In my Kitchen- February 2014

In February , I seem to drop into a depression that lasts until Spring and even later sometimes.  So I spend a lot of time reading and hiding out in other people’s thoughts and lives.  I used to buy stacks of books in the Autumn so I would be prepared- but since the advent of the Kindle in my life- or should I say that in the plural?- because I need two to keep up with my reading schedule and you have to plug them in to recharge once in a while.

So – in my kitchen and wherever else I go-

is a Kindle.

In my kitchen-

Are many baskets.

I love baskets- I fill them

with all kinds of supplies

and goodies and books.

And candles and napkin holders

and cookies, and stamping pads and

stamps and napkins and presents.


This basket holds pies!  Two full

size pies !  It is so great to use to

carry them to my niece’s house for

Thanksgiving dinner!

The last basket I’m showing is called

a market basket- but I use it for my most

recently used cookbooks.  These baskets

are all handmade here in Ohio at the Longaberger

Basket company.  They are very pricey- but they are solid and make for real

working baskets rather than for lightweight loads.

In my kitchen…

(wait for it…)

Is this great glorious loaf of bread!

Even in the doldrums, in the midst of reading, I make bread.

It is almost as lifting to my spirits as reading!


And ,

In my kitchen…

are tea cozies and pots of tea.

Also very good for the lifting of low spirits.

So- there you have it- books, bread, baskets and tea with cozies to keep it warm.

Take a look at Celia’s blog,  to see other in my kitchen posts.

Have a great February- or just find a good book to read and a great bread to eat!

14 thoughts on “In my Kitchen- February 2014

  1. Heidi, even in the cold, dark weather, your kitchen always shines so bright! I’m an avid Kindle user, as you know, love the fact that you run two back to back. Bet you’ve saved a fortune on books, not to mention the number of trees you’ve saved! 🙂 Your baskets are gorgeous – love the idea of having one for cookbooks which are in play – I just end up with piles all over the kitchen table! Bread is magnificent as always – I don’t think we can ever have too many photos of your loaves! 🙂 xx

    • Hi Celia- I love books- the hard tactile feel of them- but when I read so incessantly they take up a lot of space. And some are so heavy that I have to sit at the table to handle them- so the Kindle works far better for me- not to mention the eco saving of trees.
      It has been so very cold and snowy this winter- weeks of below 0 temperatures and always more snow and ice storms- I need a warm and cozy kitchen and many, many pots of tea!

  2. Heidi, I love your kitchen even in the darkest of months. You have some of the most beautiful baskets. I love it that you use your baskets, how special is that. You make some of the best tasting and looking breads. I’m pretty sure you have more tea cozies then the picture. Did you give away the ones you made? Tea sounds great on a day like today. Love you!

    • I did give away all the ones I made. And I didn’t photograph all the ones I own because it would be too busy of a picture.
      I have many more baskets (as you well know) but they were all filled with stuff and I didn’t want to make a big mess pulling them all into the kitchen.
      And I am making some bread tomorrow so you can take some home with you!

    • Thanks, Siobhan,
      I do like this bloggy friendship through the IMK posts- and there is nothing I would love more than having some friends in my kitchen for a nice cuppa and a chat!

  3. Today I was brought a gift of bread from a Portuguese delicatessen in Brixton, London. It was dark, sweet and heavy and studded with soft grains. I asked my Dad who brought it if he knew what it was called or what was in it exactly but he was vague. It was a great pleasure to eat a new bread and ponder what it might be made of and good to see him too. I wish so much that we could meet up at times of gloom in particular and drink tea, slice and taste each other’s baking and chat about books. But in the meantime i send you lots of love and a big hug xx

    • OH Joanna-
      How wonderful to have your father come for a visit with a loaf of bread. My father died when I was a teenager and I never got to be adults together with him. And NO ONE ever brings me bread- except for one former neighbor who is a marvelous baker and that only happens once a year.
      I would also love to share our baked goods with a cup of tea and discuss our thoughts and books and recipes and socks!
      My grandson often laments that he loves me – but he really doesn’t like me on Skype. Communication without the personal touches are less than perfect- but I will take the virtual hugs and the love and drink a tea toast in your direction! xxxheidi

  4. G’day! I always LOVE your positive vibes Heidi, true!
    Your posts always brighten my day and love your baskets, can smell your bread and love your tea cossies…thanks for this month’s kitchen view!
    Cheers! Joanne

  5. Heidi, your book reading and bread-making and baskets of goodies show that you’re dealing with Ol’ Man Winter head on — and hands on! (I’m a tactile person, too.) Sending hugs & hoping sunnier days are on the horizon for you asap. By the way, your double pie carrier hamper is awesome! I only have one Longaberger basket to my name (a small one), but I treasure it. Their baskets & your IMK post have two things in common — made with LOVE and CARE. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. Hi Kim!
    Sometimes I feel like I am running and hiding in books- but mostly I am just making it day by day. And next week I’m going south to Virginia to spend a week on an island on the east coast- that will raise my happiness quotient by 100%- especially since my grandchildren will be there as well!
    I have about 10 Longaberger baskets- mostly gifts- but also a couple that I got because a friend hosted a lot of parties and wanted to have my bread bears as favors for her guests- we traded bread for baskets and I got some of the larger baskets from her parties.
    Thanks for stopping by and saying such a positive and happy comment- and have a great Valentine’s day!

  7. Oh that Pie basket takes me back – my mom had the same one! I loved how you could stack one on the other with the little table divider 🙂 I hope fresh bread and e-books are getting you through the dreariness!

    • Hi JJ- I just came back from a week in Virginia, where the temperatures where mainly in the 40’s and above- the ocean nearby and sunshine all afternoon. That helped with the dreariness- but now I’m back with cold and snow and yes, more bread on the horizon!

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