September Blues


The skies have been beautiful- cloudy and blue- Stormy and dark blue and grey-

My blues don’t have anything to do with the weather.

I have been blue.

Down in spirit.

Down in body.


I haven’t been able to post- or even communicate in general.

because –” If you don’t have anything nice to say,don’t say anything at all”  according to Thumper’s dad.

So, I get quiet.

Only then I got sick, and had to go get rehydrated at the emergency room just so I could get back to functioning


And now – I’m back.

Still kind of down-

still kind of sick-

but not giving up.

I’m not sure if blogging is going to be a priority for me.

It is a lot of work- and it is hard to put one’s self out here-

I can’t always be productive and cheery.

I had planned many posts in this last period.

Made lots of breads and even took pictures- but somehow

I got lost before I could put them up.

So- I’m kind of planning a break.

Unless my creative side just suddenly breaks out and starts

dancing- I think I will just be kind of sporadic in the blogging


Thank you so much for visiting- I love all the friends I’ve made here-

and I will still be visiting your blogs.

And who knows- I may be back with 100 cookie recipes to make

for Christmas.

Just don’t hold your breath.

8 thoughts on “September Blues

  1. Love you Heidi, was thinking you were being even quieter than me and now I can see you are sad and down. I made Celia’s chicken soup today and then overfilled it wildly with mushrooms and so much short pasta it looked like the floor of a barn, all full of straw and flotsam and jetsam. Then I cut some veggies into sticks and tossed them in a pan with one little tiny chilli that turned out to be a little devil. My brave husband ate his way thrugh my eccentric food, grateful thatI had actually cooked at all. Hang on in there, know that you are loved. xx Jo

    • Thanks, Joanna!
      I am hanging on- working my way out of a deep dark place and finding some help along the way. I’ve been cooking when I’m not sick- and reading my way out of the darkness.
      I just don’t have a cheery attitude to share – and sometimes I think it best to keep silent rather than rattle on when I’m like this.
      Your soup sounds good- I’m thinking of a chicken stew with dumplings and lots of veg- it has really cooled down here lately and stew is good comfort food. 🙂

  2. Ahh, according to this post, you understand what I was just saying in mine, Aunt Heidi, but you were a bit more truthful. This is exactly why my blog has been silent. I’m trying to come back. I’m so thankful you understand, and I’m thankful that I have finally read all the way back to this post, too, to know that I’m not alone.

    • We are never alone, Martha, it just feels that way sometimes.
      It is hard to admit when life is so hard that it hurts deep down- it makes us feel vulnerable and weak. But I have had a lot of experience with depression and it is best to just look at it squarely and recognize that this is not going to last forever, even if it feels that way.

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