French Apple Cake- Happy October!

I’ve been planning on this cake for at least a month.

I saw it here , on America’s Test Kitchen, and wanted it.

They eat the cake right in front of you and my mouth watered.

When we went apple picking I was thinking of this cake.

On my son’s birthday I was thinking of this cake.

And today I made it!


It is easy to make- has a custard layer, an apple layer and a light cake layer.  And-

it is as good as I hoped it would be!

So, “happy birthday!”  if you have an October birthday-  I’m celebrating with this cake!


I raise my cup of deep plum cinnamon tea and salute Autumn, Apples, and Appetites

everywhere.  The recipe is   here – and they have some scientific stuff to explain

how this is as good as it is- I didn’t have Calvados to put into the apples so I used

brandy instead.


This is , absolutely the best apple cake I’ve ever had.

14 thoughts on “French Apple Cake- Happy October!

  1. I made that cake last year but it didn’t come out like yours did, I think I had floating apples if I remember rightly, my Russets apples were not the right sort of apple for it. I think yours looks very very beautiful 🙂

    • Hi Joanna-
      It calls for Golden Delicious- and I microwaved them first as the recipe called for- and that made the difference,I think.
      It is really delicious and smooth- I would cut down on the sugar next time as I think it is just a little sweet.
      So nice to hear from you!

  2. The best part is that you use one batter- take out a cup – add two egg yolks to what is left and mix with the apples, then add 2 TBS of flour to the cup and smooth that on top. It is so easy- and yet so different in texture and taste. I’m definitely making this again.
    Thanks for visiting!

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