Happy Valentine’s Day

Start with standard chocolate cupcakes.

Form hole in center with apple corer. Don’t go all the way through the cake.

Fill center with marshmallow creme/fluff.

Wait until creme settles and fill again-
Then ice with dark chocolate frosting and decorate with hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. you know all of my children would have politely hovered in your kitchen while we talked (if we were a little closer). The small one would have tentatively stroked the side of one. The middle one would have darted his eyes back and forth between one cake to the next and the big one would have said…”Mmmm, they look good!” Hoping terribly you would say, would you like one?
    Yes, I think that’s how it would go Heidi 🙂
    Hope Frank loved them.

    • The truth is that they wouldn’t have even had to ask I would put one on each dinosaur party plates and have a glass of milk sitting next to them! Frank froze them and is planning on taking them in his lunch all next week while I’m out of town.
      Thanks for stopping by, Brydie!
      (If only we lived closer!)

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