Kitchen help

When my boys were young, I had them help in the kitchen.

They set and cleared the table, swept the floors, filled and emptied

the dishwasher, and helped prepare the meals. 

They liked spending time with me- and my time was mostly spent

doing chores and preparing meals- so that is where we accomplished

much of our work.  I wasn’t a photographer back then- I’m getting better

now- and my son and niece take so many pictures that I have a library of

images to go to.

But I have no pictures of those years of activity.  Of the learning and loving

and sharing that went on then.  So- in looking at my most recent photos,

I was so pleased to have pictures of my grandsons working along with us-

in the the kitchen.


Kieran putting away the crayons after an art session!


And sweeping the deck after a rainstorm brought down the crab

apple blossoms.


Aidan washing the dishes from breakfast.


Kieran sorting out my cupboard.

Luke used to get Jordan to help put away the dishes by calling out, “Hi Ho Silver(ware)!”

and Jordan would come running to put away the silverware. 

And after sweeping up the floor he’d call for the “dustpan man” and his little

brother would hurry to do his part of the task.

No pictures of my sons- just fond memories and an echo in my heart of helpful

and obedient children- who have grown up to be fine upright men.

I cherish the times spent with children- it can be tiring – but those moments are

like silver and gold- never losing their precious value.

14 thoughts on “Kitchen help

  1. I’ve got a lot of lovely memories of childhood time spent in the kitchen. I hope I’m creating special memories for my kids down the track too…. and I can’t wait until they are old enough to do the dishes by themselves 🙂

    • My childhood memories are mainly about working in our family’s greenhouse, filling packs with dirt, carrying seedlings to be transplanted and watering- lots of watering- and selling flowers at the hospital.
      I didn’t get interested in the kitchen until I was in my late teens- but I loved getting the boys involved in the whole kitchen experience.
      It is a momentous occasion when you can finally trust children to actually clean up after you! 😀

    • That’s what I keep telling myself, Chopinand- the pictures in my heart are so very dear and clear- but they don’t fit onto a scrapbook page, at all, at all
      My family is the dearest thing in this world- and I consider them all more precious than gold.
      Thanks for pointing that out!

    • I like that one, as well, Martha!
      He’s so determined to do what he sees his big brother doing- and yet he approaches everything in such a different way that it is just pure fun watching him!

    • Hello there, Cynthia. So glad to see you have rediscovered my blog!
      Yes- I am rather choosy about my kitchen help- but these guys meet all the criteria.

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