Pumpkin puree

I love pumpkin.

Love the beauty of shape, color and form.


Although not all pumpkins look like Cinderella’s coach-


001-some look like her step sisters. 

These pumpkins were both given to me- the small one above was thin skinned and didn’t

have much flesh.  It may have been good for carving- but not much else.

But the queen pumpkin at the top was a gift from my friend, Jane , who grew these

lovely heirloom pumpkins and gave me one.

I was tempted to keep it over Thanksgiving and use it for a table decoration-


but after taking a few pictures I moved on to other ideas.


And I got out the knife.


It was hard to cut- and so huge I could only fit one quarter of it in my roasting pan at a time.



It took me all afternoon- but I got it all roasted- and scraped into a bowl.


Then I got out my immersion blender and got to work.


After about 10 minutes I ended up with this beautiful puree.


Which amounted to about 16+ cups of pumpkin puree.

I froze most of it for future use- but today I’m making a pumpkin pie and maybe some pumpkin

bread- because I have home made puree and I intend to celebrate with it!



Here’s my pumpkin pie!  OH my – it smells so good and looks so custardy!

12 thoughts on “Pumpkin puree

  1. Heidi, That look delicious! I love the rich orange color. Did you save any of the seeds? That was one beautiful pumpkin! Lots of work, how are your arms?

    • It smelled like a melon when I cut into it- rich and sweet!
      I did save some seeds- maybe someone with space would grow some of these for next year.
      And my shoulders are very tender and sore from all that cutting.
      16 slices into a very thick and dense pumpkin!

    • Thanks, Celia!
      It is so sensual- the color, the fragrance, the texture- I am almost overcome with the entire experience.
      And the pie just came out of the oven- so I get to add flavor and mouth feel to my list.
      Yep- you are right- pure GOLD!

  2. Hi Heidi, I don’t know when this was posted but all I can say is Yum!
    I am still thinking about the fruitcake. I was a Buehler s today and they had a small small piece for 6 or more dollars. Think of a 2 inch piece from a bread pan. Yep that small. Way to expensive for my taste even tho theirs is pretty good. I am thinking about an applesauce cake. That always reminds me of the holidays at home. enjoy your pumpkin. Love ya.

  3. Yes lets do that. I am free by 10 am every morning. Friday’s are best. I don’t worry about getting my extra sleep in on Friday’s. I’ll talk to Jan too. Ok?

  4. WOWEE!!! That is an amazing pumpkin and I’m fighting jealousy right about now! My goodness! the color, the size, the quantity you ended up with! Yessir, I’m jealous. Did you roast any of the seeds, too? If you have a few seeds to spare, I would love to buy some from you! That pumpkin far exceeds any that I had this year, for sure!

    And the stepsisters comment – that made me laugh! 🙂

  5. I didn’t roast the seeds, but I did try to save some.
    I am not impressed with the seeds- they seem rather thin and kind of underdeveloped.
    But this is the thickest, richest, most beautiful pumpkin I’ve ever seen, so I’m going to try to get some to grow.

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