chicken stew with dumplings.   I love it when

my kitchen produces such simple but delicious food!

In My Kitchen…



Bread – glorious Bread!

In My Kitchen…

Australia’s Women’s Weekly!

my new soup book- Meredith got it for me and it is full of wonderful recipes- I love making

soups and stews all Autumn and Winter long!

In My Kitchen…


Splayds!  Here we would call these sporks.  But since they are Australian I will use their

proper name.  004


I’ve yet to use them for a meal- although I used them several time when I was eating lunch

at home alone- they fit my eating habits quite well- and will go splendidly with the stews

I am planning for the future!

Well- that is what is in my kitchen-

Except –006

for the bush basil that I intend to make into my last batch of pesto for the season!

What is in your kitchen?

Join us at Celia’s blog , Fig Jam and Lime Cordial , for a whole listing of IMK posts.  I’d love

to know what is in YOUR kitchen!

20 thoughts on “October- In My Kitchen -2012

  1. Hooray! The IMK family isn’t complete without you Heidi! And there’s so much joy in your kitchen this month – I love your breads, as always, and am so happy you have some Splayds! We use them for dessert and they’re in the cutlery drawer and used regularly. I’ve even bought a set each to give my sons when they finally move out of home!

    Your supper looks incredibly healthy and wholesome, and just so delicious. And I’ve never seen candy corn! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us. Much love! xx

  2. I know – Celia- that post inspired me to ask my niece to bring me some. She liked them so much that she bought herself a set to keep at her home in Virginia!
    I thought that candy corn may be an American only kind of treat!
    It says it is made from honey- and I imagine corn syrup and lots of food dye!
    I’m glad I posted this month- it cheered me up a bit! 🙂

  3. Hi Heidi, Love your Blog! Happy you’re feeling better. You make food look so inviting. Thanks for sharing it with me. Love you!

  4. LOL, Glenda- it looks like it, doesn’t it?
    My niece is so generous and sends me so many good treats- I will sorely miss some of your country’s special goodies when she leaves!
    Thanks for stopping by, Glenda- and the bread is so delicious. I love real bread!

    • I never really thought about how to describe candy corn, Mandy- they are a really old candy here. They are sweet and soft and have a honey flavor- essentially I’d say they are mainly very sweet.
      Thank you- I really love bread- and so I generally have to bake my own to get a really toothsome loaf. 🙂

  5. Who knew you could make homemade butterfingers! My husband will love this. Share the recipe with us Heidi! How do you make your pesto? I bet is will taste fabulous smeared on that delicious looking bread. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. I got the recipe from a friend who got it from a blog off of Pinterest.
    It is 16 ounces of candy corn, melted in the microwave- 1 minute on high and then several more times at 15 second intervals until it is melted enough to stir. It is very thick and tends to set up quickly- so keep at the microwave until it is smooth and stirrable- then add 16 ounces of your favorite peanut butter and stir and stir (unless you are very strong you may need some manly muscles with upper body strength to do this part!) – then glop into an 8×8 pan that has been lined with parchment paper, and smooth down the top with a smooth knife. I cut them into squares and put them into the freezer after poking lollipop sticks in them to facilitate the dipping into chocolate. When frozen- about 2 -3 hours- dip into milk chocolate covering and add a little squiggle of dark choc for garnish.
    Place onto wax paper and let set. The texture is not exactly the same as a butterfinger- but the taste is perfect!
    I’ll do a post on the pesto in the next couple of days.

    • Hi Tandy-
      It looks even better now – as a pesto sauce and rolled up in a loaf of sourdough bread! That was a very nice basil plant- I liked the smaller leaves and the scent is fantastic.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I will give you a word picture of IMK. Here goes : one dog with a sore paw, half a kitchen table covered in little bowls of tomatoes at various stages of ripening/going a bit funny, apples from the garden with the odd bit of wildlife keeping warm, a packet of chocolate digestives, jars of kombucha fermenting busily away and a pan with some stewed hawthorn berries which I am going to put through the foodmill and make into something called spicy haw ketchup. I spent the best part of the evening pulling their little stalks out too. There is something very like doing penance about preparing some of these ‘wild’ foods. I haven’t done very much of the wild thing this year, but it has a certain eyebrow raising pleasure to it all the same. I would adore a butterfinger, great name for a treat! And I have cutlery envy too !

    • Oh – your kitchen sounds wild and adventurous!
      I do love foraging and making , bottling and tasting! I read about a haw ketchup in a Catherine Cookson book many years ago.
      Your word picture is very evocative and enticing- I wish I could have sat with you and a cuppa tea and helped pull out those little stalks.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing a part of your kitchen,Joanna.
      Love you!

    • Hi Chopinand,
      Between seeing and TRYING the recipes I get off of your blog and Celia’s and Brydie’s- and making the soups and stew in the Woman’s Weekly- I think I have been trying some of the Australian flavor in foods!
      I would like to come down- but it is such a long trip and I don’t do well in airplanes- so I’m enjoying the vicarious views and chews (especially the TIM TAMS and honey my niece sends me!).

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