Monday morning

I slept last night.

It’s been so long since I’ve managed to sleep,

this is a small celebration.

Pain is a magnifier of problems.

And an isolator of individuals.

I have felt like I don’t completely

belong anywhere.

I don’t even sleep when my family does.

I have become other.

But today, after 5 hours of sleep,

I am home, again.

Home in my family-

home in my mind.

So, in celebration of this great event,

I grabbed my camera to document the


Here is a random sampling.


-magnetic ladies(one with child) riding on an elephant



-porcelain rabbit teapot.


-bark and spaghnum moss growing in my front yard.


-tiny and small daffodils !


– yellow cowslip or primrose- depending on your mood.


– Irish moss littered with fall debris.


-early violets, still in their bed and nightdress-

slowly opening one eye to see if it is time to waken.

Like the violet I am rather tentative in my celebration.

One night of sleep!- or- Only one night of sleep?

Pain still lurks.

It is around the corner, waiting.

It is behind the curtain awaiting its cue.

But this is Easter week.


There is ample reason for celebration and joy.

14 thoughts on “Monday morning

  1. Hi!
    I am very fond of that lovely icon! Thank you again for gifting me with it.
    And thanks so much for the prayers.
    I sometimes feel like I am living on prayer support.

  2. As someone who’s sleep is still frequently interrupted by your youngest grandson, I know what a difference a little sleep (or lack of it) can make on the whole fabric of the day. Glad you’re feeling better and able to sleep a little more comfortably.

  3. That is so funny, Willow!
    As I read the comment, I looked back at the name to make sure I had read right.
    Sleep is a gift. Why does it seem that we get to enjoy it so little?
    Love you!

  4. The snow is gone- but flurries are still in the forecast.
    We usually have a long cold spring- lovely for the lasting, but precarious for the eventual harvest. Frosts and snowfall can occur until the first of June.
    So – yes- on the doorstep- but not quite at home yet.

  5. Me too, Joanna, me too!
    I had been stuck in the house all last week and I could see the grass greening up and the daffodils in the distance. Yesterday I was so happy to go out for a couple of minutes and soak it all in!

  6. Willow, I had to laugh at your comments! I was pretty impressed that Luke was actually affected by no sleep because of his child! Fred usually slept through all the interruptions around here. Then I read your next post from YOU! That’s when I laughed out loud!

    And Aunt Heidi, I wanted to say that I’m so impressed with your plant life! Our greenery is FINALLY starting to pop up, but I have no flowers to brag about yet. SOON!! Please, SOON!

  7. Thanks Martha- I get no credit for the clemency? of Ohio weather- and I give no credence to it either!
    I enjoyed Willow’s and Luke’s cryptic comments as well. I know that he does get up early but not necessarily with the baby. 🙂

  8. Heidi, I’m so glad you’ve got some rest. I’ve been sick with a bad chest cold for over a week now, so forgive me for being behind in reading your blog – so much to catch up on. Glad you’re (hopefully) on the mend, Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

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