In my Kitchen- October 2013

Today is my son’s 35th birthday.  If he lived closer

there would be a cake in his honor.  But since he

lives several states away- and always celebrates

his birthday with a trip to an apple orchard for some

fresh picked apples…

In my kitchen…


there are apples!  Golden delicious, Jonagold and Jonathan.  I was going to make

a pie or sauce – but in my kitchen are also apple lovers- and the basket is getting

emptier!  Isn’t this a lovely basket?  It is an egg basket- so constructed to keep the

eggs from breaking when gathered- and it keeps the apples from bruising as well!


And it is also just a lovely basket!

In my kitchen…


are some lovely teas Meredith brought home.  The Turkish apple and cinnamon is

my favorite- along with a deep plum tea that I made into an iced beverage!  And

aren’t the mugs beautiful?  They are in my son, Jordan’s kitchen now- she brought

them home from Canberra in her backpack and they made it without even a chip!

In my kitchen…


my latest harvest of Swiss chard- which I put into a sausage, bean,and potato soup-


that is so good and savory!   I love Autumn- soups and stews are perfect for dinner!

In my kitchen…


are basil and tomatoes from the garden.

In my kitchen…


is this ceramic knife- perfect for chopping basil so it won’t turn black on the edges.

In my kitchen…


is this salad with fresh tomatoes, onions, basil and sourdough bread – add a little olive oil and

balsamic vinegar and we are talking delicious!

And in my kitchen…

in the oven right now…


is a stew of butternut squash, candy onions and pork loin doused with olive oil and dusted

with thyme, oregano, basil, roasted garlic and smoky paprika.


And last- but not least- in my kitchen…


is my new oven/range!  All the burners work- and the oven keeps an even temperature!

So that’s it for this month- lots of food and good times!  I didn’t show you any bread pictures

but there is plenty of that in my kitchen, too!

Go to Celia’s blog for a whole list of In my kitchen posts- it is great fun to see all the stuff

and foods and recipes people share from their kitchens!

47 thoughts on “In my Kitchen- October 2013

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! Frank was complaining about how much better I cook at the Sailors Rest than at home. Cynthia, Meredith and I all turned on him and told him that a broken oven and only one burner does not facilitate good cooking.
      I came home to a new oven!
      Nice to hear from you- happy birthday on Thursday- looking forward to seeing you soon!

  1. Heidi, I have exactly that same T2 apple tea in my kitchen – lovely Rebecca from InTolerant Chef gave it to me. I shall make a pot and virtually drink it with you! And look at all the produce from your garden – and you said you couldn’t grow anything! 🙂 I desperately want bread and tomato salad for breakfast now, and I LOVE the new cooker – how fabulous!

    • LOL- the Swiss chard is planted in a flower container! I can grow flowers and herbs! And the tomatoes are at the end of a very slow growing period. Most of them are still green- I may have to pick them before we get a frost.
      My new “cooker” is not what I wanted (gas burners!!!) but Frank thinks he knows what we need in the kitchen better that I do. It works and I’m happy. 🙂
      I will drink tea with you any day, Celia, virtual or otherwise. Although I don’t think I can handle the flight to OZ with my sore joints and claustrophobia. 🙁

  2. You never stop amazing me with your cooking skills. All of these past few months, you have been cooking and baking with a defective oven and stove. How did you do it remarkable woman? WOW. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. You are a Cooking Godess. You are number 1 in my book.

    • Thank you, Donna!
      I have a lot of kitchen appliances- grill, wok, crockpot, griddle, microwave, toaster oven, and an ancient oven out in the garage.
      I can cook- it is just a lot harder than turning on a burner- and my cookies and breads were all over baked because I bake by smell rather than timer. I’m constantly saying-” that’s done- can’t you smell it?” I used to drive my family crazy with my sense of smell!
      We need to get together sometime- I haven’t seen you in ages!

  3. Would love to get together with you and my favorite sister of yours(Cynthia).
    We need to plan something before the snow gets here. 🙂

  4. Hello Heidi, I love all of the things in your kitchen and am very happy you share the finished product with me. Make Luke a cake when he comes home for a visit. I love that egg basket. Also happy you like your new stove, enjoy.

    • Thanks, C-
      I am always happy to share with you- that way neither of us has left overs!
      Maybe I’ll make him a cake when I go to visit in November- the little boys can help and we’ll freeze part of it until he returns! 🙂

  5. Yeah for Frank buying you a new oven! I love when they get it so well that they actually go get it! Of course all the food sounds fabulous too and I am sure your house will smell scrumptious for days.

