Enhanced water

I’m passing on a tip that I think I got from Martha Stewart.

Note this- because it will probably never happen again.

I don’t like Martha, much. 

I think she does share some good things-

but I think she got them from someone else and doesn’t

give them credit for their ideas.

This one, however, I have been using for years, so Martha

is actually ancient history.

So here it is.

When you buy a whole pineapple-imagine picture here-

(I have picture but I just spent 40 minutes looking for it)


Clean off the rind, cut out the spots and slice the pineapple in half


Then cut out the center of the pineapple- the hard core- and put them

into a pitcher of water.



Leave for several hours – and the core will flavor the water with a very

light pineapple flavor and aroma.


The water is very refreshing on ice or will work well in making a punch for

the base flavor.

10 thoughts on “Enhanced water

    • That is funny- I like to give them a little chew, sometimes, myself. Of course I control myself when I’m going for the water treatment- but I totally understand. This really works well as the base for a punch- but I like it chilled and light on a hot summer day.

  1. I love your header…..and I love pineapple, especially as its affordable in Nigeria. I love the core tip too. What my dad taught me was to use the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. How? We wash the skin very well and then bring it to the boil with sugar, the core and whatever spices you like, turn down to a simmer and you have wonderful pineapple juice, with all the essence of the fruit.

  2. What a marvelous use for the skin and core! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe from your father- I’m definitely doing this next time! I hate throwing any of the pineapple away and this makes great sense and sounds delicious.

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