In My Kitchen- 2012 September

I’ve been kind of between kitchens this month- 2 weeks here

in Ohio and 2 weeks in Eastern Virginia- but lots of wonderful

things in both places! 

( A friend recently told us,” I thought my husband and I were foodies

until I met you guys!”  And I DON’T consider myself a foodie- just a VERY

sincere lover of good foods!)

In my kitchen…


Blackberry cardamom Pavlova!  So very good.

In my kitchen…


Pork ribs, jalapeno poppers and bruschetta!


I rubbed the ribs with Alderwood smoked salt, espresso , cinnabar and hickory

smoked rubs- allowed them to marinate for several hours and then baked them

low heat in a dutch oven and then grilled them.

In my kitchen…


I have some wonderful rubs, salts and spice mixes that we picked up in Anapolis,

Maryland.  They are all so marvelous and full of flavor and aroma- I’ll be sharing more

of these later.

In my kitchen…


I have some new books- I am so looking forward to reading and trying out the recipes!

Especially the olive oil book- we also picked up some great olive oils and balsamic vinegars

that I am anxious to try!

In my kitchen…


I have the most delicious cinnamon swirl bread to use for toast!


I used a Ceylon cinnamon (instead of the cassis we often get in the USA masquerading

as cinnamon)- and the flavor and fragrance is magnificent- really magnificent.

In my kitchen…



is a loaf of seeded Italian bread- crusty on the outside and yet with a yeasty pull on the

inside- perfect for tasting oils and vinegars.

In my kitchen…


are some perfect oils and vinegars to delight the taste buds!

And- In my kitchen(aka- Meredith’s kitchen in Virginia)…


is a new sink to replace the old rusting country sink circa 1928 that we were using.  Great and

wonderful improvement!

Well- that is what is and has been in my kitchen(s)- what’s in your kitchen?

Come and join us at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial- where Celia has a listing of many IMK posts!

18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen- 2012 September

    • The cardamom was added to the egg whites and to the whipped cream, so it was a double dose and so delicious.
      And the bread- I am always making a loaf it seems !
      The cinnamon was totally gobbled up in a day!

  1. Hi Heidi
    THAT pavlova does look good, as does your bread.
    I have had a long discussion with the Doc recently about cassia bark and cinnamon. It appears there is no legislation in the States that prevents cassia bark being labelled cinnamon, so it is (because it is cheaper). Weird. He told me he buys his cinnamon from Mexican spice shops to make sure he gets real cinnamon (it is labelled canela). In Australia, cinnamon is a very common spice and cassia is quite rare. I have to go to Asian spice shops to get cassia, whereas you can get cinnamon in any supermarket. Funny, isn’t it?

    BTW: The little silicon cover arrived from Canberra. I presume your niece sent it. Thank her from me and thank you.

    • It is weird. I don’t like cassia bark, the flavor is muddy and not really sharp like cinnamon. Mexican cinnamon is good, as is Vietnamese- but this Ceylon is the best I’ve ever baked with.
      So glad you received the lid- she has been very busy and managed to get them off before she came back to the States recently!

    • I should jog whilst cooking- but I do ride my stationary bike while doing the laundry- it hasn’t done much help for my weight. 🙁
      Thanks for visiting and commenting, Lizzie ! I just got home from holidays, but I’m trying to catch up on my blog reading.

  2. Heidi, I love, and really appreciate, that no matter how full and hectic your life, you always make time to share your kitchen with us. Thank you, dearheart! xx

    The pavlova looks wonderful, but the ribs are absolutely mouthwatering!! And your cinnamon swirl looks perfect for breakfast!

    • I get such joy in other kitchens that I just want to pass some along as well, Celia!
      The ribs were so good- we ate them for several meals and they just kept getting better and better!
      I’m so happy the cinnamon swirl was such a success- I’ve been lamenting the cassia bark we use for years and this little loaf finally brought about widespread agreement.

    • Thanks- Mandy.
      We enjoyed it all and look forward to some great meals to come.
      I really enjoy all the comments that come on these IMK posts- it is like having a whole party of friends join in!

    • I loved the cinnamon swirl bread, too! We toasted it and buttered it for breakfast and it was a treat. Now I’m on a search for REAL cinnamon!
      Sorry, Pavlova went pretty quickly- but I intend to make this one again, and soon! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting my kitchen!

  3. Heidi lots going on in your kitchen this past month. That pavlova…oh! It’s been too long since I last made one, I really do need to revisit.
    Interesting to read about the cinnamon as well, including Glenda’s comment.

    Have a lovely week dear lady.

    • Thanks, Brydie. I do love Pavlovas- and I was convinced they would be hard to make! They are so easy and make such a grand presentation- I make them a little more often than I should, I think.

    • Hi Tandy-
      It is a stunning combination- cardamom is so understated, and the blackberries so earthy and slightly astringent, that it just enhances the sweetness of all that meringue!
      I like lavender infused ANYTHING! 🙂

  4. Wow! Look at that pavlova. I can’t make those to save the life of me. Mine are always cracked and flat. And your cinnamon bread looks divine. I actually heard that about cassis cinnamon…Congrats on your new sink!!! Dishwashing just got that much better 😉

    • Hi Emilie- thanks for stopping by!
      I haven’t made that many pavlovas because I always thought they were too hard. They are really quite easy and delicious.
      And as far as the cassia bark goes- don’t get me started!!! I makes me angry and irritable that most of our *cinnamon* is a substandard substitute!

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