Growing and eating Brussels sprouts…

Growing them is considerably harder than eating them.

I planted Brussels sprouts in mid Spring.  It is now late

Autumn and they were still very tiny- my sprouts.


But my husband was done with gardening and just wanted to clean

out the area.  So I had to harvest what was there.

And this…


is what was there.  Very small sprouts.


Very, very small sprouts.  The three large ones were at the top of the

plants and perhaps should not even have gotten into the mix.

But I wanted Brussels sprouts that I had grown- so I picked all the tiny ones.


And cooked them with onions and garlic in butter.


Then mixed them with Basmati rice.


They were very mild.  This is the first time Frank has ever liked Brussels

sprouts-  I was kind of disappointed- but – I DID grow them and he DID

eat them- so that was a success?  Right?

Baby Brussels sprouts with Basmati rice- another try for a meatless meal.

12 thoughts on “Growing and eating Brussels sprouts…

  1. Hello Heidi – I am a newbie at growing sprouts too and this year we are growing an exotic new version called flower sprouts which are a cross between a kale and a sprout and supposed to be less stinky than the regular ones. At this point in time they are still quite small. I have no idea how big they are supposed to get. Brian says that sprouts need a good frost on them, whatever that means, and he reckons they don’t harvest home grown ones in the UK until end November/December. I see big ones in the shops though but maybe they are grown elsewhere in Europe for the UK market. Baby veggies are very delicious always though, but I can understand your disappointment. I will let you know how our first (and prob last) attempt at sprout growing turns out xx Jo

  2. I’m so glad to hear this, Joanna!
    I have had great hopes for these sprouts- we had to cage them up to keep the deer form eating them- and I have been watching them grow taller and taller without putting out any sprouts! Finally, the little guys started appearing and I kept promising Frank that he could pull them out of the garden in November- I bought them as much time as I could- but Frank likes to clean out the garden by October and these guys were just taking too long for him!
    There were quite a few on only 3 plants- but since they were so little it didn’t end up much.
    I probably won’t plant them again- although I’m thankful I got a little something off of them, anyway. I hope your sprouts give you more produce and satisfaction.

  3. I’ve given up growing them Heidi! I’m the only one in the house who will eat them, and I usually eat too much and give myself stomach cramps in the process. But I DO love them so much, and yours look very delicious. I was told recently that the correct spelling is actually Brussels with an “s” (I’d always spelt it without the capital OR s) – as that’s where they originated from.

  4. Interesting that you mention that, Celia, as I’ve been carefully ignoring the red squiggly line indicating a misspelling. And I had that thought but was not interested enough to google or wiki it!
    Jordan likes them and I do- but now Jordan has moved out- I am working on Frank. Working hard on Frank-“We grew these, darling, you really should give them a go.”
    “No, you don’t like them? Well, eat them anyway- they are so very good for you.”
    ” Quit complaining and just eat a couple then. This is all I made for dinner!”

    • Brydie-
      The idea of Frank as a vegetarian would be a miracle.
      He would rather have an all-meat meal than just veg- but – he does need to try to eat some.
      They were very good.
      And very small.

  5. So sorry to hear that these didn’t grow well for you. I’m always tempted to grow my own because I see tons of them at the farmer’s markets here! Maybe one day I’ll try them, too.

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