In My Kitchen-July 2013


In my kitchen are lavender wands!  I’ve been weaving them over the weekend-


after picking them from the bed by the fence( the little guy is my grandson, Kieran!).

Lavender wands and …

In my kitchen


rosemary brushes.  I picked a bunch for baking some chicken and decided to use

some for decoration.


because I picked a lot from the bush!

In my kitchen…


a new tea pot.  Not that I NEEDED a new pot- but it was only $3 at a sidewalk sale.


And the little bird on top rather spoke to my sense of whimsy.

In my kitchen…


are black radishes.  They were supposed to taste a bit like horse radish- but no.  In fact

they were rather mild.

In my kitchen…I


cukes and squash and peas- alas not from my garden, yet!

In my kitchen…


leek and cardamom fritters.  Recipe coming up soon!

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35 thoughts on “In My Kitchen-July 2013

    • The fritters smell delish- but they taste even better than they smell! It is an adaptation of an Ottolenghi recipe and although it is a little fussy- very good!

  1. Heidi would you be able to do a tutorial or do you have a tutorial for weaving lavender wands? They look marvellous. Great job 🙂

  2. Heidi, your lavender wands! My favourites! Everything is looking green and fresh on your blog today, darling. And hello to gorgeous Kieran! The fritters sound interesting – I never thought to add cardamom before – and you have fresh peas! It’ll be a while before we have any of those…sigh.. 🙂 xxx

    • We are really just at the beginning of the season, Celia. There are more booths for crafts and honey or breads than for vegetables. So yes, PEAS! 🙂
      I love farmers markets, because my garden hasn’t produced anything to eat yet, although there are tomatoes on the vines, and flowers on the cucumbers!

  3. Hello lovely one… I was delighted to see that you’ve posted a link to those lavender wands… how absolutely wonderful! I can just image how you would be in a very relaxed zone after working with those. Thanks so much for the peek into your kitchen this month. Sending happy wishes.

    • Thank you, Lizzy!
      I just came home from a birthday trip to see my grandchildren and I haven’t really done much in my kitchen in the past week- so the lavender wands had to take center place.
      Love the happy thoughts!

  4. G’day Heidi! Wow, can smell the fresh lavender and love your wands, TRUE!
    Really enjoy the teapot as anything tea fascinates me too!
    I have never seen black radish before, so learned something new through you today! Thank you!
    Cheers! Joanne

    • Thanks Joanne- I’ve been making the wands since I was a very young woman- lately I’m discovering I’m allergic to lavender- bad headaches and stuffy nose- but I CAN’T give up the wands so I usually weave them outside.
      And I have over 20 teapots and really shouldn’t buy anymore- but it is a pretty innocent addiction, after all.

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  6. I love love the lavender wands – I reckon there is magic in there too – my big old lavender bush came out this winter, it was very twiggy and I probsbly never cut it back at the right time. Somewhere in a jar I have my attempts at crustallising them (Freudian typo so will leave it as is, hehe)

    Your teapot is very sweet too and the little bird is charming. I have rosemary hanging up too but not sure what to do with it, maybe it can just hang there for a while. Hope July is full of rich joys and sending love xx jo

    • Cheers, Joanna!
      I once crystalized a whole bagful of the blossoms and found myself being stingy when I needed to use them. Stupid- so I packaged them up with a few more lavender items and gave them as a gift to a baking friend. I have hoarding tendencies that are NOT attractive.
      Rosemary makes a wonderful addition to steaming water when you have a headache or are stuffed up- I hang my head over a bowl with a towel over my head and it cleans it all up(including my pores so it makes a great facial!).

    • I agree- never enough- and the rosemary bush I clipped doesn’t even look cut back so I may have at it again this summer!
      And lavender wands do work a little magic when you give them as gifts- they make instant friends!

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  8. WOW, I just adore your lavender wands – they are absolutely adorable!
    I didn’t even know you got black radishes – very interesting.
    I battle resisting buying teapots – I hardly ever use the ones I already have.
    Have a super day Heidi.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • I would not have gotten it if it hadn’t been at a give-away price- I may add some scones and a cup and give it as a gift- but right now I’m enjoying the little bird on the top!

    • I really haven’t been doing much cooking- it was my birthday last week and I let my daughter in law and niece do most of the cooking while we were at the beach. 🙂

  9. I can remember having black radish in our garden as kids and they are very mild. I love putting rosemary into a vase in my kitchen – looks and smells good 🙂

    • I had never seen or even imagined there were black radishes available- and although warned that they were on the same heat level as horseradish- was amazed to find them quite mild and tasty.
      I do love rosemary- we brought back the large bouquet from the house in Virginia- so had its scent in the car for 10 hours- my niece was quite happy for its invigorating aroma since she did all the driving!

  10. Oh I would really like one of your fritters! YUM!
    I could use some more rosemary too, we have had so much wet weather that my rosemary has died. I love the smell when it is freshly picked.

    Thank you for inviting me into your kitchen 🙂

  11. The fritters are so good- although they took a little longer to prepare than I liked- they were worth it. And the rosemary came from a huge bush growing at the house at the beach- it really needed to be cut back- it was growing into the driveway- and so I cut way more than I needed. Although I’m glad I did! 🙂

  12. Lavender, grandchildren, fresh vegetables, and fritters ~ what a wonderful combination of goodness. Your lavender wands are so lovely. I’m not sure which fragrance I enjoy the most, lavender or rosemary, so it’s good to have both. 🙂

    • I love lavender- the scent, the flavor, the flower, the plant, the history, the romance.
      But rosemary is a very close second.
      The grandchildren, however, are ALWAYS #1!
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Anne- I found some that I made 20 years ago, the other day, I rolled them in my hands and the fragrance of lavender was as strong as the day I made them! The stems are dry and a little fragile- but this is my favorite way to preserve lavender. Thanks for visiting!

  13. I did think of you when I was making them, Brydie. And I think you would like them- although I seemed to have a lot of time invested in them. Definitely not a quick dish.

  14. I can always count on you to do something fabulous with your herbs! First it was your herb wreath at Christmas, and now lavender wands? Rosemary brushes? AWESOME!!! I love these ideas. I bet any grilled food tastes amazing with that rosemary. I’ve seen Jamie Oliver brush his steaks with rosemary brushes 😉
    Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us- those fritters look delish!

    • Thanks Emilie!
      I love herbs- they are filled with flavor and fragrance and romance and history- and they grow in my kitchen garden without too much fuss!

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