Sourdough Rye Cottage Loaves

 cottage loaves 005 Oh what fun!

Fig Jam and Lime Cordial is another blog I read from Australia and they are having a cottage loaf baking page featuring many different loaves of this style.

The explanation for the knob on top has to do with cottage bakers and the laws of weight for loaves of bread.  If one was found short, there were very serious penalties, so the bakers added an extra handful onto the top of the loaf to make sure it was well within the law.

Today I had the doldrums and really could not make myself DO anything.  I just sat at the computer and read blogs and facebook- until I came to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial’s display of cottage loaves.

I got right up and made the dough and several hours later was munching on the bread- slathered with butter, of course!

Anyway, here are more pictures-  I wish I could publish the aroma!   My house smells like the most flavorful bakery you could imagine!

And the doldrums?

Out the window with them!!!

cottage loaves 001cottage loaves 002 cottage loaves 007

8 thoughts on “Sourdough Rye Cottage Loaves

  1. Thanks so much for joining in, Heidiannie! Your loaves look wonderful, and they beg the question – how many storeys could you build in a cottage? 😀 I’m so impressed you managed a three tiered loaf – I’m still struggling to stop mine toppling over at two!

    Cheers, Celia

  2. Thanks Joanna,
    I just took a look at your breads on your blog- and I take your encouraging words as a real compliment!
    That is one of my favorite sourdough rye breads- I usually go for a tightly rolled loaf, but Celia’s cottage loaf challenge was too fun to pass up.

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