My favorite book in the kitchen

I know- this is a little early for an IMK post, but I’ve

been searching high and low for this book and finally found it!

It was in my kitchen- hidden between two cookbooks in the pantry


I collect cookbooks- or I used to collect them.  Then I got hooked on

the internet and all the recipes on blogs and websites and well, my

collecting days seem to be over.



THIS book remains my favorite book for perusing in the kitchen!

It is an Australian book, published in 2000- and I just love it.

I spent 2 hours yesterday poring over photos and reading about the ingredients

of cooking, baking,drinking, FOOD, glorious,FOOD!



from fruit…



to fish.


And of course,


cheese- this book has it all!  I can look up cuts of meat, unfamiliar spices, types of breads

and grains!  And I lose myself in all of these wondrous ingredients.

I am so happy I found it again.  I find it an essential part of reading blogs- otherwise, I’m

scratching my head and wondering WHAT they are suggesting I roast for dinner?

6 thoughts on “My favorite book in the kitchen

  1. You had me with the title of this post and didn’t disappoint! This looks like a fascinating book. I may have to try and hunt down a copy; I too get a lot of my recipes online lately, but I do love to leaf through a tasty book.

  2. Siobhan- it is published by JB Fairfax Press PTY Limited. This is a revised and extended version, printed in 2000. The original book was just about Australian ingredients, but Jill Cox was the UK author who added the other hemisphere into the edition. It has over 375 large pages in the book – more than 2000 color photographs with a short explanation of each item under it. I find it very helpful with the different cuts of meat.

  3. What a fabulous book, I’m so glad you found it again, Heidi! I love books like that, and I especially love that it’s an Aussie one! Shall I add this to the August IMK listing for you? Oh, and I meant to tell you – I think I’ve finally worn out that muslin you sent me ages ago – thank you, it’s been SO useful. I found some at Chefs’ Warehouse recently, which is just as well, as your piece is getting quite holey now! 🙂 xxx

    • I actually have a post in mind for IMK, Celia. I was just so happy to find my book again that I wanted to broadcast it. I love this book because it is so well laid out, the pictures are fabulous and it is so helpful when it comes to cuts of meat and spices I really don’t know that well.
      I find muslin so helpful for making soups and squeezing out extra liquid in cabbage and of course for bouquet garnis, – it is one of my kitchen mainstays- so glad you found some more in better shape!

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