She’s still my little girl…

I have two sons.

My sisters each had a daughter and a son-

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boys- but I needed a

little girl in my life- so I became Super Aunt and

took some of that little girl love from my nieces.

I played with my sister Robin’s daughter, Allyson,

babysat with much joy and just had an all around great time.

One of the games we played had music to go with it.

“Go in and out the window, go in and out the window,

Go in and out the window- as we have done before.”

Simple tune, sweet little game- almost a dance step and

easy to get tangled up and generate a lot of giggles.

So, when Aiden and Allyson came over on May day to

deliver a bouquet of flowers, Frank was changing the window

in the front door to a more seasonable screen. 

And I had grabbed my camera to get a picture of Aiden carrying

the flowers, so I still had it in my hand when she started playing

“In and Out the window”.





Or maybe just- “I’m going out your window- or should I say

your door!”

Love this girl/woman!

8 thoughts on “She’s still my little girl…

  1. I can’t believe how much she looks like Robin in these pictures! My sister is like this with my kids too! Little girls need their Aunts almost as much as their mom’s!

  2. Hi Johanna!
    I think she looks like Robin, too.
    I love seeing the pictures of Jen with your kids- especially the aunt/niece pics!
    Aunts are very important in the lives of children- my Aunt Anna was my adult best friend for years and years, until she died. I mourned her way more than her daughters- I still miss her.

  3. LOL! Celia- it is a good thing we had the door opened up for her then!
    I just loved this series of pictures- her goofiness, the fun of the moment, and the way the sun was patterning the shadows in the photos.

    • Thanks Joanna-
      Family is precious. I’ve lost enough loved ones to appreciate the gift I have in those who love me. Every moment spent with them is a joy!

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