Christmas around the house

I am really not there yet.  In the Christmas spirit.

In fact, I usually don’t arrive until all is over- the shopping, making and wrapping-

the cooking, partying, greetings, cards, and catching up-  my Christmas spirit

comes after New Year’s has quieted down and I’m digesting all that

has happened over the holiday season.

BUT- I do have preparations going on- rituals to follow, recipes to bake-

it certainly looks like Christmas around my house!


Starting off with fruitcake.  I love making it as much as eating it- maybe I

love making it more.


And gingerbread houses- I love to make them with children!


We made three houses this year!


(OK this is not at my house- but these are the houses I was involved in making.)


044See- I’m making the royal icing.

And bread- I’m making many loaves of bread.



And cookies- I made some gluten free shortbread this year that I really like.


They have rice and almond flour- and are better as time goes by!


We finally got the tree up yesterday- it has many more ornaments than I usually put

up- but my grandsons are coming this year so I added a lot of kid themed stuff I usually

by pass.



There are small little signs of Christmas throughout the house- it is starting

to look right ready for the celebrating to begin.

I’m linking this to Jason’s blog Don’t boil the sauce for his At my tradition feature.

Have a wonderful Christmas and don’t forget to catch the spirit!

9 thoughts on “Christmas around the house

  1. Heidi, it’s looking very festive at your house! I’m excited at the thought of you having the kids for the holidays – surely the best Christmas present ever! Have a wonderful, glorious, blessed Christmas, dearheart! xx

  2. Thanks Celia- it has been a long time since the kids were here, period, so I am in absolute heaven thinking about the upcoming festivities!!! I’m cleaning out corners and putting up Christmas rather than baking right now… I will bake later… I want the little ones to remember that Grandma cherished the season as well as the Lord of the Season! Praying that you and yours are enjoying a wonderful warm time of Summertime Christmas!

  3. Heidi, thanks so much for joining At My Tradition, your house is full of the magic of Christmas. I think your tree looks beautiful and I’m sure your grandkids will love it. The ginger bread houses are amazing and look so well constructed no chance of a collapsed house.(mine are always a little wonky)
    I have to agree with you sometimes I think there is more of an urge to create or bake than the desire to eat the product……I still manage to eat it though hehe.
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and a safe and very happy new year
    Merry Christmas

    • Thank you, Jason- I was really not going to do a pre-Christmas post this year but your venue encouraged me to do one and I’m thankful for that!
      I’m looking forward to seeing many more Christmas traditions come together this year. A marvelous season of joy for you and your family, Jason!

  4. Everything looks ready for Christmas. The boys are going to love it. I’m looking forward to seeing them again. Looking forward to Christmas this year. Hope you’re feeling better.

  5. Not ready yet- but slowly and surely – hopefully getting there.
    My knee is still very stiff- getting better slowly there too.

  6. Heidi, I can relate to your statement about appreciating Christmas “after the fact” (which I’m doing on New Year’s Eve!) — seems like no matter how much we intend to slow down, things only go faster. Hope you’ve had time to absorb the wonder of it all and I’m certain your grandchildren loved the extra effort you put into making it a special time for them. Happy New Year!

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