  6. I guess he was tired of being the bad guy in this scenario, Johanna! And he certainly reaps a reward for getting it! 🙂

    • As far as I know, they are a type of onion that is picked and used right out of the garden. There is no dried skin on them and they are primarily used fresh. They are a little mild, but with a sweet flavor. I like them best for uncooked recipes- but they hold up well in cooking as well.
      The deep plum iced tea is my favorite- it has a rich cinnamon flavor and although it is good hot- iced it is perfect!
      Thanks for stopping by to visit, Anne!

  7. I think you should make a cake and eat it anyways! Wash it down with the T2 apple tea 😉 I have a box of the Turkish Apple T2 box too, it’s so yummy! You have so many goodies this month, I’m especially in love with your egg basket, it’s just gorgeous x

    • I’ve been thinking about a French apple cake- with a bottom layer of baked apples, second layer of custard and topped with a crisp cake layer for weeks. I may have to make it and not just for a birthday memory but because I WANT it! LOL!
      Thanks for visiting this month Lisa- I do love IMK posts!

  8. Happy birthday to your son Heidi. I reckon you should make a cake in his honour and enjoy it for him with some of those wonderful teas – the deep plum sounds heavenly! What a lovely new oven, enjoy breaking it in and I need to find a ceramic knife – how cool that it doesn’t bruise basil.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • Thanks, Mandy- I have decided to make the cake for us- not him!
      And the plum tea is exactly right to go with it!
      I do love the ceramic knife- it is great for lettuces as well- especially if you have to pre -cut a lot in advance of a taco dinner!
      Thanks for commenting- I love to hear from visitors!

  9. Barring floods, cold weather and droughts( God forbid) I’m sure you will have a summer filled with delight from your garden, Glenda! We had a small taste of all of the above- so our gardens didn’t really put out a lot- but I’m very thankful for what we have!
    It is so fun to be topsy-turvy with you all- we get to see your gardens grow as snow settles down outside our windows. 😀

    • Thank you- I do love IMK posts- they make me appreciate my kitchen as well as admiring other people’s kitchens!
      My basket is getting empty- I’m going to have to go picking again soon!

  10. That all looks so lovely and is making my mouth water. I had to go pick up another box of the Turkish apple cinnamon tea when I got back. Most importantly I am so glad you have a fully functioning oven range;)

    • Have you tried that plum and cinnamon tea, yet? The one we picked up in Annapolis? It is REALLY delicious. REALLY< REALLY! I'm almost out and I've been using it over and over!

      • Yes I have. It is fabulous. I have been enjoying it at work and driving people crazy with the smell. Oh I ordered some more along with Ceylon, smoked sweet paprika and another spice. They are coming your way.

    • It is actually my sister’s knife- but she gave it to me when we were preparing lettuce for a huge Farmers Market event where we were giving away samples of salsa and baba ganouj in home made quinoa bread wraps. I always enjoy the IMK posts- it is great to see what is going on in kitchens around the world.

  11. oh a new oven sounds so exciting – am sure it is churning out the loaves of bread (glad you managed to include a little in your salad). I love T2 and those rosy apples look lovely – a visit to an orchard seems a great birthday treat for your son – hope he has a pretty basket like yours to carry them home in 🙂

  12. I have made quite a few loaves since getting a new oven- and love not having to go to the garage to bake! 🙂 My son is more of an apple eater than a basket sort of guy- so he eats as many as he can (and with two little boys- he has a lot of extra apples to eat with little nibbles in them!) and then fills bags with them. He usually brings home 50+ pounds of apples- and then then make applesauce and eat away until they are all gone- sometimes before November!

  13. Heidi, that basket IS lovely — glad you included the side view. Your iced plum tea sounded refreshing and ooooh that Panzanella salad… mouthwatering. Way to go on your new stove! Wishing you many happy years and meals together.

    • Thank you,Kim, for visiting and commenting!
      I am always thinking that I don’t really have enough new things in my kitchen to share- but then I take a good look around and realize that there is so much each month that takes place in the kitchen! And there is always lovely food and baskets!!! 🙂

  14. Thanks Fiona, for stopping by and commenting!
    I am harvesting the last of my basil today- going to make a pesto in the processor – no ceramic blades there- but they are talking about a frost and freeze next week!

  15. congrats on the new oven! I’m sure you’ll find it makes a huge difference in the quality of your baking 🙂 My oven is fine, but the stove top burners are always a problem because only one of the large ones works consistently.
    T2…how I miss T2!!! I’m getting so low on my Melbourne Breakfast tea supply 🙁

    • Thanks for stopping by – my oven is overworked. I bake everyday- and use the whole stovetop when it works! I haven’t had a full use stovetop for over 5 years until now! The oven worked fine but the larger rings gave out- we replaced them and then when the oven gave out as well, we decided to replace the entire thing.
      I haven’t tried the Melbourne Breakfast- I’ll have to ask for some in the next package from OZ.

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