Ever feel like you’ve fallen into a rabbit hole?

shadows and romance 002

I’ve been on a tread mill.

Lost to the world of blogging.

Working on projects and doing laundry.

And … well just lots of stuff.

It feels like free fall- I’m not in charge- I’m just doing the next thing.   And then the thing after that and then the thing after that- you get the idea?

shadows and romance 004 shadows and romance 005

And the theme of most of this stuff  involves bunnies.

shadows and romance 006

LOTS and LOTS of bunnies!

shadows and romance 007 shadows and romance 014

Today we are off to Columbus – and guess what I’m taking?

shadows and romance 015

Did you guess?  Was it bunnies?

shadows and romance 001 Yes.  Bunnies.

9 thoughts on “Ever feel like you’ve fallen into a rabbit hole?

  1. I LOVE your bunny shadow picture! Today we are making a lamb cake from a mold that was Joe’s mom’s. We are coloring eggs, cleaning, prepping for a yummy meal tomorrow. AND–my kids invited a HUGE group of teenagers over to roast peeps over a bonfire tonight! It should be fun!

  2. I’m in a very similar place; life is full–plenty of stuff that is bloggable but no time or energy to blog about it.

    I am content, though. There was a time it would have really bothered me but not any more!

  3. I loved watching you shape the bunny rolls. Thank you for the dinner rolls that taste just like the bunny rolls. Have a Happy Easter . love

  4. I want a dumb bunny roll – I don’t think it is fair to tempt me with them when they are on the other end of the world.

  5. Those are adorable rolls!
    Did you happen to visit the conservatory in Columbus? I hope you get a chance to if not on this last trip. Definitely worth checking out.

  6. Your bunnies are cute! Mine are … attempts that are unrecognizable. I’ll stick with loaves of bread for now and dream of bunnies.

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