Tuesday Afternoon.

Think grey.

Imagine gloomy.

Visualize mist and sluggish winds.

Then shiver.

That is my picture gallery for today.

Taking a picture is too depressing.


I’m depressed because this little guy is going

to his parents at the end of the week.

Fostering children is a good and noble job for

loving parents.  It helps give children a strong

start in this world.  I’m all for loving children

who need a soft place to land when their parents

run into trouble.

But it sure hurts to have to give them back.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon.

  1. I hate to see him go back. He is a joy to have in the family. I’m going to keep this little one in my prayers. God can keep him in His hands.

  2. This is why I believe that God gives certain people the extra love and grace that is needed to love … and then to let go. My heart would be broken over and over and over again. Praying for all of you who will be feeling his loss.

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