I’m tired and sore and it’s only Tuesday….

Sounds a little like a line from a bad blues song.

But it is so very true.

I walked down to the Island grocery store this morning (more about the walking later)- but I got there about 20 minutes too early so I walked down to the park on the bay.  On the way I passed the old bridge which is still working-

Chincoteague May-day2 003

but only if you want to go to Marsh Island.

Which I didn’t.

So I followed the ducks to the wharf.

 Chincoteague May-day2 002 Chincoteague May-day2 015

Where they were having a small duck convention with ducklings in tow!

And while hanging out on the wharf, I heard a siren or whistle going off incessantly.  It sounded familiar and when I realized what it was, I hurried over to a place where I could take a picture of the old bridge opening up so that a  boat could go from the bay to the ocean.

Chincoteague May-day2 008Chincoteague May-day2 009 Chincoteague May-day2 010 Chincoteague May-day2 013

Chincoteague May-day2 014

By this time, Family Pride Supermarket was open- so I went to do my shopping and walked back home.

Frank wanted to start on landscaping today, so we pulled and dug and chopped and sawed and pulled and yanked some more- until we filled up 10 huge garbage bags.  And then we put the old gas grill with them and called for pickup.

Chincoteague May-day2 033 Chincoteague May-day2 030

But now the beds look more like flower beds than jungle adventures.

Chincoteague May-day2 031 Chincoteague May-day2 032

Yesterday we powerwashed ( that is NOT the royal “we”- I actually helped!)

So the house went from filthy-Chincoteague May-day2 027

to bright and white!Chincoteague May-day2 023

Right now I’m making banana bread- I’m taking a break from working.

Chincoteague May-day2 029 I had enough leftover to make a muffin.

And then I’m going to make some meatballs for spaghetti tonight.

Tomorrow’s Wednesday- I’m going to be whipped and wimpy!

Because Frank is a slave driver and there are only the two of us!

Chincoteague May-day2 034 Chincoteague May-day2 012

Back again-

It is pretty bad when I’m coming to work and it feels like home.

Although Chincoteague has always felt like home for me.

But when we drove over the new bridge for the first time, even Frank said, “Doesn’t it feel like we are  coming home?”.

Here is a view of the new bridge.


Chincoteague May 002Chincoteague May 001 Chincoteague May 005

It is really neat- there is deep blue water on either side and unlike the Bay Bridge you are close enough to see the barges waiting to go through ( not that there were any barges- yesterday was Sunday, after all!)  but if there had been barges, I could have seen them close up!

And there were roses on the gate to welcome me “home”.

Chincoteague May 009

There is still SO much work to do- we unloaded most of the trailer last night- but this morning we took off the heavy stuff and carried it up two flights of stairs.  Frank did the lion’s share- but I’m taking a blogging break to rest up my knee before I go out and do some weeding or should I say major digging and overhauling in the side beds.

And then- I get to make lunch- and sit and eat it!

Allyson said have a great time when we left.

Frank said if she thinks we are coming down to have a good time then she should come in his place! 

Don’t tell Frank, but I AM having kind of a good time.  Working hard-exhausting- satisfying- kind of good time.

I’ll post more pictures as things get done.

Psalm 93- God is KING!

Psalm 93


1 The LORD reigns, he is robed in majesty;
       the LORD is robed in majesty
       and is armed with strength.
       The world is firmly established;
       it cannot be moved.

  • 2 Your throne was established long ago;
           you are from all eternity.

    3 The seas have lifted up, O LORD,
           the seas have lifted up their voice;
           the seas have lifted up their pounding waves.

    4 Mightier than the thunder of the great waters,
           mightier than the breakers of the sea—
           the LORD on high is mighty.

    5 Your statutes stand firm;
           holiness adorns your house
           for endless days, O LORD.


    Tomorrow-Sunday- we are leaving for the eastern shore of Virginia.

    This psalm always comes to mind when I’m there- vs 4-

    “Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea- the LORD on high is mighty.”

    So I’m putting up my Sunday Psalm today.

    Enjoy the beauty of the King of the Universe ” Robed in Majesty”!


    Psalm 93

    God is King, robed and ruling, God is robed and surging with strength.
             And yes, the world is firm, immovable,
          Your throne ever firm—you’re Eternal!
    3-4 Sea storms are up, God,
       Sea storms wild and roaring,
       Sea storms with thunderous breakers.
          Stronger than wild sea storms,
          Mightier than sea-storm breakers,
          Mighty God rules from High Heaven.
    5 What you say goes—it always has.
       “Beauty” and “Holy” mark your palace rule,
    God, to the very end of time.

