A surprise soup made with avocados and sausage. Recipe




I’ve been so busy- grandchildren have come and gone- Spring is still here although disguised

in Summer garb and Winter snow part of the time.



Trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue and children of all ages rolling down hills!


I’ve also been making sourdough bread with its complex corridors of holes-


And I made Sausage and avocado soup with apples and peanut butter.

It may sound like a weird combination- but it is good.  And it has a story behind it.

I was working with a group of ladies several years ago on a weekend workshop.  I was supposed to speak AND

cater the luncheon on Sunday.  I planned the menu to be soup, salad, roll, and chocolate for dessert.

The soup I had planned was Apple,Fennel, and Almond – the salad was chicken garnished with slices of avocados and greens-

and I had gotten croissants and wonderful chocolate truffles .  Everything was prepared and packaged up to go. 

Except the base for the soup never went.  I had left it to put in the cooler last and instead it just got left.

So Sunday morning I started to get the preparation in hand and couldn’t find the soup base.  I had the broth and the cream

I had ground almonds.  I had everything but the base.  And without the base, I had no soup.

The hotel we stayed in offered breakfast with our rooms – and one of the offerings was sausage gravy and biscuits.

I don’t like sausage gravy- but thought it would work as a soup base.  I had a little cider and apples from a stop at a nearby

orchard ( We were out in Amish country, in Wilmot, Ohio) and one of the ladies had a jar of peanut butter.  Plus- I had my

avocados for garnishing.  I only had a slow cooker to work with, but I put it on high and starting with the cider and apples, slowly

put together a soup for 38 ladies.  I spoke about my topic- making beauty preparations from your kitchen– and then went back to my soup

– planning  to trash it if it didn’t turn out.

But it did turn out.  It was – in fact- a success!  I had many requests for the recipe- but I had no recipe to share- just a panicked memory

of what else can I add???!!

A little while before the grandkids and their parents came, I made guacamole for Jordan and myself.  It was really good, although I

added a zested jalapeno pepper and it was really spicy as well.  But I had a lot left over- and it was starting to go brown.

That is when I decided to recreate my luncheon soup and see if it was as good as I remembered.

I started off sauteeing a 1/2 pound of sausage.  To that I added 1/2 diced onion and one chopped and peeled medium apple.


Add a large cup of guacamole-(so avocado,lime juice,finely grated jalapeno and salt and pepper)


Add 2 small cans of chicken broth, and 1 tablespoon of smooth peanut butter and

stir and heat until hot but not boiling.  Add salt and pepper to taste- maybe a little bit

of hot sauce – a dollop of cream- and enjoy!


We ate it with tortilla chips and it was just as good as I had remembered. 

(Jordan was VERY skeptical at first- but I think he really loved it by his third helping.)

14 thoughts on “A surprise soup made with avocados and sausage. Recipe

  1. WOW! I am very impressed that you pulled that off! I would’ve probably panicked before I had gotten to a finished soup. Good job! 😀

    • There were a couple of moments that I considered going over to the Amish Door and asking for some of their soup- but the ingredients kept adding up and merging to a flavorful mix. If it hadn’t worked out I would have bought chicken soup for 38!

    • Thanks, Lilly.
      🙂 I didn’t mention all the prayers I had going that we would have a “good” luncheon- I think the Lord answered those prayers quite literally. I hadn’t tried it again until last week- and was very pleased to know that this wasn’t a fluke.

  2. Heidi, you make the best soups. Recipe or not you make the best soups. You have lovely Grandchildren, I enjoy being with them.

  3. Wow, what a story, and you kept your sang froid – I would have been at the Amish Door long before – I have never cooked an avocado, only ever used them raw. My garden is full of self sown primrose flowers and I read somewhere that they are edible and I thought (if it stops raining) that maybe I would try my hand at crystallising them, so I was just going to hunt out your post again. I admit I think about this every year and then don’t do it, but in my mind you and violets and little spring flowers go hand in hand and I am so pleased to see that spring is finally visiting you. Great looking bread too ! x Joanna

    • Thanks Joanna- I always love to gather the sweet violets – I crystallized a great bunch last year and then forgot to use them all!
      And the bread shot- with the sunshine and flag in the background was made with you in mind- I love your bread/window photos so much!
      I have cooked avocados on several occasions, once whilst in Scotland – we had gone to a market in Glasgow and picked up a couple of avocados that were deceptively soft. When I peeled them, they weren’t quite ripe – so I dipped them in a batter and fried them and served them alongside our main dish. They were quite good and everyone was amazed. ( Really, I just didn’t want to throw out such an expensive item- they were very pricey- in January!)
      I didn’t know primrose were edible- hmm- I have a healthy batch growing in my front yard….

    • And rather hopeful and foolhardy, Celia! 🙂 It was such a happy moment when it all finally came together- but I was desperate- and I didn’t really have the time between speaking and serving to get the soup from the restaurant next door!

  4. If the rest of my family were as adventurous as I am, then I would make that soup in a second! If I stop and think about the ingredients, I also am skeptical, but because I love to try new things, I would certainly give it a go!

    • You need to be very adventurous or very desperate to make this soup the first time, Martha.
      I wouldn’t have dreamed this up in any other circumstances, I assure you. 😀

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