Celebrate with family

  easter 2010 005 easter 2010 006easter 2010 010 easter 2010 013

We spent the weekend in Columbus visiting with our son and daughter-in-law and grandson.  It was a beautiful and meaningful Easter celebration for us all.

easter 2010 015easter 2010 047 easter 2010 058

We played with Aidan and watched him play with his basket of fun,

easter 2010 044easter 2010 045 easter 2010 046

and checked out the backhoe down the street and the pile of gravel.

easter 2010 030 easter 2010 032 easter 2010 036

Then we took a short tour of Luke’s Seminary, Bexley Hall.

easter 2010 002 easter 2010 018 easter 2010 024

The trees were in full bloom- beautiful!

 easter 2010 052easter 2010 054

We had roast lamb, grilled fennel and leeks, basmati rice and whole wheat bunny rolls for dinner with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate truffles for dessert.

I don’t know where Luke and Willow will be next Easter- I’m just happy we lived close enough to spend the weekend together this year.

Life is short, but God is good.

All the time.

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