What if it is the first straw?

I had a great time last week with Cynthia andAlly and Aiden first in Smithville, then in Marshallville.  Biut out best time was at the Post House with Aiden for lunch.

Allyson calls me a feeder.  I DO like to see little boys eat heartily- and so I share my meal to supplement theirs when necessary (and allowed.)   So I shared my cup of chili with Aiden who loved it as a dip for his grilled cheese sandwich.  But most of all I loved his straw handling skills.

Aiden and cookies 001 Aiden and cookies 002 Aiden and cookies 003

 Aiden and cookies 004Aiden and cookies 005 Aiden and cookies 006

                 Aiden and cookies 007Aiden and cookies 008 Aiden and cookies 009

He is such a lot of fun and I love spending time with them.

I’m thankful that God brought Aiden into our lives.

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