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Have you ever noticed how things get blown out of shape when you mess with them too much?

I tend to keep going at a project or a subject until someone says- “enough!”.

I’ve always been a fan of the Oscar Wilde quote, “Nothing succeeds like excess.”

There always seems to be one more morsel, one more tweak, one more item that will make the

package, product, gift, dish –whatever- complete.

But I’m starting to grow more fond of simplicity.  Of stepping back and taking a look at the big

picture instead of going in for a closer shot at the detail.

My oldest son and his wife let me do a lot of the detail in their wedding (almost 13 years ago- May 22)

I helped decorate the wedding cake, made favors, arranged the flowers and the bridal bouquets, made

bread and soup and salad for the reception,catered the rehearsal dinner, helped make the invitations-

I participated in a foot washing ceremony at the wedding and well- I could go on- but you get the idea.

I loved helping- and these were all areas of strength in my abilities.  But at one point, Willow said- “stop”.

And it was good- it was a relief.  I love my daughter in law- she is a loving, talented, wonderful woman-

and I appreciate her boundaries and her understanding of my nature.  I think back to that “stop.” a lot.

It is a blessing- to have someone say enough- no more- this is done.

And so, after a week or cleaning, digging, planting, polishing , refurbishing, fixing and scrubbing it is nice

to say done.  My husband and I spent an entire week getting the house in  Chincoteague  ready for

guests this season.  We literally worked all week just on the house and grounds.  We never even got to the

beach- did not go into any of the local shops- did not stop until we left on Sunday morning.

I went up onto the 3rd floor deck to take some pictures the morning we left.  I try to take lots of pictures

of what we are doing to send to my niece in Australia.  It is her house- and I like to keep her up to date on

the changes.  So as I looked at these pictures this morning I realized how close to the subject, how very focused

we had become on our tasks for the week.  Like the bee on the lavender in that first picture.  All we could see

was the job in front of us- and then the next job and then the next.

We got a lot done.

And finally, our time ran out, we needed to come home.

But my husband was not done.  He still had plans- details to finish up- ideas to fix one more area-

and I found myself in the position to say, ENOUGH!

He wanted to paint one more ceiling, change one more handle.put up one more towel rack.

But we had done enough.

And he didn’t say it, but I think he was relieved.





And quite frankly, so was I!

10 thoughts on “Up close and personal

  1. It looks so bright and beautiful, inside and out. Very inviting. A place for YOU to relax once in awhile when you are there.

  2. Hi Heidi, Everything looks great! You and Frank always do a beautiful job. All of the pictures make me want to go see it all for myself. Thanks to the both of you for all of your hard work to make Meredith’s place just a little more special each time you go there.

  3. There is always more to do, isn’t there? But on the other hand, whatever we do, however little or small, is also always enough. Magnificent photos, Heidi, and Meredith is very lucky to have you both taking such good care of her house for her!

  4. Thank you, Celia-
    You are right there is always more to do- but sometimes it is time to stop.
    It is a 10 hour drive to get to Chincoteague Island from here and so we concentrate on what we have to do. We love the island- it is a place outside of these times- a small town where everyone knows each other but yet opens up during the season to thousands of visitors.
    I’m still not a good photographer but I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing. :/

  5. Care to join me in the kitchen and we could have a cup of tea and put our feet up on the chairs for a bit? We can always start again in an hour or even the next day? Brian has a lovely way of saying, “it can wait till tomorrow” and “If it doesn’t get done, it doesn’t get done”. Having said that I came home to a tidy house and a clean kitchen last night.

    Heidi, I love your lavender close up and all your pics and your way with words. That island home is a magical place and it is so fine to know that there is magic somewhere in the world to travel to 🙂

    • Joanna- I would love to have a cup of tea and while away some time with our feet up with you!
      I have often envisioned a bloggers get-away- where we could meet- face to face – those people who have taken up a place of friendship within the circles of our hearts through the internet! Whether in Bristol, or in the magic Isle of Chincoteague it would be such a pleasure.
      Brian is a treasure- I’ve often thought that his pastry making and photography skills are extraordinary- but he is neat AND laid back in style? Bonus points!!!
      Frank has a determined way of saying- “What did you get done today?”
      Not so very condusive to relaxation. 🙂

  6. You are a such a magic-worker. Sometimes the magic takes over and it becomes nearly impossible to stop. Thanks for all of your magic, but thanks for the greater magic of just being you and my mom.

    I love you!

    • Thank you- you have a real way with words when it comes to my heart, son!
      And happy anniversary month- I think of you two whenever the rhododendrons and lily of the valley bloom.

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