Baking bread- always baking bread


I have been baking bread consistently for the past 40 years.  Every month for the last 40

years I have baked bread.  I should be pretty good at it by now.  I hardly follow a recipe any

more- when people ask me for one- I give it from memory- although I no longer measure out

cups and liquids.  I pour a half bag of flour, fill the well in the center with hot water, add a good

slosh of sourdough starter, a sprinkle of yeast, a palmful or two of salt and I’m ready to start

mixing.  I can’t imagine going without fresh bread.  I am always made happier just in the making

of it- and the eating is still pure bliss.  I make bread when I am down and depressed and it gives

me a stable place of joy.  I make bread when I am happy and my world just sings.  I make bread

when I am bored and I tremble as I add new ingredients and change up the shaping of the loaves.

Bread is not just a food- it is a barometer. 


If I am NOT making bread I am grumpy.  And you can tell how depressed I am by the amount

of bread in my kitchen.  Bread making is the road to recovery from the depths of depression

in my life.

So- I am presently doing fairly well.


My bread basket is full- I have extra loaves in the freezer.

And I have great beauty and bounty on my counter tops!




I baked this piece in a parchment pouch- it was perfect!


And the crumb was exactly what I was looking for.


I also made a sourdough marbled rye which turned out very toothsome and lovely.

My recipe for contentment?  BAKE BREAD!!!

8 thoughts on “Baking bread- always baking bread

  1. You make the best bread. Your home smells so good when you’re baking, it makes my mouth water. Just looking at your pictures makes my mouth water. When my children were little and you would send the bread bears home with us, we ate them on the way home.

    • I love making, baking and eating bread.
      Love the way the flour and water comes together…
      love the elasticity of the dough.
      I love the raise of the bread- the smell of the yeast
      love the aroma of the bread baking in the oven.
      Love the crackle of the crust when I pull it out of the oven.
      I love the texture of the crumb- the toothsome bite into the bread.
      I love eating it- sharing it- dipping it into olive oil.
      Thanks Cynthia- I love sharing bread with you.

  2. You’ve been baking ten times longer than me! I hope one day I will be able to measure the flour by eye and hand like you do. My aunt does it your way – it’s all about knowing with your hands how it should feel isn’t it? Slowly I am getting there and the enjoyment is ever present πŸ™‚ Nerd question : How does the parchment pouch work? I’ve never seen anything quite like that ?

  3. You are right- it is about the feel- and the experience to know to add less liquid than you think you will need- so you can happily splash some more in before the dough comes together fully- and then adding clouds of flour when it is too sticky- so that it feels just right!
    The parchment bag/pouch came with a table top grill that never worked the way I wanted it to- but the bags are quite useful. I had a rather large piece of dough that would have overflowed the banneton- so I took off a huge lump and shaped it into a roll. Then I left the banneton and the roll(inside the parchment pouch so it wouldn’t dry out and yet could still be handled the next morning. The roll baked beautifully- crisp and crunchy crust and a moist and flavorful crumb. I really liked it- not only was it delicious- but it was protective of the roll as well.

  4. Heidi I completely agree. Bread making (or making things in general) stabilises my life. Sometimes it feels like a chore, but really it’s only for a minute or two and I’m always thankful I made the effort once it’s done.

  5. I love making bread, too, but I love eating it even more. πŸ™ If only I could make it worthwhile to make one small loaf at a time so that I don’t overindulge. Sigh. Today I was actually in control. I only had ONE slice of my latest bread, when I really wanted the whole loaf!

    I am not yet at your stage of just dumping and throwing in ingredients, but that is my goal. I have a basic recipe and eyeball the majority. I feel this is a sign of my maturity and feel as if I’m finally grown up! Haha! πŸ™‚

    • I have found the freezer works to help me keep from eating too much bread. I slice what we will use and them put the rest in the freezer. Waiting for it to defrost makes me think out the advisability of eating too much at one time!
      Just keep on baking, Martha, I’m still waiting to feel finally grown up!

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