Gingerbread cookies- the bride and groom version

Aiden and cookies 011 Aiden and cookies 013

These are the brides…………………….and these are the grooms!

Aren’t they cute?  This is what I’ve been doing this weekend- making 56 pairs of this happy couple for a dear friend’s son’s wedding.


Aiden and cookies 016

I put on my baker’s hat and cut out and baked 112 gingerbread boys and girls-

Aiden and cookies 014 Aiden and cookies 015 Aiden and cookies 021 Aiden and cookies 027 Aiden and cookies 025

and then I decorated them with three different chocolates.

The brides got all white chocolate- the grooms dark and milk chocolate-

and  then I gussied them all up in bows and ribbons.


 Aiden and cookies 012 And packaged them in cellophane bags,

Aiden and cookies 029 And tied them with black and gold ribbons and put them into a bakery box.

Aiden and cookies 028

Actually – two bakery boxes.

Being a baker around holidays means that you don’t have a lot of free time.

Tomorrow I’m making dozens of turkey dinner rolls for the Bake Shop.

You can find directions and a recipe for making the rolls here.

9 thoughts on “Gingerbread cookies- the bride and groom version

  1. Heidi, they are delightful! I must confess, though, that if I were baking cookies for a wedding, I’d be making half again as many as I needed in case of breakage or frosting fails! Your confidence tells me a lot about your skill!

  2. I have been making cookies for large orders for many years- and I do usually make extra cookies- but only about 3 extra just in case one gets dropped .
    So now I have 3 extra cookies left over.

  3. Need someone to make bride and groom gingerbread cookies for my daughter’s wedding. She is giving to-go-mugs and thought the cookies would be a great finishing touch. However, cost became a factor. Can you help us? Thanks for your time. Your cookies look adorable. I wish I had the talent. The wedding is Dec. 18, 2009.

  4. Hi Annajean!
    I can see where the cost could be prohibitive- there is a lot of work in cut outs when they are decorated in this manner. How many people are you considering giving cookies to?
    I generally charge $1.50 to $2.00 dollars each- plus shipping and handling.
    You could try to decorate the Pepperidge Farm gingerbread man cookies with piped chocolate and ribbons, but no matter how you do it , you are running out of time.

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