    The Message

    For this psalm I’m throwing out the question format I’ve been using and just going to look at it as one would a painting.  The descriptive words and panorama of majesty in this praise psalm call for more of an artistic approach.

    In my father’s old KJV, this psalm has a subtitle, “The LORD reigns”- and that is the first line of this announcement.  Because this is a psalm to be shouted out, like an announcement, freely made and bursting out of a full heart of joy!  This is not a part of a planned festival, not a solemn pronouncement, not a Sunday morning reading- this is a testimony of praise!

    We see a picture of the LORD God as King, robed in majesty.  A more accurate translation would be – God the King appears in full magnificence and armed for battle.  The King James Version gives us a vision of the picture, in that God “hath put on glorious apparel”.

    The KING has appeared  in full battle armor over a tumultuous world-  “Above the voices of many waters, the mighty breakers of the sea, the LORD on High is mighty.” 

    Last year I was on an island in the midst of a terrible Nor’easter -waves breaking across the causeway onto the island and water rising above flood levels.  The skies were black, the wind unbelievable, and  the world around me was truly in tumult.

    Enter into this picture the glorious, Eternal Creator God, holding all power and strength in His hands and ready to use that authority if need be in battle.  NOW, go beyond the picture and  recognize that His is the Reign of Righteousness.  God’s true glory is not merely strength- it is of character.   Verse 5 speaks of ” your statutes”- literally ” your testimonies of affirmations” – terms that indicate that this scriptural portrait rests on the integrity of God ( see Psalm 119) who vouches for it’s promises, warnings, statements and commands.  God is his own guarantor of surety- it is because of Who He is that we can trust in what He says.

    His holiness is a thing of beauty.  It is an integral part of the picture we are seeing of Him.  God is the source and the artist, the King and the creator, the central figure in this portrait from which we cannot tear away our eyes . 

    A portrait, an announcement, an acknowledgement of His Glory- and from us a cry- a psalm of praise!

    Happy Birthday from a mother’s perspective.

    Today is my baby’s birthday.

    He is twenty-four years old.

    Frank is 60 002


    I look at him and the last 24 years flash by-I see the baby- hear his sweet voice and watch in my memory as he grows and learns.

    He is a man, and hates me to do this.

    He doesn’t want to be blog fodder.  Or to have his face be plastered on the walls of my website.  But today is his birthday and it has been my privilege to be his mother and I am overwhelmed by the years that have gone by.

    And pleased at the man he has become.

    And thankful that God has placed this man in my life.

     bread and frames 002

    To celebrate, I picked myself a bouquet of flowers-


    and made a batch of chocolate cake pops for Jordan.

    Because it is a momentous day for both of us!

    My mother used to say I should buy her flowers on my birthday, because she did all the work to bring me into this world.  I’m happy to pick my own flowers.

    And all of this is just to say,

    “Happy Birthday, Jordan!”

    Chocolate cookies and Tuesday- an indulgence and shared recipe

    I’ve been busy getting ready for another work week in Chincoteague.

    We are taking a trailer of furniture, mirrors, pictures, etc. and I have to FIND all the stuff I’ve been squirreling away, plus finish up the projects I started ( like a Sailors Rest sign for the front painted on slate), wash clothes, celebrate Jordan’s birthday- meaning make a cake and figure out a favorite meal- on Thursday.  And I want to get my socks knitted up to a point where I can get further teaching to finish the heels and keep on knitting in the evenings in Chincoteague.  So, I’ve been busy- but not happily so.

    Which means I keep taking breaks and wasting time on reading blogs and looking through books and rooting around in closets- delaying techniques- sad little diversions- I’m LOOKING for something. but what it is, I’m not sure.

    So when I saw these cookies I determined to make them.

    I saw them here at Celia’s blog and she had the recipe set up for American measurements.  They are called Chocolate Sables, perhaps pronounced sa-BLAYS- with a french accent- but they are delicious and I’m glad I got sidetracked into making them.

    Celia’s recipe is printer ready- so if you want to make them go here.

    But if you just want to think about them and salivate, I have pictures of mine to share.

    Chocolate sables 001 Chocolate sables 002 Chocolate sables 003 Chocolate sables 004                Chocolate sables 005 Chocolate sables 006

    Chocolate sables 008

    They are chocolatey and buttery and crisp and chewy and just absolutely DELICIOUS.  It is like making a huge tootsie roll and then slicing it up and baking it and well, YUMMMMM!

