When you give a child a…



You sometimes get close-ups of their shoes. Or-



sometimes fuzzy self portraits. 🙂

When you give a child a…




414 415

You can get a lot of fun!

And when you give a child a…

whole lot of love and attention-


422 418

You get a whole lot back!!!

As for me…

I’m going to keep on giving!

12 thoughts on “When you give a child a…

  1. Thanks!
    I love to interact with children- they are so fresh and real!
    Have you ever given a child a digital camera and shown them where to click? It is so much fun to watch them look- really LOOK around them and then start to take pictures! Random shots- from a child’s height are some of my very favorite pictures!
    And this was the very first drink Aiden had out of a soda bottle! The manouevering that went on was amazing- to get that little bit of root beer in the bottom of Heidi’s bottle!
    And this is the new way of reaching out in relationship for the baby. He caws a little like a crow and reaches out for your face-first gently- and then with a little scratchy motion. I love it!
    He is so determined to touch back!
    Anyway- I thought you might enjoy this point-of-view as much as I do!

  2. I’ve just been reading Joanna’s blog (Zeb Bakes) and noted the mention of bread bears – bread bears! So I had to follow the trail. What glorious, beautful symbols of sustaining love. Love and sustenance together. Such cherubic innocence and fun. How lovely to have them flowing out of your hands, Heidi.

    • Thank you, Jan! I really do love baking bread! And baking bears is really a lot of fun- they all kind of look the same going into the oven, but they develop their own personalities under heat! Some start to wink- others to dance- but they all have wonderful taste!

  3. Brydie-
    I cherish every moment with this sweet baby. He’s a foster child, so there are no promises that come with him- and he has seriously stolen my heart.
    I’m so thankful for the opportunities to love that I’ve been given, two grandsons from my son and his wife- and two from my niece. God is good.

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