Pizza and a mini-rant!

Kind of like dinner and a movie- but not.

Pizza is one of our favorite meals.  Homemade pizza is so good- and you can tailor it to your individual needs and desires.  Whole wheat dough or Italian, thick or thin, heavy or light on the sauce, or garlic white sauce!

Your pizza can be grilled or baked or deep fried- and the toppings are almost beyond  the pale!  You can put whatever you like from spinach and bacon to thin sliced red potatoes and scallions. 

Lately I’ve been playing around with the crust.

I make whole wheat for plain cheese pizzas, but the Italian has won out for all time favorite for more conventional two to three toppings.

Last night I made thin crust and deep dish.


pizza! 001pizza! 002

They were both good- the thin crust had pepperoni and mushroom,

the thick or deep dish had sausage and mushroom.  They both had 3 cheeses on top- Romano, mozzarella, and Parmesan.  and they were both very good.

pizza! 004 pizza! 003

But for the first time I really liked the thin crust better.  For a bread lover it is a strange confession- but the crust interfered with the flavor on the deep dish. 

And now for the mini-rant portion of this post.

I am so irritated with facebook, right now.

Not so much the constant changes and mechanics of the thing, but with the constant pressure of my “friends” challenging me to post something as my status because they posted it as their status.  Just because they are following some craze doesn’t mean I have to- and I don’t like their suggestion that if I don’t put up the exact same status I am-

1) ashamed of Jesus Christ

2) don’t support our troops

3) don’t love my husband

4) want to set up death panels and kill babies.

Actually the list could go on and on, just like the mass produced statuses,  but you get my drift. 

Let me assure you all that I love the Lord Jesus Christ and am proud to be a believer and follower of His , that I pray for and care about all the men and women serving our country around the world,  that after 35 years of  marriage I still love and honor my husband, and that I am a peaceable creature , not wishing the death of any individual before the time God calls them home.

I just want to keep in touch with my friends and see the pictures they post without being inundated with peer pressure to suscribe to all of the pages and politics and whimsey of the populace.

And I’m NOT  going to post anything on my status just because you want others to join you in your diatribes.

Rant over.

Left over pizza, anyone?

Celebrate with family

  easter 2010 005 easter 2010 006easter 2010 010 easter 2010 013

We spent the weekend in Columbus visiting with our son and daughter-in-law and grandson.  It was a beautiful and meaningful Easter celebration for us all.

easter 2010 015easter 2010 047 easter 2010 058

We played with Aidan and watched him play with his basket of fun,

easter 2010 044easter 2010 045 easter 2010 046

and checked out the backhoe down the street and the pile of gravel.

easter 2010 030 easter 2010 032 easter 2010 036

Then we took a short tour of Luke’s Seminary, Bexley Hall.

easter 2010 002 easter 2010 018 easter 2010 024

The trees were in full bloom- beautiful!

 easter 2010 052easter 2010 054

We had roast lamb, grilled fennel and leeks, basmati rice and whole wheat bunny rolls for dinner with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate truffles for dessert.

I don’t know where Luke and Willow will be next Easter- I’m just happy we lived close enough to spend the weekend together this year.

Life is short, but God is good.

All the time.

Sourdough Rye Cottage Loaves

 cottage loaves 005 Oh what fun!

Fig Jam and Lime Cordial is another blog I read from Australia and they are having a cottage loaf baking page featuring many different loaves of this style.

The explanation for the knob on top has to do with cottage bakers and the laws of weight for loaves of bread.  If one was found short, there were very serious penalties, so the bakers added an extra handful onto the top of the loaf to make sure it was well within the law.

Today I had the doldrums and really could not make myself DO anything.  I just sat at the computer and read blogs and facebook- until I came to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial’s display of cottage loaves.

I got right up and made the dough and several hours later was munching on the bread- slathered with butter, of course!

Anyway, here are more pictures-  I wish I could publish the aroma!   My house smells like the most flavorful bakery you could imagine!

And the doldrums?

Out the window with them!!!

cottage loaves 001cottage loaves 002 cottage loaves 007

Ever feel like you’ve fallen into a rabbit hole?

shadows and romance 002

I’ve been on a tread mill.

Lost to the world of blogging.

Working on projects and doing laundry.

And … well just lots of stuff.

It feels like free fall- I’m not in charge- I’m just doing the next thing.   And then the thing after that and then the thing after that- you get the idea?

shadows and romance 004 shadows and romance 005

And the theme of most of this stuff  involves bunnies.

shadows and romance 006

LOTS and LOTS of bunnies!

shadows and romance 007 shadows and romance 014

Today we are off to Columbus – and guess what I’m taking?

shadows and romance 015

Did you guess?  Was it bunnies?

shadows and romance 001 Yes.  Bunnies.