    So…….I made these yesterday. 

    And now it is Wednesday. 

    Maybe I will just settle down and do laundry and clean.

    BUT- Celia has some very good looking nuts on her blog today!

    Psalm 27- We need our enemies to help us define who we are- The Journey to Faith.

    Psalm 27
    A David Psalm

    1 Light, space, zest— that’s God!
       So, with him on my side I’m fearless,
          afraid of no one and nothing.
    2 When vandal hordes ride down
          ready to eat me alive,
       Those bullies and toughs
          fall flat on their faces.
    3 When besieged,
          I’m calm as a baby.
       When all hell breaks loose,
          I’m collected and cool.
    4 I’m asking God for one thing,
          only one thing:
       To live with him in his house
          my whole life long.
       I’ll contemplate his beauty;
          I’ll study at his feet.
    5 That’s the only quiet, secure place
          in a noisy world,
       The perfect getaway,
          far from the buzz of traffic.
    6 God holds me head and shoulders
          above all who try to pull me down.
       I’m headed for his place to offer anthems
          that will raise the roof!
       Already I’m singing God-songs;
          I’m making music to God.
    7-9 Listen, God, I’m calling at the top of my lungs:
          “Be good to me! Answer me!”
       When my heart whispered, “Seek God,”
          my whole being replied,
       “I’m seeking him!”
          Don’t hide from me now!
    9-10 You’ve always been right there for me;
          don’t turn your back on me now.
       Don’t throw me out, don’t abandon me;
          you’ve always kept the door open.
       My father and mother walked out and left me,
          but God took me in.
    11-12 Point me down your highway, God;
          direct me along a well-lighted street;
          show my enemies whose side you’re on.
       Don’t throw me to the dogs,
          those liars who are out to get me,
          filling the air with their threats.
    13-14 I’m sure now I’ll see God’s goodness
          in the exuberant earth.
       Stay with God!
          Take heart. Don’t quit.
       I’ll say it again:
          Stay with God.

    The Message (MSG)

    Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

    The author is identified as David.  The circumstances are either when King Saul was chasing him in the desert or more likely when Absolam, his son turned against him.

    The question is “whom shall I fear?” and it is asked and answered by David, “no one” because his confidence is in the Lord.  This is an unequivocal answer, steadfast and unafraid- he has a lifetime of experience to back up this confidence. 

    I love praying this way- confident through experience in the Lord’s goodness and unfailing love.  I can and do pray this prayer regularly!

    The names of God shared in this Psalm are LORD, God, my saviour,and then salvation,light,stronghold, rock- experiential names from instances throughout his relationship with the Lord God of Israel.  The relationship is one of STRENGTH- god is Redeemer and Rock.

    There  are thematic references, but nothing direct to the New Testament (see Psalm 27:10 and Matthew 10:32)

    It is David’s strong voice of testimony we hear all though out this psalm.  David’s voice lifted in praise, in song, and in certainty! 

    The language and confidence, the mood is exuberant- like a song of Joy along this journey of faith.  David knows the Lord well and describes Him from his own experiences.  As light and salvation, a stronghold,  beautiful in His temple (tabernacle or tent, still)- David has come through some nasty situations and uses them as a springboard to praise.  His past burdens and narrow escapes have become areas of strength.  His enemies helped David get a clearer vision of the love and protection and provision of God in his life.

    David’s present song comes from his previous fears and shaken faith- in his darkest hours, he saw the light of the Lord.  When caught in a trap, he recognized the salvation offered by his savior, when camped upon a lonely plain only God was his stronghold.  In the midst of slander,siege, war and attacks he knows he will prevail because the LORD is his  beautiful safe place keeping him like a protected guest , hidden  away from harm.

    He ends this psalm with strong testimony of God’s goodness!  The secret of this witness is in the heart of faith- the NIV translates  the phrase in verse 3 as”my heart will not fear”. 

    God can help us conquer fear when we obey faithfully and learn to worship Him, walk with Him, and wait for Him.  We can look back upon our lives, recognize that He is in the center of our darkest hours, augmenting our struggles with His strength and love.  And, once we see the source of our overcoming the battle we can, along with David, sing His praises.

    Look back, examine today’s difficulties, and look forward to tomorrow’s battles with a sense of victory- because with the LORD on our side we shall prevail!   There is nothing the world or our adversaries can throw at us that can defeat us when we are resting in the strength of the LORD!