April 2014- In my kitchen


Normally, I would like to have at least 4 posts a month.  Last month my only post was an IMK post- so I’ve slipped up big time!  It has been a very cold and snowy month.

So I’m going to start over this month and hopefully it will be a more hopeful and postfull  type of month.

In my kitchen…Meyers Lemons

Meyer’s lemons.  They were the same price as regular lemons so I decided to buy them and make up some recipes I’d been thinking about!

So- in my kitchen…

Lemon and ricotta crepes.

Lemon and raspberry bars.


The first picture is of cardamom and lemon crinkle biscuits’cookies.

If you are interested in any of the recipes, let me know in the comments and I will write them up in the next post.

In my kitchen…

Italian yeasted bread and a sourdough loaf.


BREAD!  I made two loaves  and I think I prefer the sourdough.  It has way more flavor and a softer crumb.

In my kitchen…

A selection of my aluminum platters and bowls.


my aluminum serving pieces.

I didn’t pay more than $5 for any of these pieces- and I enjoy the hammered beauty of aluminum.

So- that is my kitchen this month- go to Celia’s blog, http://figjamandlimecordial.com/  and see a list of other IMK posts from around the world.

37 thoughts on “April 2014- In my kitchen

  1. I grew up near Cincinnati but now live in Central Australia (for 30 years). Always nice to see what is going on over there!! Thanks for joining the IMK party!

    • Hi Ardys!
      Thanks for stopping by! My niece lives in Australia right now and often sends me products and honey from around Canberra.

    • I come across them often, in season. But I usually will not pay what they are asking for them. These were only$2.50 for 6 and that definitely was within my budget!
      I love lemons- Frank- not so much- so most of these are given away or frozen.

    • Hi Anne!
      Meyer’s lemons are a cross between a regular lemon and an orangey fruit- not as sour- twice as flavorful and the rind is perfect for adding in that special zest. I guess they just aren’t as bitter/sour as lemons.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      So glad to have you visit.
      I first visited Celia because of you- some years ago you mentioned a new blog that you enjoyed.

  2. Hello Heidi. I love the lemon goodness in your kitchen, especially those crepes. They are making me hungry! Your bread is gorgeous, I can almost smell it from here. Stay warm, do you know I have never seen snow! Happy cooking to you.

    • Hi Jane!
      The crepes were yummy- the bread is almost gone and I’m making more in the morning!
      Snow is lovely in November, December and January. I am used to lots of snow in February- March has been a month filled with snow. And by April- it is not welcome anymore, period.
      I like lots of change in the seasons- so I would be sad not to ever have snow- but really- it is time for Spring rain and sunshine!

  3. Hello Heidi, You always have an interesting kitchen. You have collected some beautiful pieces of aluminum over the years. Your kitchen always has a wonderful aroma. It doesn’t matter what you make it always tastes great.

    • Cynthia- you are so sweet. Thank you for your visit and for your loyalty- the best thing about sisters is that the good ones find a way to stay by your side- or at least on your side!

    • Hi Glenda!
      I know- and I love when you share your collections with us!
      I don’t always have something new to share- but I have plenty of “old” things around! 🙂

  4. Heidi, how have we never seen your hammered aluminium (as we call it here) before? They’re absolutely stunning! I love hammered metals, and one of my prize pieces was a wedding gift of a hammered steel tray. Must pull it out and take a photo. Your lemon treats are a delight and as always gorgeous bread on your blog, although I’m intrigued that the sourdough has a softer crumb than the yeasted? I always thought it was the other way around! 🙂 How’s Thing 2 going?

    • HI Celia-
      Last things first. Thing two is so happy and bubbly that he is a true delight! I only used half of the starter you sent and collect more all the time so that I will never be without again! And I, too, thought the sourdough would have a thicker/stiffer crust, but no, that is not the case. I am so happy with the sourdough bread- it is perfect for a sandwich or just to slice and use to sop up soup. Delicious!
      My aluminum pieces have been in use and then hastily stored in the basement- Frank does not like old pieces and these are all very old- he thinks they should go to the thrift stores- I think I will just keep them out of his sight and hopefully out of his mind! 🙂
      I’d love to see your hammered steel!

    • Hi Joanne-
      It is always great to hear from you- you are the most upbeat person I know! You need to get the smell of bread out of your head and into your kitchen!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love Meyer lemons. There is one grower at my local farmers market that sells them. I look out for them eagerly at the start of each season. I have a stunning recipe for barley & Meyer lemon cake I make each year. Your bread is fantastic. I wish I could get mine to look so good. Maybe I need to make more 🙂

  6. Hello heidiannie, I would love to see your recipe for lemon and cardamom biscuits. They sound and look delicious.

    • Yes- the lemons were inspirational. Only problem is that my husband hates lemon anything- so I’ve had to share a lot with all around. 🙂

  7. I had Meyer lemons for the first time the other year and made marmalade with them, which we are still eating now. I don’t think I saw any imports this year at all, but I keep an eye out for them as they are a lovely fruit. Your aluminium collection is amazing and your bread as always is just so a part of you and what you do that it always makes me smile to see it xx Jo

  8. Thank you Joanna- I think the same thing when I see your breads. They look just right in your kitchen ( and in your garden, and in your sunshine/window pane shots!)
    I love the spelling and pronunciation of aluminium but my son and spell check keep telling me I can’t get away with that over here. 🙁 Although I do- every once in a while, just to keep him on his toes!
    I don’t make marmalade much- I would have to eat it all myself and that would not be a good road to go down at this time in my life.
    Thanks for coming by- I always love to hear from you!

    • I like lemon is savory foods as well, but the meyer lemons aren’t as sour as regular lemons and are a better fit with sweet dishes, IMO,
      There are a lot of bread posts this month- and they were more of a sideline rather than a featured item. My motto is- wherever I am there will be bread. And I’m sticking to it! 😀

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